The "little book" basket

 While I am on the topic of rest, I thought I would tell you about Larkspur’s “little book” basket.  While she hasn’t napped in quite some time, Larkspur does benefit from a designated rest time on many days.  She spends this time relaxing in her bed and looking at picture books.  To help her look forward to this time, I created a special basket of little books that is only supposed to be brought out during her rest time (lately that rule has been broken, but I am moving back toward being more vigilant about keeping them put away because that helps the books remain special.)  There’s something about the small size of these books that makes them more appealing than a regular stack of books.
I have created a booklist here of the “little books” that we own (these aren’t board books), and welcome you to suggest titles of small sized picture books in the comment section!
An obvious choice, along with all the other small original Beatrix Potter books.
I loved this book as a child, and so does Larkspur
We have this one along with Cicely Mary Barker’s other small sized flower fairy books
The Brambly Hedge books are small and full of such wonderful illustrations.  If you keep your eye out, you can find reasonably priced copies of this series of out of print books.  We love them all!
Very cute Ruth Krauss books
These are especially tiny and cute!
I’ve always loved this story!  This edition is out of print, but it is small, hardback, and there are cheap used copies available
We have slowly collected the mini editions of Elsa Beskow’s books:
These are on order for Christmas:
I think Larkspur will like them!
love this furry little edition!
We have a small edition of this favorite from my childhood
very cute little story!
this is a small edition
I rotate these in the basket, and I am always on the lookout for others!



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