Two weeks in (and a few details)

We’ve been in the new house for two weeks now, but somehow it seems longer. I’m past the sadness, and really looking forward to the future here! A friend mentioned that I really left my readers here hanging as far as move details go. I didn’t mean to! We’re kind of hanging ourselves right now, literally. The deal is that we are renting until our house sells, at which point we will buy this house. Β We have a few big projects we want to complete on our old house, so we won’t be listing it for a little while. Basically, what this means is that I am not going to be doing a lot of settling in as far as decorating (not that I’m much of a decorator!) goes right now. I’ve hung a few pictures on nails that were already there, and we are going to paint the girls room the same shade of peachy pink that we used at the other house. But mainly we are simply getting settled, working on our other house, and preparing for our outdoor animals. Of course that’s in addition to jobs, kids, homeschooling. It’s going to be a hard few months, though in a good way because this is for our children, for our future.

I hope to share the new house gradually as it begins to feel more like our own. It is a relatively new home, and it was built in the Craftsman style, which Jonny and I both love. Jonny is getting a little crazy with his plans to build on that style here, and it’s a good thing he has a sawmill! I think there is lots of cozy wood paneling in our future. Some of you asked ifΒ this house is bigger than our others, and specifically about bedrooms. Yes, this house is actually much larger than our other one. Β There are four finished bedrooms: one for Keats and Gabe, one for Silas and Job, one for Larkspur and Beatrix, and finally one for Jonny, Mabel, and me (eventually Mabel will move in with the big girls.) Seth is in an unfinished space in the basement, his choice over sharing with the other boys, and we will finish his room sometime next year.

Here’s something kind of crazy: this house has a little in-law suite in the basement and I get to have it for my very own. Guys, I haven’t had personal space in a very long time. I’ve certainly never had a “studio,” but I do now. There is a small kitchen, and a large adjoining room that I am using for my work. The only creature I am officially sharing it with is Benjamin Bunny. Of course, I am not usually alone there, my kids often join me, and that’s how I want it. But I have a place to work, and that is amazing. Jonny has a workshop too, so we’re pretty well set up for all of our artsy stuff. I still feel like I am dreaming, and probably will till our other house sells and everything is settled.

p.s. I’ve been working over these weeks of moving, dyeing lots of playsilks with natural dyes, sewing sachets, making stitch markers, and of course dyeing yarn. Jonny hasn’t been able to get set up to work on any shawl pins or cutting boards yet, but we are hoping that he can have some things ready by mid-month, in time for Christmas gifts. In the meantime, I am updating our shop tomorrow at 3 p.m. EST. I’ll have preview pics up in the morning! Thank you, thank you for being here, and for cheering us on!!!


  1. Congratulations! It is wonderful to have a space of your own. I have most of my basement, but it tends to be somewhat buggy so it doesn’t always thrill me.

  2. Your photographs make me smile, especially on a grey day. Thank you.

  3. Love reading about this, as I continue to dream of different space for my own family—I drool over your bookshelves & schooling resources! (and after jealousy comes logic–you’ve been doing this longer than my 3 years!) And yes, SO lovely to have your own space. I’m still in the phase of dreaming of using the loo by myself (5 under age 8), but oh my gosh, the thought of a studio!!! Enjoy it for many of us who are currently living a bit vicariously through you!!

    • After living in such a small space with so many kids, for so many years, I am definitely grateful! But I have to admit I feel a bit of guilt over all of you still making the best of a small space. And… even now with older kids…using the bathroom without interruption, it doesn’t happen all that often! Ha!

  4. Just amazing Ginny! I’m so so happy for all of you. Eventually it all works out, I do believe that! You’re proof! Wonderful! Wonderful!

    I love, love the photos in this post especially #2 and #5. Would you consider adding those two to your shop, for sale as prints or digital, in the future? They are so soothing and capture the magic of sunlight through a forest.

    Thank you for all that you do. You inspire me!

    • Thank you!! Selling photos is something I definitely want to do, and have wanted to for some time. I just haven’t been able to figure out the best way to do it. πŸ™ But maybe in the future?

  5. Congratulations! I am so glad you have your own space! I am a tad jealous of your personal space. My office is in the playroom . . . lol no privacy. And the guestroom is becoming the twins’ room. πŸ™‚ Someday we may need a mother-in-law suite, but for my mom . . .

  6. Moving and settling in is hard work, but it sounds like you found a keeper. Enjoy it and revel in your new space.

  7. Thank you for sharing! What an adventure you have ahead of you….fun times and a beautiful new home….

  8. Very nice:) I may be weird or overly sentimental, but I was happy to see your old table in your new home with your kids sitting on it, just the same as always:)

  9. Lovely, but I have to say I think I will miss your kitchen. So much of life happens in the kitchen, doesn’t it?

    • We’re all going to miss that kitchen. πŸ™ Our new one is very nice and we love it, but it is very different. I’ll share photos of it soon!

  10. Congratulations Ginny! Sounds like it’s perfect for your family. You definitely deserve it!
    Looking forward to more pics. So happy for you!

  11. Sounds like a lovely home! Thanks for sharing! I’m happy for you to have a studio! 😊

  12. So very pleased for you and your family. Thank you for sharing and I look forward to seeing more photos. So happy for you about your creative space!

  13. Melissa N says:

    I’m glad you are getting past the sadness. Enjoy your new craft space!

