Humor Me

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We planned to go to Big Meadow yesterday, but it occurred to me last minute that the trip might be really miserable, because Mabel is a car cry-er.  So we stuck closer to home and went to Caledon instead.  It was hot and muggy, and the insects were biting, but it was still really good to get away for a few hours.  I asked the kids to pose for two group photos, one of them a sort of replica of my favorite photo of all of them when Job was a baby.  There was a lot of moaning and groaning over that, but I begged them just to humor me.  By the time I even got everyone in one place, half of them were wet and dirty.  Most of them were not in the mood for photos (is anyone ever in the mood to pose for a group photo?)  And Job didn’t understand why everyone was telling him to put his hands in the air, which was kind of hilarious.  I’m happy to have all eight of them in one photo.

old group photo


Beautiful Day

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Today was, quite nearly, a perfect day.  I’ve been feeling pretty good this week, so I took our kids on an all day excursion:  fishing, fossil hunting, castle building.  Job cast out his little plastic fish dozens of times, then reeled it in shouting, “Fishy! Fishy!” like it was the first time, every time.  The older boys helped out a good bit, but were able to spend a few hours doing their own thing while the littles and I hung out on the beach.  Everyone got wet, some cried, but mostly everyone had a great time.  They all thanked me on the way home.  I stopped and bought them ice cream.  I had gelato.  Once we got home, I took an epsom salt bath, and now maybe a bit of knitting, then bed.

p.s. Thank you for all your encouraging words and your prayers.  I feel them and appreciate your kindness very much!