middle aged, already.

Yesterday was my birthday.  Jonny asked me the night before what I wanted for breakfast.  I requested oatmeal with peaches (frozen ones, cooked on the stove in maple syrup.)  He thought my request was lame because it involved everyday, boring, oatmeal.  I thought it sounded great because it involved peaches.  To jazz it up, Jonny added whipped cream.  Silas dipped his bacon in the oatmeal cream mixture and thought it was great.  Jonny also bought orange juice, but because we aren’t used to having it in the fridge, we all forgot about it and didn’t drink any.  That’s good for today’s breakfast though.

The girls picked out tulips for me and also bought “me” truffles with their own money.  I put “me” in quotes, because actually, they bought the truffles because they wanted them.  It was all a trick, and I played along by letting them eat my truffles.  Keats shyly handed me a wrapped package that contained a box of tea.  He chose the flavor himself, and I proclaimed it my new favorite (black tea with pomegranate.)  A gift from my mom had arrived in the mail earlier in the week, complete with what can only be described as a “Glamour Shot” of me taped right to the front of the brown paper.

Then, at the end of the day:

Jonny baked an apple cranberry crisp for my birthday dessert.  I had no idea that Larkspur had insisted that he buy birthday candles for me at the grocery store.  Jonny helped Larkspur count them by fives, all the way up to thirty five.  That’s a lot of candles!  I can’t remember the last time I blew out birthday candles.  I highly recommend it, although if you are middle aged like me and require lots of candles, you might want to choose something firmer than a fruit crisp for your dessert!

All in all it was a nice and easy, quiet birthday and I am very thankful for another year.  And now, I guess many of you will be celebrating the new year tonight!  Have fun!  I will be going to bed early myself, one of my new year’s resolutions.

p.s.  On Saturday morning, I picked up one of my very best friends and a whole lot of camera equipment, and we traveled north through a bit of snow to photograph a very special wedding together.  It’s not very often that one has the privilege of working side by side with a close friend, capturing the wedding of another dear friend’s firstborn son’s wedding:  maybe once in a lifetime.  I can’t get over it, truly, I can’t.  If you’d like to see more photos of the big day, please visit Elizabeth’s blog.


The bathroom is coming along.  We made another trip to Lowe’s today to buy all the things that were forgotten the first time.  While Jonny grabbed a few last things on one end of the store, I took half the kids to the bathroom on the other end of the store.  On the way, I spotted a heater that Jonny has been wanting for his office (his office has no heating!)  So, Gabe went running back to tell Jonny that he should drive the giant cart over and add the heater.  Gabe came back (we were out of the bathroom at this point) but didn’t bring Jonny.  He said that he was already checking out.  I asked Gabe to grab a cart and we would take the heater over to the register anyway.  Maybe we would make it in time, before Jonny paid the bill.  As we were about to grab the heater, Jonny came dashing down the aisle carrying Silas under one arm.  He grabbed the gigantic box containing the heater in his other arm and started running.  He was sort of a spectacle, especially as Silas was sliding down, and dangling from Jonny’s arm, barely hanging on.  Gabe and Keats were trying to run and catch up to us with the crazy flat bed cart, but were struggling to steer it.  I was asking Jonny to slow down for a second and hand me Silas.  “You can’t take the baby. Your arm is in a sling.” (I am trying to give the shoulder a rest whenever I can)  “But Jonny, you’re running with a huge box and dropping the baby!”  He stopped and let me grab Silas while explaining that the woman who had rung up our purchases wasn’t very patient and he needed to hurry and get the heater to her so we could stop holding things up.  Gabe and Keats caught up with the cart, Jonny put the heater on it, took the baby back from me, and started running again.  I put my arm back in the sling while running after Jonny and the boys who were still struggling with the cart that wanted to go any direction but straight.  We arrived back at the register and of course at this point, there was a bit of a line forming behind us.  As the cashier bleeped the heater Jonny reached into his pocket and realized that he had left his wallet in the car.  He went tearing out of the store to get it, while I stood at the register smiling and acting normal.  Jonny made it back, we paid, and got out of there.  I think it was definitely our most exciting trip to a home improvement store EVER.