Magic Princess Wands

Several times a day now, I am asked, “Can I needle felt?”  Of course my answer is, “Do you mean, may I needle felt?”
The other day we were playing around using cookie cutters as molds to make felted stars.  I added lots of different colors to the cookie cutter, felted it down a bit, then added more and felted that, to make thick felted stars.  Then it occured to me that I ought to add a stick and turn them into “magic” wands for the girls.  I worked a little hole into one end and then used hot glue to attach sticks to serve as handles.
Larkspur hasn’t become interested in fairies beyond just liking to be read the Flower Fairy books occasionally, (and of course Beatrix is too little) but she very much likes to play princess.  So she immediately pulled out their Princess of the Forest tunics and they started prancing around with their wands, talking about turning their brothers in to frogs.
For some reason Larkspur wanted her handle wrapped in paper.  She finds ways to involve paper in everything she does.
Oh, and while those red tunics I sewed are still quite popular, they don’t quite rival the Princess dresses they have received as gifts from their two Grandmommies.
I am sure it wasn’t more than ten minutes after putting on their red tunics, that they were changing into these big fluffy dress.  The wardrobe changes that go on in our house (and I am sure yours too!) are incredible in their frequency!
I don’t know that I will ever learn to sew dresses like these.

Homemade dress or not, everything goes well with little felted wands though.


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