  14. I’m genuinely happy for you and your family, and I don’t even know you. Blessings on your new home.

  15. Emily Taylor says:

    Very exciting! I was curious about your animals as much as your family. And admittedly, how your bees will handle the move!

    Good luck with everything.

  16. Your friend was right – you have been leaving us hanging! I have been wanting to know more about this place since you said you moved! I have been hoping for some time that you would find a bigger place for your family and am SO glad to hear that this one does, in fact, have more bedrooms and some additional extra elbow room! Wonderful news! Good luck touching up your old home to get it ready to sell – it will be great, I’m sure!!!

  17. Let us know when your old house goes on the market. How large is it? My small trio may be looking for a home to buy in the summer. Thanks!

    • Our old house is 1500 square feet. With additional space in another building on the property for an office, studio, workshop etc. πŸ™‚ Once we put it on the market, I will mention so in a post here.

  18. I was a bit worried that that photo was of your main kitchen! Couldn’t imagine that! Wow – what a wonderful luxury to have a workshop – and so perfect because you will use it to advantage.

    You know that Aidan and Susan moved away from Fredericksburg – but my daughter Lydia and her husband have just moved there!

  19. Amazing!! What a perfect place for you folks, by the sounds of it. The craft suite sounds especially lovely. Your creative energies never cease to amaze me – can’t wait to see what’s in the shop!

  20. I also was curious about your new home. I’m glad that you and your family are settling in, just in time for Christmas.

    I have a feeling that 2017 is going to be a great year for you and your family!!

    Marilyn (in Dallas)

  21. I was dying of curiosity, so thank you for satisfying it (a bit – still need more photos). We bought our current house in the same way you are. Friends were moving out of state, but weren’t ready to sell, so we moved into their home while we got our tiny house ready to sell. By the time it sold, our friends had decided they were going to stay in their new state and offered their old home to us for a great deal. It couldn’t have worked out better. I remember when you were really disappointed with not getting a house you had heart set on (I’ve been there). Isn’t it amazing how our loving Father works things out so much better than we can imagine!

  22. Just the post I was hoping for! Thanks for sharing. I will pray that the work on the old house goes quickly and you sell fast (this kind of stress is crazy).

  23. How wonderful!! Yes, do tell us about the land and how you came upon this place:) I’d love to hear. Congratulations

  24. Congratulations on your move – that’s so exciting! I’m so happy for you and your family. πŸ™‚

  25. Oh this house sounds like it was made for you and your family….I am soon HAPPY for you!!!!!!

  26. So very happy for you all!

  27. that sounds like a lot of great things for your new home!!! I will pray for you and that the projects for the old house can be completed and the house sold to a most worthy family who will love it like you did!

  28. What a wonderful update! I am so happy for you and your family. Your own space sounds heavenly, especially with such a cute bunny! πŸ™‚

  29. It all sounds and looks wonderful! In my part of the country almost every basement has radon gas that has to be dealt with. I’m not sure how prevalent it is in your part of the country? Please have your basement tested if there is any possibility of its presence. It is dangerous to be breathing! πŸ™‚

    • Thanks for mentioning radon, Sue! I think it is prevalent in our area. We are sending off our test kit today, thanks to your comment. πŸ™‚

  30. I love this! Is the kitchen in your post the small one in your studio? That is a great kitchen in and of itself. I can’t wait to see more picture of the house. Seriously I’ve been waiting! haha

  31. Beautiful, Ginny! Yay for your own personal space!!! And seriously how cute in Benjamin Bunny?
    Babies and bunnies in one post. Perfection. πŸ™‚

  32. OH, I just love what you have shared so far!

  33. I smiled at the news that you have your own space! I mean, everything in your new house sounds wonderful, but that space for yourself…that has got to be the best part :).

    Love the photos of rain on the leaves, and the bunny is so cute! I can think of worse company! πŸ˜‰

  34. Yay! Thanks for sharing–it all sounds wonderful!

  35. I was reluctant to move into a “new” house. But wow are there a lot of advantages! No drafts. First floor laundry. Few nagging repairs. One can grow to like it very quickly. Oh, and much easier to clean! I am so happy for you.

  36. congrats! It sounds really great that you have “a room of one’s own” as would say Virginia Woolf, God bless your new home and your family!

  37. I have a little tiny bedroom that I have turned into my own studio/office/workout space. It is tiny!!! But it is all mine. I make everyone knock on the door before they come in (even though the door is always open). It really is like a glorified closet, but still everyone respects my little space and I love that they need permission to come in and join me. It makes it feel extra special when they do come in. The rest of the house doesn’t get that same respect…. but hey I live with all boys. I’m glad you are adjusting to your new digs. If you settled in right away that would be so boring πŸ™‚ Enjoy the adventure.

  38. Gris fleur says:

    Wonderful !!! Oh ! Soaps ! I am so looking forward to make some.

  39. I’m so happy for you. You didn’t mention how much land your new house is on. I hope it’s plenty of room for your kids to roam and for the animals. Thanks for sharing…and thanks for waiting until payday for your shop update!


  40. So excited for your family and this new home! And yes, I am so glad to hear more about it – and how it came to be. I know from past posts that you have been looking for a new home for some time! How lovely to settle in, this holiday season, with your darling family!

  41. Ahh!! We’ve been looking for a house with an in-law apartment to use as an actually apartment! They’re so hard to find! That is amazing! It sounds like a beautiful and fitting home for your family. God is good. <3

  42. olivia demkowicz says:

    A space of your own is wonderful. Congratulations, you’ve earned it. πŸ™‚

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