With Bea and Tilly Woo

Generally speaking, relaxing isn’t my special talent.  As we all know, the saying, “A mother’s work is never done,” is quite true.  I have a hard time putting everything I need to accomplish to the back of my mind in order to stay in the moment, and sometimes, take a little break.  This quality isn’t one of my best because it leads to stress and general unpleasantness.

My kids all seem to know how to relax.  I wonder if I did as well at some point in my distant past, but lost the ability somewhere along the way.  Is that simply part of being a grown-up?  Forgetting how to “play?” It shouldn’t have to be.

I tend to fall into the trap of belief that accomplishing those never-ending items on my mental to-do list will bring me peace, but in reality it often becomes a fruitless chase.  Yes, I must do my work, but it is also important to abandon my list both mentally and physically on a regular basis.

Yesterday while Mabel took an early evening nap, I stepped away from our house and all the work for a walk.  I carried my camera, something I don’t do quite so often these days.  I brought along our naughty “Tilly-Woo” and Beatrix joined me as well.  We stayed out till almost dark playing with Tilly and picking pokeberries. I didn’t have to worry about dinner because we were eating leftovers.  It was the perfect evening.  I wondered why I don’t do this more frequently.  Maybe because we don’t have leftovers for dinner often enough?

I guess the moral of my story is that if you cook enough food for dinner on Monday, you might actually get to relax a little on Tuesday.  And in my case, I might end up with some pokeberry yarn.


Nearly Perfect

We had a near perfect weekend here.  Friday rain caused weekend activities to be cancelled, leaving us with a wide open Saturday.  Jonny and the the boys worked on stretching fencing for the goats (a job that will never end) while I took advantage of all the milk we’ve been storing up these past two weeks.  Miss Greta has begun to behave much more nicely about milking and is giving us about twice what we need to feed Tilly each day.  The girls and I carefully weighed and froze a bunch of it end of last week, with plans for me to make soap with it.  Saturday morning after some knitting on a new indigo dyed sweater project (because I only had three projects on the needles and needed another) I set up outside to try soap making using a recipe from this book.  All went well, and with the exception of the fact that the bars I ended up with are a funny size (improvised mold that wasn’t ideal) I think I made a bunch of usable soap!  Who cares how it looks?

I also made chevre with fresh basil, and dyed a couple of skeins of yarn with a bagful of ferns my girls brought home from the woods, in hopes that they would, “Make a color.”  They did, a beautiful lettuce like spring green.

Jonny finally had the opportunity to open up our hives and see what’s going on with our bees.  I sat on the hill and watched from a distance, knitting in hand, while he shouted reports.  The news was mixed, some hives doing well and making honey, the hive that we split in an effort to prevent from swarming about a month ago is nearly dead, and one hive is getting ready to swarm any day now (They can go right ahead, we’re not interfering this time.)  We still have high hopes for honey this year, even though all isn’t going as we planned (With bees, it never does!)

The rain has returned this Monday morning.  It seems like it’s always raining lately.  I’m grateful for the beautiful Saturday and Sunday we had tucked in between downpours.  I hope you had a wonderful weekend as well!