The last week of summer

Our original plan for this past week was for the entire family to travel to Cooperstown, NY for a week-long baseball tournament for Keats and Gabe.  But, finances and farm animals ended up requiring us to change our plans.  Jonny borrowed a tent and decided to camp out at a state park outside of Cooperstown.  He talked about taking some of the younger kids, maybe the girls and Silas, but I discouraged that plan, thinking it would be too much for them, a week of camping (and knowing Jonny, junk food!)  No, I couldn’t let him camp out solo with small children for a week, so I encouraged Jonny to have a boys week with Keats and Gabe and the other dads.  Then, a few days before they were to leave, Jonny had an extra long work day and didn’t arrive home until bedtime.  I was on the verge of tears with pain by the time he returned, Job being in a hold-me-all-the-time phase which just wreaks havoc on my pelvis.  I realized that there was no way I could handle a week on my own with the little boys.  I haven’t written much here about the effects of my last pregnancy, and Job’s shoulder dystocia birth, but I suffer from some long-term disability. I do have hopes that with time and Job getting older and less needy, that maybe I won’t live with chronic pain forever.  Sometimes I feel very discouraged and wish so much that I could have done something to prevent this, could have known how that pregnancy was going to go there at the end, and taken some preventative measures to preserve my poor bones.  Though I learned through x-rays that I have a congenital defect in my lower back which has contributed to my problems in addition to carrying and delivering a large baby.  So, I carry on, grateful for my children, and my strong yet frustratingly weak and broken body, for carrying them.  I’m grateful for little (big!) Job and thankful that he survived his nightmare of a birth.  I’m also grateful for this week of catching up, working without little ones underfoot, getting some things in order.  I needed this time.

I spent the week doing those exciting things that I like to do when I get the chance: cleaning out cupboards and closets, and working on those plans I mentioned earlier this week.  Home with only Seth, Larkspur, and Beatrix, I couldn’t make their last week of summer all about housework though, so we had a little bit of fun, going for ice cream, and fossil hunting followed by a swim.  I didn’t find any great sharks’ teeth, but Larkspur sure did!  She made the best find of the summer I do believe.

I sent Jonny to NY with a camera, and surely he’ll have some stories to share with you guys.  Today a friend emailed me a photo she took at Cooperstown.  Job looks worn out, but Jonny is smiling!  Jonny told me over the phone that Job is all non-stop, “Dada! Dada! Dada!”  Non-stop wanting to be held and carried.  And that is exactly why he had to go camping in the woods of NY for a week with his Dada.  Because “Mama! Mama! Mama!” had to accept that she couldn’t do it.  Sweet baby, I can’t wait to see him.  Silas too!  They are both my baby boys.  And Jonny!  I better not leave him out.  Of course, I can’t wait for his return!  (Though I feel a tinge of dread over the laundry that will be arriving home with my crew.)

jonny plus Job

6 miles

My boys had this idea to make a six mile paddle and since I am in such amazing shape (snort) I said, “Sounds fun!  Let’s do it!”  We set out at noon, low tide being more important than avoiding the heat of the day I guess.  The water was so choppy that I got nauseated.  As I sit here typing this, I can feel the waves under me still.  It was an act of will to make it back to the place where we were to be picked up.  I’m still sweating.  My bones hurt.  I asked Keats, “Do your arm bones hurt?”  Jonny said, “Ginny, he’s twelve.  Of course his bones don’t hurt.  You’re like forty.”  For the record, I’m 37, and that is not 40, Jonathan.  But seriously, my bones HURT.

p.s. Of course I carried some knitting for “just in case,” and I took a break from paddling to knit a few rounds on Jonny’s hat.  Time to decrease, finally!!