A bit of sewing for my girls

I somehow managed to sew Easter dresses for my girls this year…
The crimson clover is really blooming now, and the insects are making quite a buzz all around as you can see from all the little flecks in some of these photos.  The bugs don’t bother my girls at all; I am getting multiple clover bouquets every day.
These dresses turned out just how I envisioned them, although I don’t know what I was thinking putting white aprons on them.  I guess I put artistic vision before practicality.  I waited until the last minute to get the girls in their dresses before leaving for Easter Mass, but still–on the way to the van, Larkspur managed to chew up a bite of sidewalk chalk (yes-gross!) to “make her spit yellow” and then “accidentally” got her yellow spit on the apron.  I managed to get it off with a damp cloth and was thankful that by some miracle we weren’t already running late that day.
Dress details:
The pattern is Sandi Henderson’s Claire, which is currently unavailable as far as I can tell.  However, Little Girls, Big Style: Sew a Boutique Wardrobe from 4 Easy Patterns has similar patterns. You could definitely come up with something very close to this dress by mixing and matching the patterns, which I believe is the idea behind the book anyway–take a few basics and make lots of different cute outfits. While I have yet to sew anything from the book, I really want to!
The fabrics I had in my stash, bought last year, but still widely available.  The aqua and pink floral is Amy Butler Love Bliss Bouquet Teal, and the pink fabric used for the ruffle and trim around the aprons is Heather Bailey Bijoux Swirly Buds Cinnamon.  The white fabric is Kona muslin purchased at JoAnn.
p.s.  I was nominated for the Circle of Moms Top 25 Homeschooling Blogs.  I always feel embarrassed to mention something like this and actually ask people to vote for me–but last time I did, I actually won and we got free Rosetta Stone software which was pretty great as we had been wanting it but couldn’t afford it.
I don’t think this is about winning any prizes…but it’s always nice to be picked for something.  You can vote once per day, every day, from now until May 11, HERE.  You have to scroll down a ways to find Small Things (picture of Larkspur holding flowers) because I don’t have many votes.  There is also a little button in my sidebar now that will take you to the voting page.  Thanks for voting for me!


  1. absolutely beautiful dresses! and an amazing garden…

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