Larkspur began flute lessons in December, using my childhood flute.  Friday night was her first recital.  Being shy, and being so new to playing the flute, she was not excited about playing in front of an audience.  Our plan was for just the two of us to attend her recital.  It could be a special night for us, a little date.  Jonny needed to be home to put younger children to bed, and Larkspur was afraid of her older brothers teasing her.

Friday afternoon, Larkspur made a last minute change of plans, inviting one of her friends to join us for the evening.  Dominique helped Lark get ready, painting her nails to match her dress for the evening, and then acting as her adoring audience as she played through her piece a few last times.

I had to park several blocks away from the recital location, and as I am slooooow, watched from behind as Lark and Domi held hands and giggled their way down the street and into the church.  I thought to myself, that this was so much better than Lark and me going it alone, both of us nervous as can be.  We followed the sound of the flutes as we searched inside for the room where everyone was warming up.  When we found the room, full of older children that were mostly strangers to us, I think both Larkspur and I felt a little lost, not knowing quite what to do.  A friend’s older daughter saw us and immediately walked over, took Lark under her wing, and told me she would take care of her.  (I will love that sweet girl forever.) Domi and I headed back to the sanctuary to find seats.  We had been waiting for a few minutes when Domi told me she would be right back.  I assumed she was going to the restroom.  Several minutes later she came back, telling me that Larkspur had forgotten her glasses.  So she hadn’t gone to the restroom, but had gone to check on her friend one last time.

Larkspur, being the youngest and newest student, was the first to play.  She played Twinkle the best she ever has, and I had a hard time not crying, seeing her standing up there so brave, knowing how nervous she was.  Afterwards I took the girls to our favorite milkshake spot.  Dominique was the ultimate encourager, telling Larkspur over and over again how she had done such an amazing job.  They laughed and acted silly and had a great time.  I thought of the change that is taking place, as Larkspur moves towards a time in her life when friends begin to play such an important role.  I’m so thankful for the relationships she has, for the sweet friends in her life.

I think there’s a gift in the fact that these little girls have watched their mamas grieve the loss of friends.  I believe that it has helped them have a deeper understanding of  the precious gift of friendship, even if they don’t realize it yet.  And I know that Larkspur truly felt it this weekend.  She will always remember her first recital, more for the friendship in that night than in the performance itself.  Good friends have a profound impact on our lives, one not quickly forgotten.



Spring Things

Small Things-1829 Sometimes lately I feel strangely frozen, all the while there is so much moving, growing, and happening all around me.  I guess it’s just my state of mind, as I carefully measure my every sloooowing move, while the world continues to spin as fast as ever.  I started seeing a new chiropractor, and she is helping me!  She has me doing lots of stretching, which reinforces what my body was already telling me.  I stretch my body, while taking note of what a mental stretch this time is for me as well.  Because, spring!  There is so much to do right now!  And while I could very well mean that in an urgent sort of way, I’m talking more about all the things I want to do, but don’t necessarily need to do.  The things I have to step back from because I’m just not able to do so much as I wait for my June baby.

Beatrix will receive her First Holy Communion next month, and she chose her dress last week on what felt like one of the most special nights ever.  A friend of mine makes FHC dresses from thrifted wedding dresses, and they are really beautiful.  Beatrix wants a fancy, poofy dress with plenty of beadwork, and that is what she will have!  She’s extremely excited, and so am I.  Her joy is completely contagious.

Larkspur has her first flute recital in less than two weeks and she is NOT excited.  She’s only been playing for a few months and she’s awfully nervous.  I think it will be a great experience for her though, a good growing and stretching experience.  It still makes me happy to watch her play my old flute.

We are taking lots of short goat walks, and anxiously watching Agnes and Greta for signs of impending birth.  Greta looks pregnant,  Agnes doesn’t.  But from what I understand, with first time goat mamas sometimes they don’t look pregnant till the last minute.  We’ll know soon enough.  Based on our calculations, babies (baby?) could come anytime after the 18th or so of this month.  Our other baby, Ivanhoe, is growing up.  He makes us all so happy, everyone’s darling.  We think he’s the cutest goat that ever walked the earth.  But the best is how he and Robin have become such perfect companions for each other.

In other spring baby news, our broody hen hatched three eggs over the weekend, so we have three sweet fluffy yellow chicks now!  I hope that all goes well with them.  Mother hen is a good mama.  There is something so endearing about her clucking to her chicks, fluffing her feathers, and gathering them all in.  All mamas have that instinct…we cluck at or chicks and then spread our wings so that our little (and big!) ones have a safe place to run to.  So much work there is in being a mama.  Good, good work.

p.s.  That rainbow sock!  I’ll pull together details for my Yarn Along this week, in case you are wanting to knit little rainbow socks too.