Snowy Days

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We had a little bit of snow here over the weekend. Looking through my photos, and writing about snow, feels a little funny because I think it is nearly 70 degrees out right now. Virginia weather is so crazy. I’m trying hard to get back in the habit of daily walks and felt proud of myself for getting out on the days it was below 30 out. I’m wimpy when it comes to cold but I have definitely learned to appreciate snow. I took Mabel out for a few minutes so she could feel snowflakes landing on her cheeks for the first time. Then I ran her back inside to put more balm on them, because she has a major case of chapped winter baby cheeks, as all my kiddos do when the air is dry and cold (despite humidifiers, etc.)

When we unpacked the attic at our old house, we discovered a crystal chip and dip platter that we were given as a wedding gift, and never used for lack of a convenient place to store it, and maybe it just seemed a little too fancy? Fancy proved to be pretty exciting to my little ones when I made a simple dill dip and shopped a bunch of veggies for them, and now we’re using the “crystal” everyday-ha!

A few weeks ago Silas starting asking for a Lite-Brite. I’m not sure where he got the idea…maybe me mentioning the one I had as a kid at some point recently. It must have sounded fun because he persisted in his requests, despite not really understanding what he was asking for. I ended up searching Ebay and finding a vintage one just like I had as a kid, along with a big stack of the black sheets with designs on them. The kids have all gone crazy for this thing, and I have found myself sitting and punching pegs through the holes too…remembering that “V” is for violet…and “P” is for pink…not purple. Such a great toy.

Life feels a little more…(thinking of a nice word)…abundant? overflowing? than usual right now. The move is complicated and requiring so much work. We sold some of our land this week, which was necessary, but bittersweet. Our neighbors bought it from us, planning to do what we have, enjoy it, and prevent it from being built on. I think it was their first land purchase for the sake of the land itself. I wondered and hoped that they are feeling right now what we felt when we bought it. I’m beyond grateful that they wanted it, even though I hate to say good-bye. I’m trying to figure out some tax things related to our little business (not fun!) and also trying to keep everyone on track with school while making plans for next year. I’ll have three high-schoolers and the planning needs to happen now.  There’s lots to do beyond our usual level of large family chaos, but I’m grateful for the opportunities. Of course I’m wishing I had a few more hours every day, as we all do from time to time. I’m making sure to spend a little time knitting each day because that helps me to relax. Maybe adding in a little therapeutic Lite-Brite times as well. 🙂

p.s. Ravelry notes on Mabel’s sweater and hat (from the snow pictures).  The little cream colored sweater she is wearing in the photo on the bed is a Leksak that she received as a gift. (Susan, she’s been wearing it all the time! She had a bit of a growth spurt, so she fits it sooner than I thought she would!)


  1. I LOVE your pictures so much.

  2. What lovely pics, many thanks for sharing!

  3. Gorgeous photos, as always. I love the top of that little head.

  4. Mabel is such a beautiful baby! Those lovely rosy cheeks make me long for the days when my children were small!

  5. Love all your pictures. Thank you for sharing

  6. Megan Wahl says:

    the bird at the feeder with the orange beak is so striking and beautiful! great shot

  7. Sandra Davidson says:

    We have lots of snow up here in Canada, but the rain forecasted for this weekend will take a lot of it away. We tried to find an old litebrite for our Grandson who is blind but can see bright light. Never found one for him but I remember our children loved it. Your pictures are so beautiful and Mable is such a sweetie. Blessings for the New Year.Sandra

  8. skeindalous says:

    As always, your photographs are fantastic! Look forward to new ones each time.

    And the color of Mabel’s sweater is lovely. Hope someday to find something similar to knit with for my new grandbaby!

  9. Such beautiful moments you have captured with your camera. Do you mind sharing what lens you used?

  10. I like You.

  11. I love all these photos Ginny! Can you tell me what shoes Mabel is wearing? I had a lite brite too. I didn’t think of looking on Ebay for an older one like mine. Great idea!

  12. Some of your photos in this set look like they should be illustrations by Gyo Fujikawa or Tasha Tudor. Amazing that outdoor pictures can look so cozy and sheltered.

  13. Yeah for using the crystal every day. I am learning myself not to save stuff for a fancy occasion, or it might not get used. Especially as I forget I have it until the fancy occasion if over. And good luck with tax stuff. I think they want us to spend hours filling out their forms.

