Jonny said last night that there is too much knitting going on in this house.  He didn’t mean it.  I know he wasn’t serious, because minutes after saying that, he asked Beatrix if he could knit a few rows on her in progress doll scarf.  Knitting is fun and he knows it.  Bea was kind enough to say, “yes.”  (Bea isn’t really knitting on her own yet, but she thinks she is!)

I think I dropped a stitch!

I’ve got to keep the peace somehow, and knitting works, sometimes.  Almost everyone has been taking turns with Beatrix’s project.  Gabe, Keats, and Larkspur also have projects of their own going.

(This photo is unrelated.  I love this old ABC book that my Aunt Genie sent me though.  Beatrix is learning her letters with it.)

Another way to keep the peace, as long as no one notices, is to keep organizing (and the part that I have to be sneaky about:  getting rid of things.)  Life with less is more peaceful.  This book is a help.
I have a five year old daughter (I won’t give her name) who cannot handle “stuff.”  She spreads it all over the house.  This habit of hers makes me a little crazy. We don’t even have the amount of toys that the author of Simplicity Parentingrecommends.  That would be too much for us, most definitely too much for her.  Even so, when no one is looking, I regularly find things to add to the giveaway pile.  I can always seem to find something that can leave the house.  One little trick I have is to box up and move to the attic those things that might be missed more than is acceptable.  That way, if I go too far, I can retrieve.  Usually though, a few months pass, and I realize the items in question can go to Goodwill.

Changing the subject:

I tried to quit piano lessons for the umpteenth time last week.  Thank goodness my teacher is one of my best friends and I think she knows that I really don’t want to quit.  I find it difficult to find a quiet moment, or fifteen, to practice (minus Beatrix on the bench next to me.)  I also find learning to play the piano more difficult than say, organic chemistry, by a long shot.  I have a hard time seeing that I am making much progress.  I love music, but I fear that I am musically challenged.  Eve says that I am not.  She encouraged me to make it a priority to play fifteen minutes a day for the next two weeks and then see how I feel.
Last night I sat down to practice the only song I am working on right now, “What Child is This?”
Jonny had the three younger children upstairs, and I asked my boys not to talk to me.  That is a huge challenge for Seth!  At any rate, I found myself after a few minutes, playing better than I had the day before (fancy that!)  And then there was one moment in which I realized I had just played a few bars correctly.  My eyes filled with tears as I realized I had played something beautiful for Him.  Couldn’t I just play Christmas music for Jesus all year long?

Speaking of Christmas, we are doing it differently this year.  For the past few years we have been shifting towards this change, something good for our family I think.  I am a little afraid to talk about it.  Maybe when I have some Christmas-y photos to go with my words.  We did buy our Christmas tree today.  The past couple of years we waited until Christmas Eve to buy it (a tradition that we originally learned from my friend Eve!  I love my friends.)  This year, for the sake of a more relaxed day, we will already have our tree waiting outside in a bucket to be brought in and decorated on Christmas Eve.

Oh, and I finished Silas’ Small Things sweater a couple of weeks ago, but haven’t shown you any pictures yet.    It is sort of hard to get good pictures of a baby modeling a sweater!  Here are more than  few:

It’s awfully cute, and should fit next year too!

p.s.  Can you find the woodpecker?  (both photos by Keats)

It’s easier to spot in this one.

p.p.s.  I promise that my girls don’t wear nappy pink fleece nightgowns all the time.  Sometimes I do get them dressed.  In fact, today I brushed and styled both girls’ hair.  Five minutes later you would have never known though.


  1. Shannon Dennis says:

    “My eyes filled with tears as I realized I had played something beautiful for Him. Couldn’t I just play Christmas music for Jesus all year long?”

    You made my heart swell today. When I am feeling at my most overwhelmed, I find that singing the Little Drummer Boy brings me some amount of focus and therefore peace. ” I played my best for Him” and “… then He smiled at me.” …gets me every time.

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