Fiddlers for Silas (and me being brave)

For the first time in what feels like ages, we took a little day trip today. We drove to Yorktown, Virginia to play on a little stretch of beach on the York River. Last year Keats and Gabe had baseball games in the area and Jonny took our little guys to play there between games. They discovered the joys of catching fiddler crabs and Silas has been asking to go back for his birthday for months. Today in the car Silas asked me repeatedly how excited I was. “VERY EXCITED,” I told him. “What are you going to do as soon as we get there?” he asked. “Catch fiddler crabs with you,” I replied. (That was the correct answer.) In reality, as soon as we arrived the kids all took off and I sat in the van nursing Mabel. And while I found the fiddler crabs fascinating (There were so many of them! Their collective scurrying around was so loud!), I didn’t actually catch any myself. I mostly took pictures. It was a really fun day. Silas was so happy, he told us it was better even than he expected. Now I feel all exhausted and happy myself. It’s so good to get away from the house and all we have going on right now. We need to bring back the day trips. It’s just so hard with so many kids and schedules and work, and life. But I think this is important for us, to get away together when we can.

p.s. We will be updating our shop on Tuesday, June 6th at 12 p.m. EST. I’ll be sure to get a preview post up by Monday evening. Jonny has been working on some new cutting boards, and I will have goat milk soap and a bit of yarn available. I have some new things that I am offering as well. If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you might have seen the new stickers sets I have put together using my photos.  They are flower themed and so pretty! I will talk more about them in the preview post, but I am really excited about them! And finally, after getting requests for literally years, I am going to start offering some of my nature photography in my shop. It took me a long time to work up the nerve, and then to figure out how best to do this. I finally settled on selling high resolution digital downloads for personal use. The cost will be $10 each, or 4 for $30. I am very nervous about this for some reason! But it can’t hurt to try, right? Okay, I think that’s it. Check back in by Monday evening and I’ll have that preview ready for you.

p.p.s. If there has ever been a photo here that you wished you could have a print of, email me with a link to the blog post and I’ll list it for you!

Humor Me

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We planned to go to Big Meadow yesterday, but it occurred to me last minute that the trip might be really miserable, because Mabel is a car cry-er.  So we stuck closer to home and went to Caledon instead.  It was hot and muggy, and the insects were biting, but it was still really good to get away for a few hours.  I asked the kids to pose for two group photos, one of them a sort of replica of my favorite photo of all of them when Job was a baby.  There was a lot of moaning and groaning over that, but I begged them just to humor me.  By the time I even got everyone in one place, half of them were wet and dirty.  Most of them were not in the mood for photos (is anyone ever in the mood to pose for a group photo?)  And Job didn’t understand why everyone was telling him to put his hands in the air, which was kind of hilarious.  I’m happy to have all eight of them in one photo.

old group photo