Moving the Barn

Jonny and the boys have been working towards getting our goats moved to our new house since early December. Yesterday, with the help of a friend, the moving of the girls’ little barn happened. We’ve been nervous about that part, wondering if it would work to move it the way that Jonny was envisioning. We’re awfully thankful to have a friend with the skills that made it happen. Now that the barn is here, there are more posts to sink, and fence to stretch. A couple of gates need to be hung, but then we’ll have the goats squared away for the time being. This feels like a huge accomplishment. One of those things that I was worrying about in the night, marked off the list. Good to move on to other worries. Ha ha!

Our living room and bedroom at the new house have big windows that look out over the backyard, which is where our goats are now, so we can see them all the time from the house. It’s pretty wonderful, and makes me happy. ย Next up, Jonny will finish the portable chicken coop he started awhile back. Then we can get our chickens moved and things will feel a little bit more normal around here.


  1. oh, i love your fotos! Such a cute family! But whatยดs about the weather? It looks like spring!
    greetings Patricia

  2. isn’t it great when the children work in projects with Dad??? i loved your pictures ginny. we also have goats, and chickens, and yes, having everything set up for them is one of the greatest acomplishments that could be in this homesteading life. congratulations in your progress! ours is still slow ๐Ÿ™‚

    • i have a goat question… how many goats do you have right now?? do all have trimed horns?? at what age do you do the trimming??

      • We have five goats. The three girls are all disbudded. Two came to us that way, and we had Tilly, the baby, disbudded when she was somewhere between a week and two weeks (can’t remember–it’s done early though.) Our two wethers have their horns.

  3. Oh my goodness, Ginny. Silas’s face in the first photo of him walking towards you – He totally made me see an image of himself as a baby in my head. He has always made that sweet face with his eyebrows up and bottom lip like that. I love it xoxo

  4. Fantastic adventures ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  5. Beautiful photos.

  6. One of our toddlers climbs up to take a look and says, “I like that goat!”

  7. Great photos of the “barn move”. Your photos make it look easy, but having tackled a project like that I know better. Wellness Mama is awesome! Many of my DIY items like lotion, lip balm and such have come from her blog.

  8. Too funny that the canoe was left on the roof.

  9. How wonderful to have this project marked off your list (and done so so successfully)!

    Hope you have a lovely week ahead!

  10. Becky Barry says:

    Hi Ginny, I have been sick all week with allergies, cold and influenza. Missed a trip to Florida, and just feeling sorry for me! Then I opened your page and got the best treat I’ve had in a days. All the pictures are wonderful, as are your kids! The goats made me happy, they are so sweet. Thanks for the updates Ginny, it’s such a treat!

  11. Megan Wahl says:

    thumbs up for 4-H! so many positive experiences learned. I was in the “goat club” and “small animals club” locally (here in MD) It was nice as a child/tween to find other kids that also loved animals as much as I did (still do!)

  12. So glad to hear and see that the “girls” move was successful! What blessings are friends who are there for us!! May your new homestead feel more complete now that your animal ‘family’ is safely near.
    Hugs from TX, Lynn

  13. Birdie Cutair says:

    Beautiful pictures. Moving that little barn looked amazing. And I like seeing the goats, too.

  14. Yay! So glad it worked! Your view sounds amazing! A nice view is really wonderful. I’ve delayed putting up any blinds or curtains in our kitchen window (though it looks a bit bare) because I just love being able to see all the birds and the trees (what we call our “woods” we live in a residential neighborhood, but our backyard has a small private backup to a small wooded area). I want to put up a bit of burlap, but I also don’t want to obstruct the view!

  15. wow! looks like a successful move for your animal friends ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. All smiles. It is my dream to hava a bit of earth someday. Hopefully with at least Chickens. Blessings!

  17. I love seeing these photos – all happy goats and kids (of the human kind!) And as a fellow country gal can attest, having a goat barn on the back of the truck and a canoe on the top is totally proper. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Blessings to you!

  18. yay!! that’s a big thing off of the list!!! lovely pictures! such a blessing to have beauty and LAND!!! God bless you all, I know there is so much to do right now for you all, but you are building a home that I pray will bless you all for YEARS to come!!!

  19. Nice fencing job!! Such a relief to have your goats at your own home again, I’m sure. Any kids expected this spring? The brown Lamancha looks like she has a nice correct udder; are any of your kids interested in showing through 4-H?

    • Thank you! Jonny’s been working really hard. He ran all the posts through his mill so they have one flat side, so it will be easy to add boards to the fence someday. We didn’t breed any of the girls in the fall, because so much was up in the air. We are still milking Greta though (the brown one)! She was giving a gallon a day when we were milking her twice/day. Now she’s down to a little over a quart, which is a good amount-a lot easier to manage. I think 4-H might be in our future. We’ve talked about it a little. Maybe once we get totally settled here!

      • Hopefully she will milk right through til next season for you! Milking her for a long period of time on her first lactation makes her more likely to have nice long lactations in the future.

  20. What a nice enclosure for them! One more thing checked off! Amazing you don’t have snow. We are buried here in Utah and freezing.

  21. Thanks for sharing your experience with us via your amazing photos. I found myself holding my breath during some of the moving procedures! I love the photos of your daughter running. And so good to see the goats again. I’m not sure if you make the ordinary extraordinary, or the extraordinary ordinary in your family, a good bit of both. It is a gift to be allowed into your precious world and family. God bless you and list to be checked off.

  22. So glad the goats are home! I needed to see your pictures today, so beautiful and calming….thank you.

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