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Moving the Barn

Jonny and the boys have been working towards getting our goats moved to our new house since early December. Yesterday, with the help of a friend, the moving of the girls’ little barn happened. We’ve been nervous about that part, wondering if it would work to move it the way that Jonny was envisioning. We’re awfully thankful to have a friend with the skills that made it happen. Now that the barn is here, there are more posts to sink, and fence to stretch. A couple of gates need to be hung, but then we’ll have the goats squared away for the time being. This feels like a huge accomplishment. One of those things that I was worrying about in the night, marked off the list. Good to move on to other worries. Ha ha!

Our living room and bedroom at the new house have big windows that look out over the backyard, which is where our goats are now, so we can see them all the time from the house. It’s pretty wonderful, and makes me happy. ¬†Next up, Jonny will finish the portable chicken coop he started awhile back. Then we can get our chickens moved and things will feel a little bit more normal around here.

Yarn Along

~ Two of my favorite things are knitting and reading and I love sharing my projects and current reads here. I would love for you to join me every Wednesday to share a single photo of what you are knitting (or crocheting) and reading too! Share your photo on your blog, on Instagram (#yarnalong), or on Flickr. Leave a link below to share your photo with the rest of us!~

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I’ve finished a couple of hats since last week, and now I am between hats (still have a couple to go) so I am working on my goldenrod green shawl. It’s getting closer and closer to being finished. I think I am really going to love this one!

I am about halfway through reading Lila. Is it just me, or is it kind of depressing? I can’t decide whether I really like it or not. There are definitely sweet aspects to the story…I just don’t know.

I have been cooking from the Wellness Mama cookbook (that I mentioned last Wednesday) all week and I am really, really pleased with it. I have liked all the recipes I have tried. I don’t buy many cookbooks, but this one was definitely a good investment.


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