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February 2

There’s hardly been a quiet moment this week.  I don’t mean that in a bad way necessarily, but I am finding myself craving some silence.  The days are full, and my brain feels a bit muddled by the time the sun goes down.

Our dryer has been broken for two of the last three weeks.  Line drying is not a practical option with the amount of laundry that we generate, so it hasn’t been fun.  Drying Silas’ diapers on the line resulted in horribly stiff and scratchy diapers (and in case you are wondering, I use a combination of these diapers and these, with a small variety of wool covers.)  They were fun to hang on the line and look at, but considering that I ended up wetting them again so that I could re-dry them in a friend’s electric dryer, it was a bit of a time waster.  Someone commented that based on what she knows of me, she would have assumed that I would be a fan of line drying.  No, for practical reasons, I am not.  I’m not trying to be superwoman here.  I pick and choose, and walk the path that best works for our family and our lifestyle.  I am over the moon happy that as I type this I can finally hear my dryer running again, a few feet away.

It’s been warm, so my kids have been getting muddy.  I am sitting here trying to think of which one of my children is bothered by being dirty.  I can’t think of any, certainly not Beatrix.  So tonight as I sorted dirty laundry, one basket was filled with the clothes that needed to be sprayed off before they could even enter the washing machine.  Just a little preview of what spring and summer will hold.  I can’t blame my kids.  I like to get dirty too.

Jonny took the boys snowboarding this week for their first time this winter.  We’ve been waiting for cold weather, but finally realized that they best just go ahead and go, because the cold may never come.  I stayed home with the girls and Silas.  Larkspur and Beatrix had a pajama day and played “hospital” with their dolls.  Larkspur complained that she doesn’t have enough dolls, but has too many stuffed animals.  “It’s a problem because I am not a vet,” she told me.

(I pulled out the sewing machine last week and made Larkspur and Beatrix matching pajama pants. I lengthened my favorite super quick pants pattern from this book and sewed them in some Anna Maria Horner Lou Lou Thi flannel that has been gathering dust on a shelf for too long.)

One of you asked if Beatrix cut her hair again.  Yes, I do think she has a new layer on one side.  Her bangs are growing out a bit and I sort of love them.  So, I guess I am glad that she cut them to begin with.

Finally, I am definitely joining Erin in her pursuit of letting go and living well.  If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed trying to keep up with it all (no need to go into any more detail right?) go read her words.

And a little P.S.










I made a small contribution of photographs for one of the parties in Anni Daulter and Heather Fontenot’s soon to be released book, Naturally Fun Parties for Kids.  I haven’t received a copy yet, but it looks like it will be beautiful just as all of Anni’s books are.  Anni is looking for bloggers who might be interested in receiving a copy of the book to review on their blogs.  If you are interested, please email Anni at annidaulter(at) and send her both your mailing address and your blog address.  You can check out the book’s Facebook page here, and read more about it (and see the book preview)here.  Thank you!



  1. Such beautiful images. And there is something so, I dunno – romantic – about diapers drying on the line. Now there’s a curious adjective for diapers, no?

  2. Dear Ginny, As is often the case, you are making me laugh.
    You sure have some beautiful days to enjoy outside!
    When Chloe was almost two we had to start line drying her diapers. They were so stiff and scratchy she couldn’t really wear them, she just stopped wearing diapers then. I know Silas is a little young for that though…
    Hope you have a great week, perhaps a bit slower than this past one.

  3. A few months ago Elizabeth Foss, who i know is your friend from following both your blogs, posted a daybook and she said – I am listening to – the sound of my household servants, meaning her washing machine, dryer and refridgerator, doing their work for her.
    And just last week when the washing machine died after 13 great years of service, and I spent a week telling the kids they were only allowed to change their underwear and socks unless something was REALLY dirty, I remembered that, and I thought back to last summer when we were without a fridge for two weeks in August.
    We are lucky to live in a time where we can use those appliances to help us with all we need to do in a day. I am very very thankful for my dryer during a cold Maine winter and a busy Maine summer when the pollen count is too high for drying outside.
    I do miss my time growing up in New Zealand where everyone had a clothes line in the back yard, but it sure is noce to have the choice.

  4. dear humble ginny, your photos are gorgeous and really do belong in that book, big congratulations to you. i wish i still had young ones at home so i could review the book, it looks
    really great.
    i line dried our cloth diapers too (the ones i washed myself, we had diaper service for all five, a gift from my inlaws for the first year) and a cup of vinegar right before the final rinse does a good job of keeping them soft on the line. (the smell does go away).

    i hope you find some moments of quiet just for you.

