Hey Girl.

Hey girl

(I’ve removed links to the “hey girl” sites that were here because the craft one took a turn that I don’t care to link to!  My apologies to anyone who was offended!  If you called me a prude you’d be absolutely correct.)

p.s.  Want to play along?  Why not post a “Hey girl” of your own and link up here.  It doesn’t have to be craft related. The only rule–you have to use a photo of your significant other (not a movie star!)
p.p.s. Ravelry notes on the hat HERE.


  1. I love this! Made me laugh! I’m late to the party but I might just do one myself.

  2. These are hilarious!! You HAVE to see what my husband did for me for St. Valentine’s day 🙂

  3. I have laughed so hard over these, I have cried. Good stuff. Thanks for starting this! 🙂

  4. hahahahaha, omg i’m late. what was i doing all weekend, clearly this was more fun. do it again? love that photo.

  5. I put a couple onto my own tumblr site. Submissions welcome.
    I clicked on the craft tumblr site and someone put a racy pic up. Fair warning. (I don’t like images like that in my head.)

  6. I just couldn’t resist either 🙂

    Thanks for the fun, Ginny! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  7. Ginny, great idea. Thanks for thinking of it.

  8. I couldn’t get my pictures bigger. I’m an amateur, so any hints would be helpful! I had a great time!

  9. I love these! I just had to add one of my own. Thanks for sharing!

    (Sorry about my double link. I hit “enter” too fast the first time!)

  10. Although I added one to the mix, I must say yours took the cake! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! So right on! :>

  11. Hi,

    I put my name down to do this hey girl thing. But know I’m struggling a bit to find some time to focus on getting text on the picture. Oh my!!! Anyway, I have a ton of hits from your sight with nothing to show for it. I’m sorry. If you can, you can take my name of the list until I can figure out the whole text on picture thing and then I’ll add it back once I have a legitimate link. Thanks!!

  12. You so have me rolling with laughter! This has made my day.

  13. Great idea!

  14. I just added another Hey Girl picture to my Blog. I officially don’t think my husband will ever let me take his picture again. He is not finding the same humor in this as we all do.

  15. So funny!

  16. Fabulous!

  17. Oooh… I can’t wait to make my own 🙂 So fabulous. Thanks for the fun. It’s great to see so many real life dream guys out there being amazing!!

  18. Hahaha!

  19. Thanks for the laugh Ginny 🙂

  20. Yes! This is fantastic!

  21. Love it! I’ve added a few on my site.

  22. I LOVED this!!

  23. This is hilarious! Love it.

  24. Thank you for doing this! My husband and I both got a good laugh…..and it was so fun
    making it.

  25. Ginny this is just too funny. I got such a good laugh from this. I don’t think my husband is ever going to let me take his picture again. But it was so worth it. Thanks for the laughs.

  26. ginny, you made my sunday.

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