Okay, so yes, I did bring home a little yarn from Georgia.

But in fact, I showed great restraint in that department.  We passed a yarn store on Black Friday, on our way to visit Jonny’s sister.  Jonny, going for husband of the year, suggested that I run in for five minutes, just to check it out.  All the yarn in the store was 25% off.  There was an entire rack of Madelinetosh, the most I’d ever seen in real life.  But, I was really only looking for a couple specific colors for projects that family members had requested, and I didn’t see them.  I walked away with nothing.  It’s a slightly painful memory (25% off!!!!!)

I felt better the next day, when we stopped at Revival Yarns in Athens and I picked up a couple skeins (the greens I was looking for) at 20% off.

We did NOT bring home a baby.  Sorry!

In fact, we brought home a middle-aged mutt named Weasel.  We can get excited about that, can’t we?

Until about four years ago, we were always a two-dog family.  And while we’ve talked about getting another dog for some time, it’s not like we were hurting for more responsibility.  Another dog definitely wasn’t high on the priority list, though I have been wanting a little furry animal to curl up next to me while I knit, preferably one that doesn’t like to play with yarn.

After the little rat episode, Jonny did a Google search for “dogs that kill rats” which turned up a top ten list of canine rat killers.  As you might expect, Trudy was not on the list.  Number one was the obvious rat terrier, and others included Jack Russells and Dachshunds.  We started searching Petfinder.com and I actually spoke to a dog rescuer about a little jack russell puppy.  She didn’t think it was the right dog for us though (“You have how many kids?”) and suggested that the easiest dog for Trudy to adjust to would be an adult male.  Trudy hasn’t ever really seemed to like other dogs.  She has never been aggressive towards them, just uninterested and a little unsure of herself around them.

I got busy preparing for our trip though, and stopped thinking about another dog.

The day we visited Jonny’s parents we met Weasel, a stray that showed up a couple years ago.  They were caring for him, but weren’t attached.  He was living as an outside dog and they mentioned that he had recently killed a rat and left it on the porch.  My ears pricked up at that…

“Did you say he kills rats?”

That had to be a sign, right?  More importantly, he was such a friendly little thing and seemed to love all the attention from the kids.  Trudy seemed to like him as well.

Jonny and I started talking about it.  I didn’t want to be impulsive, and it felt a little nuts to bring this older, outdoor dog home with us, entering into the relationship with a very long car ride.

But, Jonny’s parents thought that Weasel (their name for him, the kids don’t want to change it) would probably really like living with us.  He’d get more attention and get to live indoors.  So we decided to take him home with us.  He loved the van ride, alternately snoozing on the piles of pillows and blankets and looking out the windows.

He’s mostly doing great.  Trudy really likes him and we see a positive change in her.  She seems to be more relaxed now.

Weasel, being a little old man, is a little ornery at night.  He definitely has some quirks.  But, he seems quite pleased to be here, and was obviously already familiar with curling up on furniture.  Overall, he’s really a sweet little dog.

We’re working on house training.  I’ll say this, he’s doing better than a puppy would, and thank goodness we don’t have any carpet in the house.


p.s.  Jonny’s version of this story is much shorter than mine.  “We got a dog named Woozle.  He pees on the floor, but we love him.”

p.p.s.  What breeds do you think he is?  I think definitely some Dachshund.  What else?

p.p.p.s.  There were no signs of rat invasion when we returned from our trip.  Maybe that rat really was a bachelor.


Cozy House Curios {giveaway}

Today’s giveaway is from Anna of Cozy House Curios.  She makes many things including adorable dollhouse miniatures! (Everything in the photo above is tiny!!)  I asked Anna to introduce herself here today and share a little about her business with all of you!

Hi! My name is Anna and I’m the owner of Cozy House Curios on Etsy. I’ve been married to my husband, Fr. Benedict, for 17 years and we have six children, the first five who are 15 down to 7, and then the caboose, Miss Moppet, who is 13 months. We’re homeschoolers and bookworms living in south Mississippi and ministering to a small Orthodox mission here.

I grew up with a dollhouse and loved making my own miniatures for it, and also enjoyed sewing for my dolls. When I had children of my own I continued making miniature blankets for their doll and dollhouse beds and crocheting tiny sweaters. I’ve made ornaments for nieces and nephews for Christmas and have made countless baby items as gifts and for use with our own babies. Time and time again I’ve heard, “you should open a shop and sell that!” When we moved to Mississippi five years ago we were able to realize our long-time dream of having me at home with the children. It finally seemed possible to put more time and effort into creating. At first I opened a small shop, Hand Crocheted Blessings, directly from my blog featuring baptismal blankets and matching bonnets. After a long delay, I finally opened Cozy House Curios on Etsy less than two months ago.

While the items in the shop are primarily miniatures and doll items, I also make baby knits and the latest hit, a crocheted toy censer. I’m liable to pop just about anything there so you have to go back and keep looking! You can see many more items I’ve made, quilts, baptismal blankets, sweaters, and more, on my blog, Praying with my Feet. Eventually some of those things will work their way over to the shop.  You can find Cozy House Curios on Facebook, and I am on Ravelry as well as matushkaanna.


It has been a blessing to have a way to help support our family while staying at home with the baby and helping homeschool. I’m delighted to be able to help support Ginny as well!

Anna is offering one Small Things reader a hand knitted baby set including a baby hat and booties.  The hat will fit from approximately birth to 3 months, and the booties should fit from birth to 6 months. They’re made from pure, washable, stretchy merino wool (the leaf is acrylic). The booties have ties so they’ll stay on!

In addition, use coupon code CHRISTMAS2014 for 15% off a minimum purchase of $15 through December 19th.

For your chance to win, simply leave a comment on this post!  Comments are closed and the winner is Anne who commented, “Such beautiful things.  We will have a new baby join the family in February.  These would be treasured.  Thank you.”


handmade dollhouse miniatures