Wild and Slow

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We are in the home stretch of animal and creature moving. The bees are here! Jonny and Gabe moved them late one night last week. We kept them confined for a couple of days before releasing them, and placed obstacles in front of their entrances to force them to re-orientate. Hopefully all will be well with them. We’re having stupid crazy weather here, and after all this warmth, it will be freezing and even snowing this week. SIGH, SIGH, GROAN.

We typically do everything backwards because I am on the compulsive side (maybe, a little) and Jonny supports me in that. (ha!) So, heΒ will be frantically working to finish our big portable chicken coop this week after work each day. In the cold. I really thought it was going to be warm. I should have taken the groundhog seriously!

In all our years of keeping chickens we have never had any “fancy” ones. I don’t know if cochins are considered fancy, but those feathered feet seem pretty fancy to me. Our little blue cochin chick is the cutest thing ever, and she’s so calm! We’ve got a couple little Brahma’s too. Seth and I have been a little obsessive about chicks this year. We want one of every kind. Not happening, but we do have more breeds of chicks than we have in the past.

I took my little boys for real haircuts last week. They are such wild, messy little guys, and in addition to wanting to neaten them up a bit (Job actually had gum stuck in his hair) I want it to be easy to check them for ticks. (Still waiting on Silas’ recent bloodwork results). The woman cutting Silas’ hair made me promise that I wouldn’t cry if she cut it short, and then commented on their good behavior. She then started to compliment me and my parenting skills. I set her straight. Those boys are so crazy, and were mainly behaving because I promised them burgers and fries afterwards! It was a lot of fun to have a date with just the two of them. After we ate, I took them to the library. I want toΒ make this a regular thing for the three of us, despite having to work really, really hard to keep them in line while we were checking out our books. I honestly can’t remember if Seth and Keats had this much energy when they were little. I do know that I am more than ten years older now and that makes such a difference. I am much slower to lose my temper with my little guys now, but I am also much slower in general. Slow can be good, I think, as long as I don’t need to chase anyone down.


  1. We have a flock of Cochins and we love them. They are so friendly and goofy, with their feather-pants!

  2. I’ve analyzed my parenting changes with my younger kids too. Can’t deny being older makes vast differences! More patient is some areas and just don’t care a fig in others and absolutely no tolerance any more for some other things. Ha! I have 17 years between oldest and youngest with 6 kids.

  3. Emily Taylor says:

    Hooray for success in moving your bees! Excellent job to both Johnny and Gabe.

    And your little boys are just too darn cute.

  4. yes, surprising how 10 years makes a difference (I am newly 40!)… I love those pictures, so dear!!! such precious ones!!! I just love them!!! you are doing so much and creating so many memories and wonderful things you are doing with your kids!!! Love this! I hope the snow was not too bad by you – we though we were getting a blizzard (am next to NYC) but no, snow and then hours of freezing rain. We kept power and for that I am VERY thankful!

  5. The boys look great! I always remember one of the first posts I ever read of your was about a dreadful haircut. Good luck with the chicks and the bees!

  6. Anne Marie says:

    Love the haircuts! We call it “man hair” at our house!

  7. They don’t even look like the same little boys! Every time we go the library my daughter immediately goes behind the checkout counter into the office to find her favorite librarian because he always takes the time to chat with her.

  8. I’m so glad you wrote about those two! Every time you’ve posted a picture of them lately, I’ve thought, “they look thick as thieves!” Glad to know they’re as mischievous as they look πŸ˜‚

  9. I have 2 little boys, 3 and 5, who just had haircuts last week too. Mine have wild curls that I love when their hair is longer, but we too cut their hair to keep them clean and check for ticks. They look so naked to me with short hair!

  10. Love the pictures of the boys getting their haircut. Took my son today for a haircut. So nice that he sits still now and doesn’t think each wack of hair will hurt like a finger is being taken off. Oh, I remember those toddler days when haircuts where such a chore and so scary. You are right. The baby chick with little feathers on her feet is so cute.

