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The Usual Busyness

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I finished Beatrix’s Sunday Sweater, blocked it, sewed some lovely honeybee buttons on (a gift from Taryn and Jeff when Mabel was born), and then hoped to take some photos of her wearing it before it got dirty. I wasn’t fast enough. Beatrix is on a, “We need to be like real farmers and get up at 4 a.m. to start working while you are in the kitchen making us pies and donuts,” kick. The 4 a.m. rising and desserts all day hasn’t happened, but she and Larkspur have been raking hay for the goats quite seriously. And that’s the real Beatrix, anyway. She’s not a neatly combed little girl, never has been. Even at Mass she typically sports her own interesting hairdos with misplaced barettes, rather than sweet curls and ribbons and such. It’s only fitting that her sweater have a fine coating of dust and bits of grass all over it within days of me finishing it.

Last week, in the midst of the usual busyness, Seth asked if we could drive to a nearby city and pick up a free square grand piano he’d found on Craigslist. I kind of wanted to say “No way.” Only because we have no need for more projects, or more time spent driving to pick up projects (and we already have an upright piano that we really like). But at the same time, we try hard to say, “Yes” to these things. I like my older boys to stay busy, outside of schoolwork and chores, doing things that they enjoy, things that might teach them something. So Seth wants to fix up this ancient piano (it needs more than tuning) that came with the name, “Matilda.” She’s made of rosewood and ivory and was built in 1879 and we are only her third owners. He’s really excited about it, and I guess so am I. (Feel free to share advice if you know about these things.) I’m also feeling pretty good about my decision not to let him quit piano lessons a few years back!

p.s. Seth added a new fossil set to his shop that comes with a photo key if you want to check it out! Thanks for supporting him. He’s now contemplating buying a used pump organ with some of the money he has made. This kid is going to fill our house with large (loud) musical instruments!

p.p.s. Jonny and I are working towards one last little shop update ourselves before taking a long break to work on our other house. We’ll be updating our shop on Thursday, December 15th at 11 a.m.  EST. There will be shawl pins, a small bit of yarn, (all in shades of orange/red/pink), and the last of my new batch of sachets.