Archives for December 15, 2016

Last Minute Shop Update

Our Shop will be updated on Thursday, December 15th at 11 a.m. EST. This is a small update, mainly a few things we didn’t finish up in time for the last one. This will be our last shop update until February or March I believe, but if you have a yarn related emergency, feel free to contact me after the holidays. 🙂

So you know exactly what we will have listed:

There are 21 playsilks in gray, brown, olive, yellow, fuschia, pale coral and the deep one pictured above.

There is only a little bit of yarn: Three fingering weight, single-ply, coral madder gradient sets (pictured above–this is my current favorite yarn base–I have one natural white skein left and I’ll list that one too), a couple of worsted brazilwood pink skeins, and then a little brazilwood and madder root fingering weight. They are all soooo pretty. The brazilwood is more of a pink-red, while the madder skeins are all more of a deep orange with red (top photo).

There are 8 different Liberty sachets, 4 each of most of them are available.

And finally, Jonny’s Little Bird shawl pins. We are listing 30 of them. The poor man may give them up after this. Just kidding! He’s just sooo picky about them and sanding takes a lot of time to get them just how he likes them. He has worked hard to be able to offer that many this month.

Orders will all ship by Monday, December 19th. You will have the option of upgrading to priority mail shipping within the U.S. to help ensure Christmas gifts make it in time (though if you are international-nothing is going to make it to you by Christmas, I’m afraid.) If you order multiple items, you will likely end up with a shipping refund from me once I ship your items.

I think that’s it! Thank you all for your orders! We love doing this and are so thrilled to have you support us in this way.