Evening on the Meadow

I may have overdone it with the photos this time, so I won’t say much.  On Friday, Seth and Keats had their piano lessons early so that we could leave for Big Meadows after lunch.  After lunch became four o’clock.  We didn’t reach the meadow until nearly seven.  The kids were hoping the blueberries would be ripe.  I was hoping the fawns would be out frolicking.  We didn’t get our wishes, but it was beautiful nonetheless.  Driving two and a half hours just to reach Big Meadows is entirely worth it, if only to close my eyes and breathe the air.  We’ll have to go back in a couple of weeks to try again.

p.s. On our trip we saw two bears, a dozen or so adult deer, one fawn, a garter snake, one raccoon, and one owl that swooped in front of our van on the way home.

Thank You!

My mom asked me if I feel nervous about blogging after guest posting on Ann’s blog.  Yes, I do!  So, if I do a bunch of nervous rambling over the next week, you know why!  But truly, I want to thank all of you for the incredibly kind feedback you have given me in response to the piece I wrote for Ann’s blog.  I deeply appreciate all your comments and emails.  Thank you all so much!  It’s a wonderful if not overwhelming thing to see beauty being pulled from the sad parts of my past.

I have to share one funny comment that was left on the post I published here the day my post went up at Ann’s:  “Ha!  I love this blog, loved your guest post, and think it is hilarious that my favorite blog on the internet now has a snake warning system!”  (Thanks!)  I was honestly kind of embarrassed that on the same day that Ann ran my super serious post, I was explaining my new “snake warning” system.  (I wrote the post for Ann a couple weeks ago, and had no idea what day it would run.  In fact, I convinced myself that she probably wouldn’t.  Ann emailed me mere minutes before she hit publish on it.)  I’m not a big planner when it comes to blogging.  I rarely write in advance and schedule my posts.  I’m very much “in the moment” here and the snake warning system needed to be addressed!  I guess we’ll just be known as that snake handling family.

I wrote some time ago about trying to shift my focus from everything I’d like to accomplish to focusing on what I actually do get accomplished every day.  Reality demands that I keep to-do lists because otherwise, I’d forget important things such as piano lessons.  But at the end of the day when I’m exhausted, and the day’s activities have kept me from doing all that I planned to, it’s really good to make a mental list of what I did do rather than look around my house at all I didn’t do while feeling defeated.  For instance:  Today we harvested five frames of honey.  Given that this is only the second time we have taken honey from our bees, that feels like a big deal.  The kids and I also cleaned out our van.  It was long overdue.  Have you ever had fruit flies breeding in your vehicle?  Ummm…no, of course not, right?  Yeah, me neither (wink).  That would be really gross.  I also finished giving the last of the end of year tests to the four of my kids that require testing, so that’s done too.  Then there was baseball practice (where Silas has developed a relationship with a search and rescue dog) and getting Keats and Gabe fitted for next season’s uniforms.  I could go on and on.  I find it amazing how much I do in a day, only to end it feeling like there’s more left to do than when the day began.  Hence my effort to focus on actual accomplishments.  That just feels better.  Mulling over all that I got done while I’m knitting is even better!

(With the help of Silas and Beatrix, Larkspur made backyard stew along with pine needle upside down cake and a bunch of other recipes from this adorable mud pie kitchen cookbook this week.  She was very serious about her mud pie makings and I was very curious about why the mud pie kitchen had been moved indoors.  I had to put a stop to that!  Outside!)