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Respite for Mamas {and children}


Last week, a friend of mine, who is the director of a local (to us) women’s shelter, reached out for help for a mama of four who needed temporary housing this month. Soon after, a similar need was voiced for yet another mom and her children facing homelessness at Christmas. The need is great right now, but the shelter is full and the respite account is dry.

Mary’s Shelter is an amazing non-profit that provides long-term housing and assistance for pregnant mothers and their children, helping the moms get on their feet and work towards self-sufficiency. In addition to offering long-term help, the shelter offers respite to those needing short-term assistance. This might be in the form of paying for a hotel room for a couple of weeks until housing is secured.

Shelters that can take in women and their children, and do so in a home environment, in a way that helps them actually create better lives for themselves are so needed. This is exactly what Mary’s Shelter does. We are hoping that you might help us help them, through a raffle of some of our handmade items.

I finished knitting this beautiful shawl using naturally dyed, American wool yarn early this year, and then tucked it away hoping to put it to good use someday. You have an opportunity to win this shawl along with one of Jonny’s Little Bird shawl pins (a combined value of $250+) and support women and children in crisis as well!

How to enter:

A donation of $10 gives you a chance to win, and of course you can donate in larger amounts for more chances, in $10 increments. Just select the combination of entry options that equals your donation amount. If you need to, you can spread your entries over more than one day. Donations are tax deductible. The raffle will end on Monday night, at 12 a.m. EST. I will ship anywhere in the world. I’ll get this in the mail on Tuesday, so that if you are in the U.S. you should have it before Christmas!

To donate, go to this page and scroll down to the one-time donation button. Once you click that, you will have the option of entering your donation amount (you can pay by either paypal or credit card.) In the box that says, “special instructions to seller” please type: “respite fund.”  After you make your donation, you should receive an email with a transaction i.d. number. You will need to copy and paste that into the Rafflecopter widget below when you enter.

Thank you for helping!

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