  5. how did i miss this post??? i really like the work horse diapers, they really are a great diaper. i wish i had more of them. maybe it is just here in AZ, but line drying isn’t too bad. although since we do have a working drier i am using it. lol
    i have been toying with the idea of making one of those mudpie kitchens. we have the perfect area for one, and since the house we rent has pretty much a dirt back yard… well lots of pie material. lol
    it is so nice here in AZ weather wise that we are already full on spring time. 🙂 enjoy your warm weather.

  6. Diapers always look so pretty drying on the line, but I agree with you on the scratch factor. Nothing worse than a stiff, scratchy diaper! I think Beatrix looks adorable!

  7. Oh I love that pic of Bea playing in the dirt! I used to love doing that.

  8. I currently use mother-ease diapers, but I will need to get a larger amount of diapers soon. I am expecting number 7 this summer! My youngest won’t be quite two, so I doubt she will be out of diapers by then. After seeing this post, I am thinking maybe I should try those workhorse diapers? I use wool covers as well. It looks like they are cheaper than mother-ease too. What would you recommend?

    • oh, and what size for a toddler who is just over 20 lbs? I would not like to buy diapers that didn’t fit!

      • Hi Jenny! Both Silas (who is 22+lbs) and Beatrix (??30lbs ish) are in the size large workhorse diapers. Well, Beatrix is finally seeming like she might be potty trained–but at any rate, they fit her too. The workhorse diapers are far cheaper than the motherease, and that is why I bought more of them rather than more of the motherease. They are more absorbent too. Of course regarding cost, you would have to take into account that the workhorse diapers aren’t one size….

        • I figure the new baby can use the mother-ease because I have about a dozen and a half of their Sandy’s small along with the one-size. I could buy the large workhorse diapers for my daughter. It seems to be the cheapest solution at this point! Thanks for the help.

  9. Raised our kids with cloth diapers, too, but was always a dryer fan. I could never keep the diapers out of circulation long enough for them to line dry anyway!!!
    The book of play clothes looks very cute–first time to see that one. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Congratulations on your feature in the Arlington Catholic Herald. While perusing the paper and coming upon your article, one of my little ones pointed to the paper and commented, “Hey Mom, that is the blog with pretty pictures that you read on the computer!”. I just want to know how you only spend 5 hours a week on your blog. What is your uploading, editing process for your pictures? Thank you again for your beautiful whok. It is truly an inspiration! Cheers!

    • Hi Leslie! Thank you. You know, the five hours was an estimate. I am sure there are weeks when I spend more time than that, and hopefully weeks when I spend less than that. As far as pictures go: I stick the memory card in the computer, set the photos to upload to Lightroom, and then walk away while that is going on. I only spend about 5-10 minutes per blog post actually editing photos. I don’t do much to my pictures. I then upload the ones I have selected to Flickr (again, I don’t sit and wait for them to upload–I go do something else. Honestly, I can hardly stand to sit in from of my computer-it’s in a dark little corner outside my laundry room–this is good because it keeps me from wanting to spend more time there.) I copy and paste the html code from Flickr into my blog posts (this is super quick–3 minutes or so) and then add text. The actual writing part is what takes me the longest!

  11. When I first used cloth diapers we lived in an apartment without a dryer, so I hung everything. It was very doable with only two kids. Fast forward to seven kids. I still used cloth diapers, but stopped hanging them when they dried like roof shingles. I think it was our hard water. It was a shame because the sunshine really sanitized and whitened them (and they smelled good). The dryer shortens their life-span as well. Perhaps if I had hung them and then when still damp thrown them in the dryer. I never tried it and with my youngest 5yo, I’m not motivated to try any experiments. I line dry everthing else in the warm dry months, saving the dryer for winter and wet. My husband appreciates it when he sees the electric bill.

    • As the weather warms, I will do that with my diapers–line dry until they are almost dry, and then throw them in the dryer to soften up a bit.

      • I have line dried for years and actually find the reverse to work best – throw towels and diapers in the dryer for 10-15 minutes and then hang them out. The initial drying fluffs the fibers very well and then the sun does the rest of the work. If you use the dryer at end, the fibers are already hardened in place.

  12. I’ve not had a dryer for many years now and at one point had 7 people in the house and managed without it (and we live in very wet England) and my boys (big and small) can get very muddy!

    Lovely to be included in a book – but your photos are very lovely.

  13. I love your photos so much. I love line drying but there are only 3 of us so it isn’t a burden (and we do use the dryer for certain things). Even though I know it is so much more work for you, it makes the child in my soul so happy that you let your kids get dirty.

