Unicorns for Beatrix

Since we discovered that Beatrix loves her clothes to match Larkpur’s, I have been thinking a lot more in terms of matching when I plan my sewing projects.  I had just enough beautiful Heather Ross cotton gauze left over from Larkspur’s birthday dress to sew a little dress for Beatrix.  I think I have found my favorite simple baby dress pattern!
I used Sandi Henderson’s Claire pattern again, this time taking the bodice from the round apron dress and simply extending the length to create a very quick and easy A line dress.  The cotton gauze fabric is absolutely perfect for using the pattern this way, and Beatrix has already worn this dress several times.  It is really soft and lovely.
I should also mention that I have also already had to spend a lot of time with this dress and some stain remover after feeding Beatrix blueberries while she was wearing it. I am always doing things like that!

Can you tell that I took these pictures first thing in the morning? Bea was still sleepy and a bit dazed.
She copies me when I squat down to take her picture.
(no she isn’t filling her diaper!)

Larkspur has been choosing her birthday dress frequently these past few days so she can match Beatrix.
So I guess the matching love goes both ways!
p.s.  Can anyone tell me which brand of modeling beeswax is the softest?  I can’t remember what brand we bought (quite a long time ago), but it is really hard to soften up.

I love to hear from you!