WoolyMossRoots {giveaway}

This weekend I am happy to share a giveaway from WoolyMossRoots with you! They are my go-to handmade shop for beautiful wooden buttons for my finished knitting projects!


Hello! We’re the Wilsons and WoolyMossRoots is our family business. We’re based in Oregon and are so grateful to be able to work from home and make things for a living. We love making things! Jeff is the woodworker and I (Taryn) run our online shop, taking pictures of all the beautiful things he creates, and helping with various parts of the process. We sell at a local market, at fiber festivals as well as other festivals, and online. In our online shop you can find artisan buttons, shawl pins, wooden jewelry, and cedar garden and homestead signs. We’ve been busy getting ready for our next fiber festival and I just added a bunch of new buttons and shawl pins to the shop. You can stay up to date with shop updates, and enjoy other bits of seasonal inspiration, when you join us on the blog.

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wooly moss roots-9916
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wooly moss roots-9630

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wooly moss roots-1996
wooly moss roots-9646
We would like to give one reader their choice of a shawl pin and a set of buttons from the shop. That way they can choose the buttons and shawl pin that best suit their project. In addition we are offering 10% off in the shop with the coupon code: SPRING10. The coupon code will be good through Wednesday, the 21st, the first day of summer.

For your chance to win, leave a comment on this post. Comments are closed and the winner is A. who commented, “I always admire their craftmanship when you feature their work here.  Lovely!”

handmade wooden buttons


  1. These are beautiful!

  2. I placed orders with Wool Moss Roots before and the beauty and quality of all their products makes this a very special giveaway. I love all their stuff and would love to win.

  3. I love everything in the Wooly Moss Roots shop! Such amazing craftsmanship!

  4. What gorgeous buttons!

  5. Meredith Healy says:

    Just beautiful. Thanks for the chance to win. I’m sure it will be a very difficult choice as there are so many
    lovely options.

  6. My mom is an avid knitter and I would love to gift her a set of these!

  7. Nicole S says:

    I love those buttons!

  8. Jenni McCarthy says:

    These are all so lovely!!

  9. Michelle says:

    I just love the turtle shawl pin! Beautiful work!

  10. Julie Thompson says:

    The turtle shawl pin is absolutely stunning!!! The buttons are beyond gorgeous!! 😍Thank you for the chance!! 💕💕💕

  11. These buttons and Shawl pins are beautiful! Hoping to be a winner!

  12. What beautiful buttons and shawl pins. Thanks for this chance!

  13. What an awesome giveaway your work is beautiful!

  14. Kerri A Warmus says:

    Love those BUTTONS!!!

  15. Justine says:

    I have admired this shop for a long time and would love to try their beautiful buttons. 🙂

  16. Beautiful hand made items!

  17. Such talent! I just loooove your buttons! Thanks for sharing your work with us! 🙂

  18. I love your buttons so much, and am JUST finishing up a baby sweater for a friend, and forgot that I don’t have any buttons for it! I’d love so much to use some of yours…. <3

  19. I love WoolyMossRoots buttons and would love to win a shawl pin too!

  20. What a wonderful giveaway! I’d love a pair of the chicken buttons for a little pair of wooly overalls I just knit for my son! What a sweet detail that would be!

  21. Joani Pard says:

    Those buttons and shawl pins are to die for.

  22. Loving the button goodness!

  23. Jodie Brees says:

    One of my favorite places for beautiful buttons for hand knits. It makes those projects very special!

  24. Your work is exquisite – just took a peek in your shop. Lovely!

  25. Tyna Begley says:

    That is a really hard choice!

  26. I love alllllll the wooden things 🙂

  27. So many beautiful choices — and so many things to make!

  28. So lovely. I don’t even own a shawl pin!

  29. Betsy Troutt says:

    These wooden items are so beautiful.

  30. Laura S says:

    The buttons are lovely, just wonderful and a perfect addition for a lovely project!

  31. L.Watson says:

    LOVE these buttons, they are always a perfect final touch

  32. Fräulein Rucksack says:

    Unique, incredibly perfect, love them!

  33. Miriam Warner says:

    So beautiful!

  34. Lovely! I’ve been wanting to order some of their gorgeous buttons for a long time…

  35. Oh wow that turtle shawl pin is beautiful!

  36. I love your buttons, especially love the shawl pin

  37. Karen Beaton says:

    Wow what beautiful work! Thank you for the chance to win such lovely pieces of art.

  38. Marguerite Walker II says:

    Thank you and your family for your generosity in this contest, and also for your aesthetic in the creation of these beautiful and useful pieces of art. Not only are they​ beautiful​ and whimsical, the finish is impeccable. I’m glad for the opportunity to let you know that your work adds value (in different ways) to the things it touches.

  39. Andrea G says:

    Beautiful buttons and lovely Shaw pins! Love the shop. Thank you for the chance.

  40. I love these buttons and shawl pins! Thanks for the chance to win!

  41. Shari Rutz says:

    Lovely buttons and shawl pins. Would be nice to have some. tThanks for the generous giveaway.

  42. lynda parkhurst says:

    This business is awesome!!! So many hand crafted items are going by the wayside. It is wonderful to find artists who create accesceries to accent the hand made knitted and crocheted items people make. Thank you so much and continue your great work. You are much appreciated!!

  43. Oooooh I’d love to win some buttons! Your work is gorgeous! I’ve followed along with your journey and remember your son’s birth story– how is he so big now!?! These kids get big so fast! I’m hiding from the summer heat out here in OK by knitting….I know a set of your buttons would be perfect for some of my projects! Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  44. The turtle shawl pin is an amazing design!

  45. Jennifer L Monroe says:

    Beautiful! Exactly the kind of lovely, unique pieces that belong on something hand made. Thank you for offering this giveaway!

  46. What beautiful buttons.

  47. Crossing fingers! They’re lovely.

  48. So pretty

  49. Stacy L Baker says:

    Lovely, tallented people. Your shawl pins are gorgeous.

  50. Those buttons are truly a work of art! Thanks for the giveaway!