  14. oh ginny, thank you for sharing the line drying vs. dryer story. i love my dryer, too, and it’s really refreshing to hear an amazing mom like you say she’s not trying to be superwoman. we all do what we can, and that is (and should be!) enough. we washed our mud kitchen dishes yesterday in the sun, and i thought of you. 🙂 that is exciting news about the book – can’t wait to check it out!!!!

    • oooh oh one more thing….just previewed the book – dyed eggs! beautiful! i’d recognize that larkspur (looks so much like jonny) mouth anywhere!

  15. So cute pyjamas pants and this book look amazing!
    I just discovered Action packs, and i love it! i alreday bought the issue one to see if my kids like it or not. And it was a sucess! it’s the first time each of my children (16 to 6) find a personal project in only one book!!!

  16. I like the diapers you are using and I have a question. How do you think they would work for VERY heavy wetters? I have one of the Motherease one size fitteds and I just don’t see it holding out for my guy for more than about 10 min. I have been having problems at night and during naps with leaking unless I use a super stuffed fitted and wool cover but I only have a couple fitted diapers (mostly I have pocket style diapers) and am looking to either make some more or buy some. The prefold fitteds seem like a very reasonable price but I am concerned about the absorbancy.

    Regarding your link; I have been torturing myself trying to keep my house tidy at all times (with a baby who doesn’t like to nap for more than 40 minutes and an almost-3-year-old) and I go to bed many nights feeling like I failed but resolving to do better tomorrow. Although I haven’t quite come to terms with the messiness I do think I need to relax a little more and her post was comforting.

    • also I don’t like line drying cotton either, it’s fine for my pocket diapers and inserts but otherwise no thanks.

    • Hi Amanda! The workhorse diapers are more absorbent than the motherease diapers. They really are great-I would say the most absorbent diapers I’ve used, and I’ve tried many over the past ten years. I like a 100% cotton diaper, and for the price, it’s really hard to beat the workhorse.

    • I have had my share of diapers and the mother ease get wet too fast and take forever to dry in the line, the GMD are great the kissaluvs are very good as well but have some % of something other than cotton!

  17. Well, I’m glad to hear you say that about line drying…I am not a big fan of it either. I did try it for a while, but I came to the conclusion that it was taking up too big a chunk of my day for it to be worthwhile. And I really don’t like stiff scratchy clothes, diapers especially.

  18. I’ve never been a huge fan of drying clothes outside, mainly because of allergies. The pajama pants are cute! I hope the dryer behaves itself from now on.

  19. Line drying is wonderful, but I think it would be REALLY difficult for a large family.

    P.S. I love my dryer too, and I love your pictures a lot.

  20. Seeing your little one on that blanket is so sweet. I was just telling a friend yesterday that the only toy my 7 month old needs is some canning lids:) I’ve been putting a bowl of them on the floor and she is happy for at least 30 minutes while we school. {love that photo}

    And I’m excited that you’ve shared the upcoming release of this book! I hopped over to read more about it and I can’t wait to get a copy of this!

  21. The diapers do look pretty. And I like Beatrix’s bangs, too. They remind me of photos of my mom from the late ’50’s (when she was B’s age). Larkspur is awesome.

  22. Such a cute photo of Beatrix holding her babe…my girls wouldn’t go anywhere without their babydolls at that age! Congrats on having photos published ~ I am not surprised! Have a great weekend everyone!

  23. Congratulations on being on the book! I’m sure it is very pretty (considering what I know about your photos). I’m checking Erin’s words now. Even though I think I have found what is making my days difficult, there is always some inspiration to be found out there. The thing is: when one finds what “rock on the path”, what should one do?

  24. I love the sling photo, my Jenna used to have a blue sling like this one when she was small, she will be 15 this year, can’t believe how the time has flown. Hope your dryer is sorted out soon, that can’t be fun in your cold weather. Congratulations on contributing photos to this lovely edition and thank you for the link to Erin’s blog, I will spend some time reading there.
    Happy weekend to you.

  25. I was wondering if Beatrix had cut her hair again, too.

    Love the contrast between the sweet, motherly Beatrix in the first pic and the feisty rabel-rouser we all know and love in the last picture!

  26. Back to Seth for a moment, if that is okay . . . he and y’all might love the book Wonderstruck by Brian Selznick because a big theme is how collections become museums, and it all has to do with the person behind the collections, portrayed in a very sensitive and heartfelt way. He has other books too, like The Houdini Box, Riding Freedom, and The Invention of Hugo Cabret, and more, all very sincere and uplifting.

  27. I love the dirt (mud?) in the cupcake tin. That’s totally something I would have done when I was that age…and might still do, actually, with proper motivation!

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