A Little Vacation Knitting

You don’t mind five photographs of the same baby wearing the same sweater do you?  It is always so hard to be reasonable and narrow down my choices to share. 
The weather ended up being a bit cooler than expected in sunny (windy!) Florida.  This motivated me to finish up the Elizabeth Zimmerman seamless raglan sweater (pattern/formula in this book) I started for Beatrix awhile back.  B-Rose needed it!
I knit the sleeves extra long (and they grew even longer still when I washed it) so that B can wear it next year as well.  But, it’s a bit snug in the armpits so we’ll see.  Actually, I don’t know if her head will fit through that neck in another year!
I used the same yarn that I did for Larkspur’s legwarmers and Christmas hat (oops never posted about the Christmas hats), so I was ready to say goodbye to it.  It is very soft and warm, not scratchy at all.
Do you see that crazy hair?  She has the most of any baby I  have ever had so I am not touching it no matter how big of a mess it looks.
(waiting in line)
Beatrix was our only child who didn’t complain about the fifty minute wait to ride Peter Pan.  The boys did NOT understand why Jonny and I insisted on waiting for it and there was some actual wailing on Seth’s part.  He survived and Jonny and I got to make the final check on our “must ride” list.
Oh, and back to the sweater.  This was only my second sweater (this was my first), and I learned a few new things, and only had one big mishap.  So, pretty good.  Next time I think I will try to the yoke style.
Allright, I must now drag myself back to lesson planning for next week.  Nothing major really, but I have to read through all the math lessons.  Sigh. 

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