Wild and Slow

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We are in the home stretch of animal and creature moving. The bees are here! Jonny and Gabe moved them late one night last week. We kept them confined for a couple of days before releasing them, and placed obstacles in front of their entrances to force them to re-orientate. Hopefully all will be well with them. We’re having stupid crazy weather here, and after all this warmth, it will be freezing and even snowing this week. SIGH, SIGH, GROAN.

We typically do everything backwards because I am on the compulsive side (maybe, a little) and Jonny supports me in that. (ha!) So, he will be frantically working to finish our big portable chicken coop this week after work each day. In the cold. I really thought it was going to be warm. I should have taken the groundhog seriously!

In all our years of keeping chickens we have never had any “fancy” ones. I don’t know if cochins are considered fancy, but those feathered feet seem pretty fancy to me. Our little blue cochin chick is the cutest thing ever, and she’s so calm! We’ve got a couple little Brahma’s too. Seth and I have been a little obsessive about chicks this year. We want one of every kind. Not happening, but we do have more breeds of chicks than we have in the past.

I took my little boys for real haircuts last week. They are such wild, messy little guys, and in addition to wanting to neaten them up a bit (Job actually had gum stuck in his hair) I want it to be easy to check them for ticks. (Still waiting on Silas’ recent bloodwork results). The woman cutting Silas’ hair made me promise that I wouldn’t cry if she cut it short, and then commented on their good behavior. She then started to compliment me and my parenting skills. I set her straight. Those boys are so crazy, and were mainly behaving because I promised them burgers and fries afterwards! It was a lot of fun to have a date with just the two of them. After we ate, I took them to the library. I want to make this a regular thing for the three of us, despite having to work really, really hard to keep them in line while we were checking out our books. I honestly can’t remember if Seth and Keats had this much energy when they were little. I do know that I am more than ten years older now and that makes such a difference. I am much slower to lose my temper with my little guys now, but I am also much slower in general. Slow can be good, I think, as long as I don’t need to chase anyone down.

A little vacation (sort of…not really)

This morning I was in the midst of making a berry crisp (the kind with almond flour, coconut oil and chia seeds–nothing exciting!) when Jonny grabbed me and hugged me mid stir. I jokingly fussed a little at being interrupted, wondering why he couldn’t hug me while I’m not in the middle of something. He explained that I’m always in the middle of something, and he’s right! There’s always so much happening from small things like the girls wanting me to come see their fairy houses, to big things like out of town doctor’s appointments. Right now I wish I could drop all my responsibilities and just work outside because it seems like spring is really here!

Silas had an appointment at VCU in Richmond last week to see a pediatric infectious disease specialist about last year’s Lyme disease diagnosis. While he was treated by his pediatrician (appropriately) she has since moved away, and friends in the medical field recommended that I follow up with a specialist because his initial test results indicated a longterm infection. Silas seems physically healthy since being treated, but we have some concerns that I want to investigate, just to be totally sure we’ve done everything we need to for him. Every time I visit VCU with a child, I am struck by how amazing everyone there is, from the people who check you in, to the security guards on the way out. All smiles, and the nurses and doctors I’ve seen are so friendly and really take their time with us. I just love it. Anyway, we’ll have some bloodwork results in a week or so, and then maybe I can rest easy.

While Silas and I were at his appointments, Jonny took Larkspur, Beatrix, Job, and Mabel (I know, brave man!) to nearby Maymont. The plan was that after Silas’ appointment, he would come and get us and then we would go back to Maymont. When my older children were little, we used to visit all the time. It makes me sad that trips like that are so much harder to make these days. Jonny and I both agreed that we want to try harder to do these things again with our young crew. By the time Silas and I made it to Maymont, the nature center was about a half hour from closing. That still gave him plenty of time to see the exhibits, and we mainly we wanted to walk the grounds, anyway. We didn’t realize that grounds closed at 5 p.m. also. You can see Silas’ face in the photo above as we were leaving. He wasn’t pleased. We definitely have to go back now!

It’s funny how just a day spent out of town, mainly at a big medical facility, can feel a little like a vacation. I told Jonny that I felt so weird as we were driving home…I couldn’t explain it. I think I said something like, “Richmond feels so much like… Richmond and so different than home!” He responded with, “Ya think?” Yeah. So if you ever want a little mini vacation…I don’t know what this says about my life. I guess I just really enjoy not needing to remember to move laundry for a few hours!