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When Maureen, mom and mastermind behind Pipsticks, a new sticker subscription service, first contacted me about her business, we quickly began to swap emails over our shared sticker love. Mine is rooted in the sticker collection that I began in the first grade. Stickers were hard to come by, and I wasn’t above adding the stickers off my bananas to the pages of the photo album that housed my prized collection. Had an envelope addressed to me, filled with stickers, ever arrived in any of the mailboxes of my childhood, I would have been ecstatic. Seriously, it would have been a dream come true. But even better than that, was to see my little girls in their excitement when Maureen sent them their very own Pipsticks envelopes full of fantastically fun stickers. Maureen is here today to share how Pipsticks began, and to offer a gift to one of you!

In Maureen’s words:
I recently launched a company to inspire kids, crafters and sticker lovers – and, to help parents, grandparents and gift givers. Pipsticks is a sticker subscription company that provides a selection of curated stickers to its subscribers every month. Stickers – like the ones many of us used to collect, trade, and obsess over as kids – sparkly ones, puffy ones, smelly ones. Pipsticks sources stickers from manufacturers all over the world in order to give its subscribers a gorgeously packaged, affordable, awesome stash of stickers when they need them (because I find my family ALWAYS needs them).

I am a designer and left my corporate brand management job when my first son, Atticus, was born. A few years later, we were invited to join one of those sticker club chain letters. Like all chain letters, it was a bust: after loads of time and energy to find friends, write letters, enclose stickers, address envelopes, find stamps (oh, stamps!), etc etc, my kids received one measly response. Though maddening for me, they went absolutely bananas crazy over that one sheet of stickers waiting in our mailbox. Inspired, I created Pipsticks after looking for a sticker subscription and coming up empty. At Pipsticks, we take the heartache out of sticker clubbing and promise a return that is just all around enjoyable.

As a mom of four, I also appreciate hands-off (and non-tech) projects for my kids. The sticker packs arrive with loads of stickers as well as a paper and postcard so that kids can use the pack completely on their own. The whole pack, from packaging to sticker selection, is designed to a fun and sophisticated standard, and totally child-friendly – giving parents a chance to take a break (or just cook dinner in peace and quiet) once in a while.

In response to our subscribers’ requests, we’ve just launched a sticker ideas blog on the website which features craft projects and activities that center around or incorporate stickers. This stuff relies on high tech supplies like toilet paper rolls and bobby pins, so is very accessible to parents and grandparents across the board that want to get crafty.

And finally, Pipsticks solves the gift-giving conundrum we’re in on a regular basis. It’s the perfect present: new and different each month, inspires creativity, doesn’t add to an overcrowded toy chest, and is geared toward whatever your budget may be. * You can purchase a gift subscription and set it to begin whenever you choose if you’re doing early holiday shopping, just follow your purchase up with an email to support@pipsticks.com.

Maureen is offering one Small Things reader a 3-month Gift Subscription!  In addition, readers can receive one month free on any 6 or 12 month family subscription using the code SMALLTHINGS10 at checkout.  (If purchasing a gift subscription, you can set the start date as you choose (in case you’re doing some early holiday shopping!  Details on that here.)

For your chance to win, simply leave a comment on this post. 

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Comments are closed, and the winner is Jenni, who commented, “My children would be thrilled to have these!! Thanks for the chance!”

Thanks, Maureen and Pipsticks!

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Whole Parenting Goods {giveaway}


SONY DSC {Today’s giveaway is from Nell, of Whole Parenting Family and Whole Parenting Goods!}

 Hello, friends! I’m Nell, the voice behind Whole Parenting Family and artisan of Whole Parenting Goods. My natural parenting blog began just after I had my first of our now family of three little ones. After blah-blahing to my dearly sainted mother (herself a mother of five) all about what I was learning on my journey as a mother, she suggested “why don’t you start one of those blog things?”

And years later, I’m still at it: sharing parenting experiences, spotlighting our local natural birthing and parenting community in the Twin Cities in Minnesota, and hearing back from our community of mamas and papas about their journeys too.

My husband and I are both attorneys but I’m on hiatus indefinitely. Our eldest son, 4 years old, has inherited a tendency for negotiation that’s tricky. Our two year old daughter certainly understands how to press the question But why? And our four month old son can cleverly smile and be evasive, all at once. We love our garden, compost heap, cloth diapers, and living in my ancestral family home.


My artisan textile and fiber work is a joyful sidecar to mothering at home. I retail and sell on etsy Bandit Bibs for dribblers // teethers // eaters, Contour Cloths for burping // spitting // catchingtiall, Plush Blankets with a thick layer of cotton batting between designer modern cottons and plush minky, as well as pure organic blankets and throws, with a handful of growing knits in the thick of it as well.  Having a little girl inspires me to have a line of Twirly Girl Skirts too!  My favorite delight for mamas and papas is my Organic Flaxseed Heat // Cool Packs. Because when your neck is aching or your low back is fatigued, a little flaxseed will soothe you every time.

Please come and visit me on the blog, on Facebooktwitterinstagrampinterest, and of course, my etsy shoppe!

4-Sponsors8 Nell would like to give one Small Things reader a gift set including one Seagulls Bandit Bib along with a Seagulls Contour cloth (pictured above).  In addition, Nell is offering 20% off all items in her shop when you use the discount code SMALLTHINGS20.

For your chance to win, leave a comment on this post.  For an additional chance “Like” Whole Parenting on Facebook and leave a second comment letting me know you have done so. 

Comments are closed and the winner is Kati, who commented, “With a 16 mo and a 4 mo, the bib and clothes would come in very handy. Plus, they’re cute!”

Thanks, Nell!


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