How Much

This time of year is so, so full in the very best way.  Just how much can we accomplish in the last couple weeks of a pregnancy?  I definitely feel an urgency to get as much done as I can.  Not in a bad way, but in a these are things that I love doing sort of way. I know that I will be completely shifting gears as soon as our little girl is born, and I’m kind of trying to cram everything in.

Last week we took our first honey of the season, maybe about 3 1/2 gallons.  There will be more ready in the coming weeks, though not as much as we originally expected owing to late frosts and lots of rain.  Still, this will be our best year yet.  I’ve made two more batches of goat milk soap, and I think I am getting the hang of things.  I’m pretty excited about the soap.  We’re using the batch I made in early May now, and it’s like real soap!!  Actually, really good soap!

The girls and I participated in our annual children’s market on Saturday.  They have been preparing for it for an entire year, and I worried that we wouldn’t be able to make it because the date was so close to our baby arriving.  I’m so very glad that everything worked out for them to do it, because Larkspur especially was incredibly excited about it.  One of her best friends, Josie,  participates in farmer’s markets every weekend with her family, and Larkspur (well, all of us) love her family, so to do what they do for a day feels extra special to her.  And of course it just feels good to make and grow things and then share them with others.  Josie stayed by Larkspur’s side for most of the day while Beatrix goofed off with her friends.  Larkspur sold Beatrix’s things for her, and Beatrix promptly spent most of the money she made there at the market.  She saved eight dollars, telling me that she plans to buy guppies or mollies (fish), breed them, and then sell the babies on Etsy.  Ummmmm….

Larkspur on the other hand did a much better job of not spending any of her earnings and she has a similar plan, but with pet rabbits, and the local market.  Oh man.  I don’t know about that either.  I’ll help her save the money, but all these business ideas that involve the multiplication of critters are kind of freaking me out.  Maybe we could invest in more beads for bracelet making instead?  How about it girls?

Start all the projects (and hopefully finish some soon)

Small Things-4780Small Things-4712Small Things-4722 Small Things-5530

I worked on updating my Ravelry projects page this evening, adding all but one of my latest works in progress.  Casting on seems to be my favorite thing lately, and I have six projects on the needles, three of them started in the past week or two.  I couldn’t help but cast on for a new shawl after buying myself a few skeins of yarn for Mother’s Day, including one skein of Fibre Co. Meadow, in Bergamot.  (I also bought myself a yarn bowl from Stephinie, and pretended that it was a surprise from all my kids!  Between the yarn and the bowl, my gifts were so nice this year! Ha!)  There’s a new sock on the needles, but I haven’t photographed it yet.  And a pullover in some of my indigo dyed wool, the result of an urge I had to work through a set of raglan increases and divide for sleeves.  Either Beatrix or Silas will have a new sweater next winter.  I did finish one project, my wildflower socks!

Right now there are baby clothes in tubs and bags all over the floor of my bedroom, and I need a place to put them.  Today, I bought an old dresser from a friend who visits estate sales regularly, and we’ve started to clean and sand it.  Hopefully, I can get it painted tomorrow.  I’m starting to feel anxious to make all the final baby preparations.  I was kind of worried that the urge wasn’t going to kick in, but it has.  Meanwhile, Jonny is building a little home for the guinea keets.  It will serve as their brooder until they are ready to start roaming free, and eventually just be their nighttime nesting spot, if they choose to use one.  I am going to miss their sounds coming from their current spot in our kitchen.  The adults are loud and a little obnoxious, but the babies make such pleasant little peeping noises, different than chicks I think, quite soothing and nice.

I’ve been dyeing yarn, hoping for one last shop update before the baby is born.  There will be madder root gradient mini skeins, amongst other fun things!

p.s.  The beautiful embroidery was created by Olivia, and is the start of the collection of needlework that I would like to have hanging on the wall over my desk eventually.  I have four cross stitch projects in progress that I hope to add, but I can’t seem to make time to work on them.  Eventually it will happen.  Maybe.  In the meantime, I really love Olivia’s work!