National Champion

On our way down to Georgia for Thanksgiving, we made a planned stop to visit the National Champion white oak tree in southern Virginia.  The tree is incredible, absolutely giant!

The owner not only welcomed us to come see the white oak, but also ended up inviting us inside his house!  He’s been the owner for about eight years and bought the place furnished.  There was lots to see inside, so many neat old things.  I have to say though, what struck me most was the fact that this brave man invited a family with seven kids inside his house!  Everyone behaved, nothing was broken, and we were very grateful for the opportunity.

p.s.  here’s a link to the American Forests champion tree register.

the last warm day

November fossil hunt-5249

We threw all plans out the window yesterday to take advantage of the last warm day for awhile (as far as we can see on the ten day forecast).  We haven’t fossil hunted in ages, so we headed to the beach.  As always, Beatrix soaked her feet in the first three minutes (despite our warnings) and then proceeded to cry because her feet were cold.  So she, Larkspur, Silas, and I abandoned the beach for a nearby playground.  The playground was promptly declared boring until I spotted a couple of persimmon trees nearby.  We tossed sticks at the branches, trying to knock the persimmons to the ground.  Great fun!  Supposedly persimmons are improved by frost, though I didn’t eat any because I hate the way they make my mouth feel.

My knitting stayed on the bench, and I didn’t miss it.

And–It was a great day for spotting wildlife:  a bald eagle and turkeys!

p.s.  I usually get emails asking about this beach.  It’s a private one, but there is a nearby public park:  Westmoreland State Park.  I give fossil hunting tips for finding places to hunt at the end of this post.