  14. Great pictures Ginny! You and Mabel in the snow, beautiful! Your post made me smile today! Thanks!

  15. It has been a crazy weather winter so far this year. We fluctuate between super cold and spring like, well, spring like for us, at 45 degrees. 😉 Even our snow is nearly melted in places, and while the goats and chickens are enjoying it, it has revealed a layer of ice that isn’t very much fun to walk on.

    My advice to you in homeschooling through high school – write down all the books you use and work on transcripts as you go. It’s not fun to have to go back and try to remember what was done in 9th grade when your senior is applying to college. Ahem.

  16. I love the pictures of the trees (and pinecones) with the snow on them.

  17. Adorable! Everything- and especially everyone… What beautiful children yuo have! the pictures of you and your babe made me smile; so full of love!

  18. Loved the photos! Made me smile. Thank you for sharing!

  19. I would love to hear about any high school plans you use/plan on using! I am in the throws of finding the right program for my 14 year old son who will start h.s. next year too!
    Love the photos – esp. of you and baby! First snow is so exciting!

  20. So excited to see Mabel in the Leksak!! What a cutie! That sweater was so much fun to make…..I bought the adult sized pattern also and need to find some yarn to make myself one…..I know what you mean about being a wimp in cold weather… husband got me a Fitbit for Christmas and it keeps telling me to “get up and move”…..and when it’s so cold out (here in Ohio)…’s hard to drag yourself outside……at least I can walk around the building when I am at work and make myself get up and away from the computer!

  21. The weather here is so funny! My mood can’t adjust. It was 69 yesterday in Culpeper and will be 30 Saturday! Please pray for us … my grandma passed.. She raised me. Think Mom. Her final sacrament is tomorrow. Praying for safe travels for all… and the repose of her soul. And The will to get up and brush my teeth. Isn’t it amazing how your kids give so much love and keep schooling amidst despair?

  22. You had me at lite brite. Thank you for the feeling of remembering…

  23. Oh her smile in that 3rd picture of you two outside…so darn cute I found myself smiling / laughing back 🙂

  24. Oh that snow. How I wish I lived somewhere snowy!! We were forecast loads but only had a few flakes which was so disappointing. Didn’t even manage a photo. Lovely photos of you and Mabel

  25. Oh Ginny – the photos of you and Mabel in the snow are absolutely exquisite!! I am in complete awe and can’t stop looking at them.
    I hope the busyness of life slows down a bit for you very soon!! Love to you, friend!

  26. Gorgeous photos – especially of you and Mabel:) Thank you for sharing them with us!

  27. Stunning photos. Even more than usual. Love the female cardinal photo.

  28. Your photos bring me such joy, Ginny!

  29. Melissa Nichols says:

    I had that same Lite Brite as a kid, so when my mom asked me if she could send one to Micah for his birthday in November, I said sure. When it arrived I was surprised at how different they are now, but still fun and very popular with the three youngest kids. You don’t have to punch holes in the paper with the new ones, just put the peg into a colored circle, so they are reusable which is nice. Still there is nothing like the original that you remember.

    • I loved Lite Brite as a kid and found one at a garage sale for my kids years ago. But it never caught on with them. They seemed to find punching the peg through the paper finicky (although younger child knit a dolly blanket using toothpicks and embroidery floss!) Maybe the new version is easier.

  30. I loved Lite Brite when I was younger! Good idea to sesrch on ebay- I was hoping they were still available somehow. 🙂

  31. Oh man, Lite Brite! I wish I still had mine!

  32. Oh.. you have such a GIFT with photography! How I would love to learn some lessons from you in how you do it. Gorgeous, absolutely stunning. Mabel is so incredibly cute and I love all her sweet hand knits. The lite brite is such a great idea for kids! Thank you for taking the time amidst all your busyness to share a bit with us here. Blessings to you guys in 2017!

  33. I love these pictures! I can imagine how busy you are right now…hang in there and I hope you find some joy daily! I find taking and looking at pictures really helps me to see how blessed I am! God Bless YOU and your delightful family!!!

  34. My kids had the lite brite. It’s a great toy! Love the pics of pines and snow!

  35. Oh Peter has such sad chapped baby cheeks – I was wondering what to do about them, I appreciate the recommendation!

    And seriously, this weather… I hope we can get some of it in March so we aren’t planting peas in frigid temperatures but I doubt it!

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