Winterwoods Tea Company {giveaway}


I gave up my morning coffee over a year ago, and replaced it with Earl Grey tea. Winterwoods Tea Company makes my favorite, their blend called Inland Grey.  Winterwoods has released four new tea blends as part of a Kickstarter campaign that ends on Sunday night!  Right now, the only way to order the new blends is through the Kickstarter campaign.  Tirza, of Winterwoods, sent me a couple of the new blends to try:  Bee Wrangler and Wildwood Cedar.  The Bee Wrangler is a black tea that goes perfectly with raw honey, the way I drink my tea.  I love it!  The Wildwood Cedar is a delicious herbal blend, and a new favorite for me.  It doesn’t require sweetener at all!  You can read more about these and the other two new blends on the Kickstarter page.  In case you are new to Winterwoods Tea Company, you can read more about them below:


(Shane and Tirza, the founders of Winterwoods Tea Company)

At Winterwoods Tea Company we’re passionate about creating delicious, nourishing loose leaf tea blends using the finest locally farmed and wild foraged organic herbs. We begin by sourcing our ingredients from small, sustainable farms and companies who support our values and we hand-mix all of our original tea blends in the heart of the Pacific Northwest in beautiful Spokane, Washington. Our tea is carried at natural foods stores, gift boutiques and coffee/tea shops across the United States and we also sell through local farmers markets as well as online.

We believe that tea should be healing and nourishing and that’s why you’ll never find synthetic ingredients, preservatives, artificial flavors or artificial colors, refined sugars, sweeteners or other additives in our teas. As a “farm to tea cup” company, our original blends contain only organic herbs, spices, tea leaves, dried fruit bits and sometimes pure extracts. All of our blends are gluten and dairy-free.


At Winterwoods Tea Company we are committed to the following:

• Ingredients sourced as locally as possible
• Handcrafted in small batches
• Freshly blended, sealed, and sold within 30 days of packaging
• Certified organic or wild foraged ingredients
• No preservatives, pesticides or artificial ingredients


For this weekend’s giveaway, we’re excited to offer the following gift to one lucky Small Things reader:
Two of bags of our organic tea including one Inland Grey (Ginny’s favorite!) and one Wildwood Cedar, one of our brand new Pacific Northwest herbal blends, along with a tea infuser.

We’d also love to offer Small Things readers 10% off any purchase at our shop through the end of October. Please use coupon code: small things.

You can find Winterwoods Tea Company’s online store here, the kickstarter campaign (the only way to get the new tea blends) here, and you can follow Winterwoods on Instagram here.

For your chance to win, leave a comment on this post.  Comments are closed and the winner is Heidi, who commented, “Wow…. I want to go camping with you guys! You really do it in style!!

Thank you for the giveaway :)”

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Bag of Tricks


(This post contains affiliate links.)

I remember one day in sixth grade, sitting at the lunch table with a group of kids, all of them pounding on the table chanting, “Red, red, red.”  I was an insecure, gangly kid with a bad perm and I blushed at the merest bit of attention.  I stared at the table willing my face not to do what they were commanding, but it didn’t obey me.  I’m not sure how the other kids discovered my weak spot to begin with, but once they knew, they didn’t forget.  Middle school was brutal.

Between my introverted nature and my tendency to blush bright red, I learned to hate public speaking.  I spent a few years doing high school theater, but only managed it because I was pretending to be someone else.  In college I was horrified when my advisor told me that I would have to take a speech class to graduate.  I changed my major seven times and somehow that speech credit, or lack thereof, was lost in the shuffle, and I was spared.

So it’s kind of funny that the class I teach at our homeschooling co-op focuses on discussion and public speaking.  I have the usual mix of kids, those who can’t wait to get up and give a presentation, and those that always pretend they didn’t prepare one (when I know they have because their moms told me so), those that blush, and those that don’t (the lucky ones).  Most of them need a little help though, whether it’s with managing to utter a sound at all, or with slowing down and making better eye contact.  So, I started looking around for fun ideas.  When I didn’t come up with a resource that fit my class perfectly, I came up with my own plan.  A bag of tricks.  This week I brought my bag to class for the first time.  We all had loads of fun, even the shyest of the shy!

Here’s what we did:

We started with a tongue twister, saying, “Fresh French Fries,” over and over again together (from this book).  We may chant a different tongue twister every week just to help everyone relax.  Next, I pulled out story cubes.  (I bought the original set and the Enchanted add-on cubes.)  We took turns rolling and telling the next bit of the story based on the picture on the cube.  While the process was fun for everyone, the “stories” were more long chains of unrelated sentences rather than stories.  I think that next time I am going to write out the parts of a story on the board, and help each child as we go around the circle, relate their addition to the next logical part of the story.  So for instance, the first child might include the setting in their portion, the next might introduce characters, then move to plot development and conflict, etc.  My girls pulled out the story dice last night and told stories for about an hour.  I can’t believe I didn’t buy these sooner.

Finally, we played charades.  That was pretty hilarious, and even the shyest child in the class participated willingly and seemed to enjoy herself.  Again, why haven’t we been playing charades?

I also sent everyone home with a joke from this book (the same one with the tongue twisters) to memorize for next week’s class.  The jokes are really silly, many of them ridiculous.  I can’t wait to see how everyone reacts to them.  I tend to laugh hard at dumb jokes, so I am really looking forward to hearing the kids tell theirs.

My hope is that even the shyest kids will look forward to my class, and that eventually, standing up in front of the others to give a presentation won’t feel like walking the plank.

p.s.  I got a few rows beyond dividing for the sleeves on Bea’s sweater, tried it on her, and realized I needed to rip back and cast on more stitches under the arms.  How will I ever finish this thing in time?

p.p.s.  I’ve got a post up at Blessed is She today, in case you want to read it…