Consider the Lilies

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Recently, I mentioned a project that I’ve been working on involving Scripture and flowers. It’s finished now, so I can share it!

Early this spring, my friend, Elizabeth Foss, asked if I would contribute a few devotions for a Scripture study journal focused on God’s words of consolation. A study to encourage through the hard days. Excited to work on a project with a close friend, and believing strongly that a need for this exists, I agreed. Together, with a handful of other women unified by Elizabeth’s vision, this first in a new series of scripture journals was written as part of a broader endeavor, a ministry called Take Up & Read. The first journal, Consider the Lilies, is available now!  My own copy arrived today, and it’s beautiful! The journal is nearly 180 pages long and contains Scripture readings, devotions, and journaling space for six weeks. If you are a doodler, there is lots of room for that, and there’s even a gratitude journal tucked at the back. It’s pretty comprehensive, and absolutely gorgeous. I keep picking it up to look through the pages and I am so happy. Just so pleased to be a small part of it. And while I will have a hard time waiting to begin reading and working through it, an online group study will begin July 10th on the Take Up & Read site. I’m planning to read with the group! This is also where my flower photos are involved. Each day of the online study there will be a new blog post and a new flower photo to make it pretty. 🙂 I provided all the photos for the blog portion of Consider the Lilies. I was already pouring through my flowers to make sticker sets (those will be available again soon!) so it was easy to say, “Yes” to gathering more for the website. It was great to collaborate with Elizabeth in this way: her doing most of the writing, and me taking pictures, both of us doing what we do best!
Also, if you’re interested in using this study with a group of friends “in real life,” there is a free guide to facilitate that! You can get that here. Okay-I think I’ve covered everything! Be sure to subscribe to Take up & Read if you want to stay updated, and follow us on Instagram too!

Don’t forget to order your copy of Consider the Lilies! I truly believe it’s going to bless us all!

p.s. While the writers for this first study are all Catholic, Take Up & Read is meant to be ecumenical. All are welcome!

Spring Days

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Thank you so much for all the great book recommendations! I ordered a few and have a stack out from the library. I read A Man Called Ove over the weekend and really loved it. Now I’m reading Peace Like a River, and I’m nearly finished. It’s such a good book, one I’ll remember. I think the book that was mentioned the most was The Awakening of Miss Prim. I have that one requested! There are links in the sidebar to everything we’re reading right now, and some that are in my queue. I am going to try to remember to keep that updated.

I made a run to the craft store yesterday for embroidery hoops and ended up buying a bunch of art supplies for my kids. Silas and Job are making us crazy with their antics lately. (When you see photos of them and speculate that they keep us on our toes, you are absolutely right!) Browsing the aisles at Hobby Lobby, I decided that what they need is more time at the table doing art projects. I’m not sure that my rationale there is sound. Art with little boys is a bit nuts. As quickly as I get them set up they are ready for something new, and the second I turn my back they are painting each other’s faces. Three and Five is killer.

Larkspur and I have been making things for her dolls and the dolls of one of her friends. They have an elaborate make believe game going on in which they are sisters, both with many “children.” This week she and I knit a stack of tiny washcloths, and I dyed an old handkerchief, cut it into smaller squares and sewed the edges. Then there are tiny soaps and sachets. I’m having almost as much fun as Larkspur is. I think I’d like to knit some doll bonnets. Any favorite patterns?

Jonny and I have both been working towards a shop update. I will update the shop on Tuesday, May 2nd at 1 p.m. EST. There will be lots of yarn, a few playsilks, and some shawl pins as well! I am planning to ship as quickly as I can so you have things in time for Mother’s Day. Seth is also listing some of his hand-turned, wooden candle holders, so you might want to keep your eye on his shop as well! There are a few available now, and he’ll have more listed by next week. The problem he’s running into is that I want everything he makes! I’ve settled on one for my Mother’s Day gift. 🙂

I hope you have a wonderful weekend! I’m taking my girls to a big plant sale so we’re super excited about that!