Wee wooden folks for Beatrix

Remember no yarn along today, right?  I’ll explain why next week when yarn along resumes.
I do want to share Beatrix’s last little handmade gift today though.  When I saw these little “wee wooden folk” over at Gina’s blog, I knew that I wanted to try painting some for Bea.  I am not any good at drawing or painting, so I wondered how these would turn out.  My children have painted and decorated these little wooden people before, but I had never tried myself.  I realized that my best bet would be to try and copy some of my girls’ favorite characters.  So from left to right we have:  Emily from Emily and Daisy, Little Red Riding Hood (who would be carrying a basket had I not been worried I would ruin the doll if I attempted to paint one,) Madeline, and a little matryoshka inspired by this book: The Littlest Matryoshka, but copied from another little matryoshka set we have.


Jonny wanted to paint some too…
I nicely asked him to stop after a few though, as I think he would have kept painting them and his were a little questionable (and I didn’t want to overwhelm Bea with too many anyway.)  I suppose he was thinking more of his characters and less of the fact that they were for a child when he decided that the bearded man needed to be smoking.  I am not too worried about my kids becoming smokers because of this painted doll, but it’s not really very cute at all (but it is kinda funny. we got some late night laughs out of these, because of course they were painted around midnight!)  The green eyed doll is a bit evil looking, and the blue cloaked woman had a little accident, a run in with a paintball maybe? Of course Beatrix didn’t notice or care.  Jonny did paint a sort of nice looking monk, but he got lost before I could take a picture.  I do think it was very sweet that Jonny wanted to help make Bea’s gifts!  He usually does make something (beautiful) for special occasions such as the girls’ doll cradle but this birthday he didn’t have any big woodworking birthday plans.  He will be building Beatrix a little bed soon though!
While Bea didn’t favor any one doll over another, I found the matryoshka hiding away in Larkpur’s bed 🙂


Oh, and Keats painted Beatrix a little pilot doll which was very sweet of him!


Beatrix got this little car with painted little faceless peg people awhile back, and it made the perfect vehicle for her new wooden folk.



(Trudy always has to be in the middle of everything!)









She likes them!
p.s. I bought the peg people at Hobby Lobby (they have them at Michael’s too) and used these paints that Gina recommended.  Here is an unfinished peg people bus with people included!


  1. Ha, ha, ha, silly smoking sailor!

  2. I know this is an old post, but for some reason the photo and your description of Jonny’s dolls totally cracked me up! I needed the laugh… 🙂

  3. Colleen says:

    Wherever did you find that adorable peg doll car? I’ve seen them with two openings but never with this many and I would love to get that for my sons.


    • I can’t remember the shop, but do remember that they don’t carry them anymore. Ours broke and I wanted another, but couldn’t find one!


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