This and That

Very full day today.  Here are some random bits:
I had planned to take the week off from school since we started two weeks earlier than planned.  Then I decided we would “do school” this week, but not on Monday.  Then I decided to go ahead with lessons today.  I like playing mind games like that.  Then I feel really good about doing what I should have been doing anyway.  And since we worked on the holiday, we still get Wednesday off, since we only have lessons four days per week.  So the bottom line is that this week is like every other week, but I managed to make it feel different.
Larkspur was very upset today because some of her doll’s clothes had stains that weren’t washing out.  I showed her how to use stain remover spray, and then she felt better.  It was very dramatic there for a little while though.  Those hard to treat stains can be really discouraging sometimes, and if you are four years old, they might make you cry.
I am knitting like crazy because I have decided that I must knit something for Seth’s tenth birthday which is in a few weeks.  I want to finish the sweater that I started for Larkspur last winter, before his yarn arrives.  His sweater is going to be a surprise though, so I have to remember not to let him read this post.
We had dinner with friends tonight, something we rarely do.  We all had so much fun, the kids and the grown ups.  Now it’s time to tackle the messy house and try to get my caffeinated kids put to bed.  I always feel like such a nice easygoing mom to let my healthy kids drink forbidden soda on special occasions, but we always pay for it later!
(Excuse the random Trudy pictures.  We all love her so much.  Larkspur likes to touch noses with her.)

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