Archives for February 6, 2017

Petting Zoo

(Gabriel took these photos of Mabel clapping. This is her new trick, and she’s already learned to clap when she’s happy about something.)

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the support, kind words, and commiseration over my Hoshimoto’s diagnosis. I can’t believe how common this is! I’m following my doctor’s suggestion and am on day 6 (I think) of no dairy. Mabel’s eczema is really flairing up right now, so I think I am going to go egg free for a little while too and see if that helps her. It’s easier to eliminate foods thinking that doing so might be best for her too. I joked with some friends that I’m feeling pretty convinced that I can reverse my Hoshimoto’s by eating only coconut oil and lettuce. No big deal. I’ve got this!!!

Today, I looked out the window and thought to myself that it looks like we have a regular petting zoo. (I think this is a good thing.) Some of my younger kids were sitting around the little chicken coop we set up this week, having finally moved our chickens over from the other house. (We are keeping them confined for a couple days to adjust to the new place, and Jonny is still working on their larger house.)  It was so warm out that Larkspur even carried a barefoot Mabel outside to get acquainted with the chickens. Apparently, Mabel doesn’t like our petting zoo, because there was absolutely no clapping. Every time the rooster crowed, her little bottom lip would protrude for a second, but then she’d pull herself together. Larkspur carried her over to see the goats, whom she was also pretty unsure about. The rooster crowed while she was looking at the goats, and that combination finally sent her over the edge. She burst into tears, so I grabbed her, snuggled her up and carried her inside. I couldn’t help but think of Beatrix when she was about this age. Poor, sweet Bea! Looking back at those photos, I must have wanted to take some photos of her in the little pink dress, but a teenage chicken interfered.

I pulled my Nurmilintu shawl off the blocking board today, though I won’t be needing it this week. It’s so crazy how warm it is! We’re having to feed our bees almost constantly because they have been flying all winter. We’re still waiting for a cold stretch of days so we can move them and wondering if it’s ever going to happen.

We won’t have a big shop update until March, but I have a couple of batches of goat milk soap ready to go along with some stitch markers and shawl pins. Actually I have a couple skeins of the same yarn I used to knit my green shawl, though in a nice smoky, pale blue–I’ll list those too in case someone wants to knit this pattern. It’s a fun knit and I think the yarn is well suited to it. I’ll update the shop on Tuesday, the 7th at noon (EST).