Evening on the Meadow

I may have overdone it with the photos this time, so I won’t say much.  On Friday, Seth and Keats had their piano lessons early so that we could leave for Big Meadows after lunch.  After lunch became four o’clock.  We didn’t reach the meadow until nearly seven.  The kids were hoping the blueberries would be ripe.  I was hoping the fawns would be out frolicking.  We didn’t get our wishes, but it was beautiful nonetheless.  Driving two and a half hours just to reach Big Meadows is entirely worth it, if only to close my eyes and breathe the air.  We’ll have to go back in a couple of weeks to try again.

p.s. On our trip we saw two bears, a dozen or so adult deer, one fawn, a garter snake, one raccoon, and one owl that swooped in front of our van on the way home.

They Will Remember

20140706-DSC_5453 By the time we pulled ourselves together and made it to the park, we only had a couple of hours left to play.  But, these are the days that our children will remember.  So we work to keep making them happen.  Two hours outdoors, having fun together, is worth the effort.