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~ Two of my favorite things are knitting and reading and I love sharing my projects and current reads here. I would love for you to join me every Wednesday to share a single photo of what you are knitting (or crocheting) and reading too! Share your photo on your blog, on Instagram (#yarnalong), or on Flickr. Leave a link below to share your photo with the rest of us!~

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A friend told me that The Diary of  a Country Priest would pick up around page 100. I’m just past that now, so I’ll let you know next week. This is a thoughtful read, which is very good, but also difficult because I’m sleep deprived right now (Mabel!).

I haven’t been able to knit very much lately and I’m just focusing on getting a couple rows in a day. This week it’s been sock knitting. I’m getting close to the toe, so that is pretty exciting, right? Too bad there’s still a second sock to knit!


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  1. I always find the second sock actually goes faster than the first, because I’ve already worked out the little details like length, heel shaping, pattern repeats, etc. I take detailed notes on sock number one, so sock number two is usually easy peasy!

  2. Hi Ginny,

    What weight is that; worsted? And what size needles are you using?



  3. Your socks are turning our beautiful Ginny! I started using 9 inch circulars for my socks and I love them. I read somewhere where you can take a double point needle pattern and make it using 9 inch circulars by using stitch markers where there a start to every needle mentioned in the pattern. I’m so glad you are feeling better, and now to get you some sleep! I received Greta’s Goat Milk Soap. They smell wonderful! Gwen in Iowa

  4. Learn to knit socks two at a time! I can whip through socks now. I hate when I have to works socks one at a time. The second one seems to take forever.

  5. Hope you get that well needed rest. Isn’t sock knitting a long term project for everyone? In my mind you’re right on pace.

  6. I do hope that sweet Mabel lets you get your rest so you can read a thoughtful book 🙂

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