  11. Our chicks are due to come in May, and we also added some cochins to the mix. Can’t wait.

  12. They had burgers and fries but what did you eat?? I want a hamburger, with a bun πŸ™‚

    • I am so used to bun-less burgers! We all had bun-less burgers b/c I keep them mostly gluten free too! What I was missing was the cheese. πŸ™

  13. Haha.. you had me laughing at the “much slower in general” part. Sigh. Pros/cons.

  14. Beautiful boys – it’s great that you photographed the session with the barber. I did that once with two of my grandsons, and oh, the expressions!

    Having children that one doesn’t have to chase down is a worthy goal πŸ™‚ And if young boys are able to control themselves while being shorn, for whatever external reward, I’d say you have done well by them.

  15. My one year old grandson was all dressed up today because it was picture day in daycare. He looked so cute but he has very little hair even now. It’s just blonde fuss but its coming. I love watching your boys just be boys. It’s seems so long ago that mine was like that. He’s 37 now and he’s the one with the baby.
    I love the chicks and would really like to have some myself but they don’t allow them in my community. It so great for your daughter to have the experience of raising and caring for so many animals. Great parenting job πŸ™‚

  16. I love seeing photos of your little guys, they really do remind me so much of mine at that age. I found I had more patience with my young two that I did with the older ones, age brings a sense of calm I do believe.
    Your fancy chick is adorable. I have one with feathered feet and she is a doll. We lost our rooster to a coyote the other day and I’m debating about adding another one, I’m afraid of roosters too, but I do miss the crow.
    Stay warm and safe.

  17. What a good looking pair! And glad to hear all your animals are making it safely to your new place. What wild weather though! It’s been up and down where we are too (BC’s west coast) and everyone keeps asking each other – is this normal???

  18. What a couple of monkeys πŸ’
    I am still smiling at that first picture of them together with their fresh haircuts.

  19. I think the older we get the less patience we have for sure! Now that I’m 50 I have noticed a difference. The boys look adorable with their hair cuts. And speaking of adorable – that chick is precious.

  20. Becky Barry says:

    They are as cute as ever with the haircut! Such a great adventure!
    Stay dry and warm!

  21. Cute boys, cute haircuts! (Although I hear you about no crying afterwards). We love our Brahmas, they are sweet, quiet, and decent winter layers. One of the boys in our 4H group brought his blue Cochin rooster when he did his public presentation (his topic was the Cochin breed) and the rooster was extremely well behaved until he decided to crow at appropriately eerie times during another boy’s recitation of Poe’s “The Telltale Heart” and was subsequently removed from the room…..

  22. I truly did laugh out loud when I saw them with their new haircuts. Somehow, those haircuts make them look so much more ornery than before. I am sure that they love special time with you and I am sure it is something all three of you need. Have a great week and stay warm and dry!

  23. I love the haircuts! I love your perspective on growing older. I hope it is true. I feel as though I am in the uptight phase. But I guess I am still quite young–27. I am with you about the weather! I wanted more snow, but then everything started budding and blooming, and then it decided to snow/freeze again! πŸ™

  24. love their hair cuts and I hope you get the blood results soon! Glad you are in the home stretch of moving the animals and then you will be done done. I had my adult son here this week and now my adult daughter from the west coast is here, Busy two weeks but a really good kind of busy.

  25. Much agreed. Age does slow us down, giving us time to get wiser. Even though I’ve probably made my oldest much more orderly and responsible from all my uptightness parenting in my younger years, my youngest has certainly been gifted as the comic relief, more relaxed (and disorderly) of the bunch. God probably intended it all just that way so we all balance each other out at home. And the slowing down into a more relaxed mama makes us that much happier about getting older.
    The haircuts look fabulous!

  26. Slow can be good πŸ™‚ I like that.

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