Queen Anne’s Lace

I often emerge from spells of difficult days with something to show for myself.  Curious how that works.
I cannot tell you how or when I managed to sew along with the sporadic spurts of knitting I squeeze into my days.  But two little skirts are the proof that I did, and a reminder to myself that yes, it can be done.


They’re nothing fancy, but they made me and my girls happy.


Beatrix’s Immie also came off the needles this week.  I am in love with it, and so is Larkspur.
The knitting queue: oh, how it grows.  Beatrix calls this sweater her “Queen Anne’s Lace.”  She learned to identify queen anne’s lace at Back Creek a few weeks ago, and started calling her new lace sweater in the works the same.  Of all my children, she is the most excited to receive my handmade gifts.  That is the best explanation I have for why she gets so many.
Project details:
Both girls’ skirts are simple improvised patterns.  Larkspur’s was made from some old heavy linen with an underskirt of unbleached cotton muslin.  Beatrix’s is entirely unbleached muslin.  (It’s worth it to spring for the Kona at your local JoAnn.)  Both girls will wear them layered with leggings underneath this fall and winter.
Frayed edges on both the linen portion of Larkspur’s skirt, and the ruffle on Bea’s were inspired by projects in Carefree Clothes for Girls.
Beatrix’s sweater was knit using this pattern, and this yarn.  I also have notes on Ravelry.
When I first saw this pattern, I was overcome with an intense need to knit it immediately, and I am glad that I did. If you’ve never knit lace, but you can knit in the round, this is a great first lace project.  I promise it isn’t difficult, and it is very satisfying.  I made a couple of mistakes in the lace panel and it still turned out really well.  I think it is going to look really cute layered over Beatrix’s wool/silk long underwear shirt when the weather cools off.  She will still fit it next spring as well.
Larkspur is wearing a sweater that I knit for her over two years ago.  She loves it so much that she still wears it regularly.

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