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Sue, from In the Loft, has introduced herself here before, telling a bit about herself and the story of how her shop came to be.  She creates gorgeous hand painted figures, perfect for your home or Atrium.  This weekend Sue is here sharing her gorgeous Lenten runners (and a few other things as well)!

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In Sue’s words:

I love this season. Snow and cold abound…but spring is on it’s way.
Lent is fast approaching and I am happy to be in the loft working on items that will help families celebrate the church year.
The Lenten Table Runner is a favorite. My family had used a paper Lenten path to mark the days of Lent since the kids were little. I created a beautiful canvas runner that we could use every year. Now, I am pleased to offer this item to others.
Here is a lovely way to mark the days of your Lenten walk and teach your children about the beauty of this season. This double-sided runner is durable and beautiful, sure to be used year after year.
+As you celebrate Fat Tuesday(Mardi Gras), place runner with the “Alleluia, Alleluia” side showing. As you end your celebration, turn over the runner to hide the Alleluia, showing your children that the Alleluia is hidden (not sung) during Lent, revealing the image of the stone path leading through the Lenten desert to the Tomb of the Resurrection.

+A grapevine wreath with thorns (toothpicks provided) is set in the center of the runner. You may wish to have your child/children remove a thorn each time a sacrifice, prayer or act of charity is offered.
+Each day during lent you will move the small wooden cross or mini wreath (your choice) one stone forward on the path to mark your progress toward Easter.
+ On Holy Saturday, remove any remaining thorns from “crown” and decorate with ivy and colorful, spring flowers, symbolic of the Resurrection and new life.

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+At the Easter celebration, the table runner is once again turned to the Alleluia side to grace the table with a beautiful and festive reminder of the Easter season. Place your decorated wreath in the center space provided.

My saint figures are perfect for tucking into Easter Baskets. Don’t forget Saint Patrick‘s feast day is March 17!

altar set2

Also available are mini altar sets,
good shepherd

the Good Shepherd and His sheep,

the last supper

and Jesus and His apostles for The Last Supper.

I am happy to create custom figures, and can work from photos if you wish.  Please contact me through my Etsy shop if you would like to explore this option.

I am excited to offer one Small Things reader a Lenten Table Runner (This giveaway is open to U.S. readers only as shipping costs would be prohibitive.)  Included are: Table Runner (approx. 12″ x 45″), 8″ grapevine wreath, wood cross, mini wreath, and 1 pkg toothpicks, muslin bag for small items and large muslin storage bag for all items.
***In addition, I would like to give a 10% discount on all orders.  Use code SMALLTHINGS10 at checkout to receive the discount. Discount is good through Friday, February 17.

For your chance to win, simply leave a comment on this post.  Comments are closed and the winner is Kim D.!

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    Prayers for a fruitful Lenten journey. As Jesum per Mariam

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