Shades of Autumn

{Our shop will be updated on Monday, October 3rd at 11 a.m. EST}

I feel a little silly naming this “Shades of Autumn” since I typically say “fall.”  But Autumn sounds prettier.  I worked really hard this month to create a palette of yarns that accurately depict the season.  This time of year there are so many dye plants available in my area and I love the colors they create.  I think this is my favorite batch of yarns ever.

For the first time I am selling our Greta goat milk soap.  Jonny milks her (sometimes Keats), and I make the soap.  These two batches of soap have been curing since just before Mabel was born, so over three months.  There is peppermint and tea tree.  We’ve all been bathing with our soap for a couple of months now.  I really like it and love making it.  I hope you like it too!

I am also selling the last of the Liberty lawn sachets (minus two that Larkspur and Beatrix claimed), a few sets of stitch markers (I was finally able to get more Our Lady of Guadalupe charms!) and Jonny is selling cherry shawl pins.  He plans to sell more cutting boards as well, but those have to wait until next month.

Happy October!

p.s. In answer to your questions, I bought the apron at this shop.

With Wood and Yarn

G. Sheller and Baadeedoh-5614 G. Sheller and Baadeedoh-5509 G. Sheller and Baadeedoh-5176G. Sheller and Baadeedoh-5173G. Sheller and Baadeedoh-5661

Our shop will be updated Thursday, September 1st at 12 p.m. EST.  New this month are handmade red oak cutting boards!  Jonny really labored over these, and they are beautiful.  He also made more bird shawl pins.  This month he made them in both black walnut and cherry.

These past few weeks have been full of late summer dyeing and this month there are some new colors:  periwinkle, deep goldenrod yellow, and olive green.  I created some deep indigo blue skeins speckled with white, thinking of Mother Teresa.  I also sewed up more sachets.

I am really loving the new yarns that I am dyeing now, all sourced and milled in the U.S.!  I hope you will love them too.  In addition to my naturally dyed yarn, this month I am offering a handful of skeins of natural white wool yarn in both 2 ply sport weight and 2 ply fingering.  There are a couple skeins of the single ply fingering as well.  I was inspired to do this because of my current knitting project, a shawl in both natural white and my cochineal/indigo purple.  I’m planning another in goldenrod green and white using my 2 ply fingering weight.  I can’t wait to cast on for that one!