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With the exception of putting a few herbs, flowers, and berry bushes in the ground, I’m not really gardening this year. Some years something has to give, and I am too busy to mourn over it. Larkspur, on the other hand, couldn’t accept a year without a garden, so she turned over the soil in a tiny plot on the hillside, fenced it from the chickens, and planted radishes, peas, zinnias, and cucumbers. A pot got dragged over in which she placed a single tomato plant. Then the tiniest of beds got tacked onto the side, and now there’s a row of lettuce. It’s a sweet little spot, with a bit of a Roxaboxen feel to it. It’s making Larkspur happy, and I’m glad she insisted on it.

Last weekend was the big annual children’s market at our farmer’s market. Larkspur and Beatrix plan and make for it all year long. It’s a very. big. deal. Trouble sleeping the night before because of all the excitement. Awake at the crack of dawn. Butterflies in their stomachs on our way there. Then all the setting up their things and sharing with their friends and the other children who are participating. It’s such a wonderful opportunity for them all. My girls had a successful day, and I am so pleased with how everything turned out. It made the frantic last minute preparations of the day before worth it. Exhausting, but definitely worth it.

I’ve been slowly preparing for Mabel’s first birthday that is fast approaching. I dyed some wool felt with avocado stones and skins to get my favorite pink and I’m working a little every night to sew her a birthday crown from it. (Inspiration for the “M” I stitched in it came from this book.) I finished a little knitted tunic, also dyed with avocado stones, and I hope to sew at the very least a birthday dress in the coming week, though in a world full of endless crafting hours, I would sew a quilt as well. Maybe I’ll find time for a simple one.

Mabel is walking now! It happened suddenly, as it always does. Those first tentative steps while we all shout to each other to watch, and then before we know it, she’s walking most of the time. While she’s starting to say more, the main word that we can make out is, “Yeah.” She is my first child to say, “Yes” before “No,” and it certainly fits her happy little personality. You can ask her most any question, and she will tell you, “Yeah!” My favorite is when she spots me walking into a room and she starts pointing at me, bobbing up and down, saying, “Yeah, yeah!” She’s the sweetest baby girl and makes friends everywhere we go. It may be too soon to tell, but I’m calling this one an extrovert!

p.s. Thank you for all the orders last week! Most orders have already shipped out, and I will get the last few (with the exception of the sticker pre-orders) out tomorrow. I ordered enough sets of my flower stickers to be able to keep the pre-order listing up, and hope to have them ready to ship in about ten days.

p.p.s. I followed Alicia’s tutorial to make Mabel’s hair barrette.


  1. Thank you for sharing this with me.Iam looking for sock pattern on circular tks.you have a wonderful family

  2. I am in love with those buttons. I love the intricate design of the wood, and how amazing they look on the yarn. Thanks for the chance to win!

  3. My eldest son’s first word was “yeah!” He said it for more than a month before he consistently said anything else. We used to delight in asking him silly questions. “Do you want a doughnut?” “Yeah!” “Did you invent doughnuts?” “Yeah!” “Are you yourself a doughnut?” “Yeah!”

  4. Lee Cockrum says:

    I love the “M” on her crown. So delicate and ethereal.

  5. I love Mabel 🙂 what is the dress pattern you knitted? lovely!!

  6. I love Lark’s garden–I would seriously buy prints of those photos. It’s so cute that the farmers’ market has a children’s day and that your girls take it so seriously! I love it!

    How is Mabel ONE already?!?! Wasn’t she just born?!

  7. sarah o says:

    Love the felt color! so feminine!! as always love your photos and posts :))

  8. What fun for Beatrix & Larkspur to have a little business! I’m like you this year, the garden isn’t really happening but for some basil, a couple peppers and maybe one tomato plant. I’ve enjoyed my flowers though and this morning was even surprised to find a birds nest in one totally covered up – I guess because of my watering. Enjoy sweet Mabel and birthday preparations!

  9. Just beautiful! Your photos make me feel like I am in a Tasha Tudor world.

  10. Oh, everything–so beautiful. So wish we had a local children’s farmer’s market! What fun!

  11. Rebecca says:

    I would have loved to visit your children’s Farmers market! Unfortunately I live many states away 😉I had my third baby, and first girl, last May, just a few weeks before Mabel was born, so I’ve interestedly followed her progress. My little one isn’t walking yet!! She’s the lastest one of my children. I’m sure she will get the hang of it soon….I think she’s waiting until she can run. Your children are so beautiful and creative! Thanks for sharing.

  12. Cassidy says:

    My fourth’s first words were yeah, yes, ‘otay’, and sure–all usually said with great gusto! He didn’t learn ‘no’ until almost two years old! And it totally captures his personality, sweet and fun-loving and eager to please. (I did wonder if his not saying no was because I consciously stopped saying ‘n0’ to my babies starting with him, because I hated the way it sounded to myself, and started saying ‘ta ta’, which maybe sounds dumber but I can say it in a bright happy voice better than I can ‘no’.)

  13. I just discovered your blog and beautiful Photos.. I love it..

  14. Beautiful! You manage to get so much crafting/sewing done! I love it! I made the same choice with our garden since we had twin boys last month. We just stuck to a few pots.

  15. Oh my gosh I would have given them so much business at their stand. Love that your market does that!

    Kerry (eve’s friend)

  16. Melissa Nichols says:

    Too bad Larkspur doesn’t love that baby much. ;o)

  17. I love the picture of your girls’ stand at market…so sweet and I am glad they had a succesful day😊

  18. lovely! what a nice garden too!!! Yes, you have to choose what you can do and you can’t do everything! God bless you and give you His peace!!!

  19. Love this post! Love the crown and the fact that your girls do such independent things like selling their wares and working the ground! Is your old house ready to sell yet? We live in Richmond, so it’s probably too far away for us, but I do dream of having gardens and chickens and a way of life that’s a little slower.

  20. Colleen says:

    I basically want to move into every Barbara Cooney book I have found , and so much of what you share seems like your kiddos have pockets of her books that they live in! My family thought I was crazy when I flipped out to find a signed copy of one of her books (Island Boy. Now, I LOVE the name Matthias all the more) at a used bookseller for under $5. Because who gets excited when the note inside is to someone other than you?! Me. That’s who 🙂 I know that no one’s life is a storybook all the time but thank you for sharing your lovely moments, from someone who couldn’t homeschool AND blog AND parent a baby. And out of over 2 dozen seedlings, 6 have survived my brown thumb, so I have deep respect for gardeners, of any size plot!

  21. Lindsey says:

    I love everything about this post — sweet Mabel, sibling love, Larkspur’s garden, the table for the children’s market and those beautiful flowers! Can I ask you what are the names of the flowers in the first jar are? Lovely!

  22. Love Larks garden…you go girl! And their stand at Farmers Market-FANASTIC! Did they spend all money made at friends stands? That’s what I would of done;-}

  23. All these sweet pics of your bigger kids loving on little Mabel makes me want another baby! I’m 52 years old so don’t think that’s happening! LOL (I have nine, by the way!)

    Love your sweet family. Thank you for sharing them with us. Your posts are a genuine delight for me.

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