Beatrix, Silas the Cat, and a Leksak



Well, Beatrix didn’t hesitate to tell me that she would have preferred green, and she also objects to the lack of buttons on this sweater.  I think it’s really cute, if not a bit too big.  But, big is always good when you are knitting for growing children.

If you are new here, and didn’t realize that we have both a child and a cat named Silas, you can read that story here.  Silas the cat is the only pet from our first year of marriage and college years that is still with us.  He’s an old man now, a very sweet old man.

Ravelry notes hereThis yarn, in the tradewinds colorway.  Here’s a link straight to the pattern.

8 months today


July 5, 2014

As of this week,  Job has two new teeth, he’s crawling, and he’s pulling himself to standing every chance he gets!


He has a signature very high pitched cry that he uses when he wants something.  He might be perfectly content, being held by Jonny.  I walk into the room, he notices me, and SQUEAL!

He’s a very good natured baby, loved by all.  He’s usually smiling.

Originally, I said no to calling him Joby.  But that is what he is usually called, in addition to a funny combination of Job and Amadeus, Jobe-uh-deus.  Every now and then Jonny calls him by his first name, Sebastian.

He was born weighing 10 lbs 5oz, my biggest baby ever by almost two pounds.  While he’s a decent size now, rather tall maybe, he’s a little on the skinny side compared to my past baby boys.  So small, we can carry him in a grocery bag. ;)

I hear him fussing right now though.  He does a lot of fussing in the mornings if I’m not the one holding him.  I better go and get him!