A State of Mind

DSC_0764 Thanks to my dad, last week we took a little trip to the beach.  In hindsight I could have taken the bee sting to the face that I got on the way as a sort of harbinger of the days to come.  The truth is that it just isn’t smart to get close to a semi truck loaded with confused honeybees.  Having never seen one in “real life” before, I couldn’t help myself.

Job started refusing to eat on the way down, and started running fever our first day.  He clearly felt terrible.  By the final day of our trip he was recovering, and we learned that he doesn’t have an aversion to sand and he kind of likes the pool.  Of course that was the day that the wind was really blowing and we couldn’t stay long on the beach.  I spent most of our trip in the room with him.  He hardly slept at night, and I have to say that part was pretty miserable.  But the truth is that vacation is a state of mind, and I’d sure rather have a sick baby while on vacation with my other children happy and occupied, than at home.  I had a great trip minus the sleep deprivation.  I opened the glass doors and listened to the ocean while Job napped during the day.  I watched my family play on the beach below.  I finished the body of a baby sweater, did a lot of reading, and got to spend an afternoon with my Aunt Genie sans children.  I’m so thankful that we had this opportunity to visit with family and that the big kids all had such a good time.

On our last night, Jonny told me that I should walk out and see the ferris wheel down the beach and maybe get a picture of it, all lit up.  Ha, ha.  I tried.  It’s that tiny bit of blue light.  Can you see it?  It was awfully far away.

p.s.  I’m sure that most of you guys have even cooler gadgets (don’t tease me!), but in case some of you are looking for a way to take audiobooks and music in the car without hauling CDs (yes, I am in the dark ages) or anything very expensive, I want to share this little music player that my friend Lori told me about.  I’ll just copy what it’s called straight from Amazon, where I ordered it: Soundfly AUX MP3 Player Car Fm Transmitter.  It plugs into the lighter of the car and then can be connected to an mp3 player or have a thumb drive or something similar plugged into it.  It plays right through the car speakers (magic!)  I already use a little SanDisk Sansa Clip Zip to hold audiobooks and music, and I just connected it right up.  This was a lifesaver on our drive, and allowed me to bring lots of different things to listen to.

It turns out that Job likes Gregorian Chant.  At one point, he wouldn’t stop crying so I turned on a chant album.  He got quiet and I heard one of the kids ask in the back, “Where’s that music coming from?”  Beatrix answered, “From heaven.”

The end

We have a tradition of walking down to the water at almost dusk, playing on the beach, cooking hot dogs over a fire, and then walking the mile and a half back through the woods with flashlights.  This tradition was born out of our inability to get ourselves together and get out the door in a timely fashion.  Even after we are all loaded in the van, people start running back to the house for this or that.  We sigh and groan and roll our eyes at ourselves.  Sometimes we get really frustrated, and start passing the blame around.  “You’re always the last one out the door!”  (This is said to me.)  I reply, “Yeah, but as soon as I got in the van, you realized you had forgotten something!”

I guess this particular tradition has come to an end though, as we were visited on the beach by a ranger on this night who informed us that the park closes at sunset (in the past we were told 10 p.m. and the signs say the same).  He drove his truck back up to the entrance and returned with a fifteen passenger van to drive us back to the parking area.  Because it was dark, I don’t think he really realized what he was getting himself into.  Loading all of our stuff and our family into that van and then unloading it again a few minutes later was a little ridiculous.  He was friendly though, and didn’t seem to mind too much.  I asked him to send my apologies home to his wife, since we kept him at work late.

(My favorite, close to us, park.  Caledon State Park.)

p.s.  Job’s new trick is the fake pout face as seen in the series of three photos of him crawling then sitting there being silly.  Silas had a fake pout face too, which eventually turned into a real pout face which he now sports on a regular basis.  I’ve suggested to the older kids that maybe we don’t actually want to teach Job to pout.  My words most likely fell on deaf ears.  Oh, and the shoes–several asked to see my new magenta shoes.  I asked for gray shoes.  The importance of fit over fashion was gently explained to me.  Last week, A friend commented with what I suspect was a touch of sarcasm, “They’re so you, Ginny!”