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Two weeks in (and a few details)

We’ve been in the new house for two weeks now, but somehow it seems longer. I’m past the sadness, and really looking forward to the future here! A friend mentioned that I really left my readers here hanging as far as move details go. I didn’t mean to! We’re kind of hanging ourselves right now, literally. The deal is that we are renting until our house sells, at which point we will buy this house.  We have a few big projects we want to complete on our old house, so we won’t be listing it for a little while. Basically, what this means is that I am not going to be doing a lot of settling in as far as decorating (not that I’m much of a decorator!) goes right now. I’ve hung a few pictures on nails that were already there, and we are going to paint the girls room the same shade of peachy pink that we used at the other house. But mainly we are simply getting settled, working on our other house, and preparing for our outdoor animals. Of course that’s in addition to jobs, kids, homeschooling. It’s going to be a hard few months, though in a good way because this is for our children, for our future.

I hope to share the new house gradually as it begins to feel more like our own. It is a relatively new home, and it was built in the Craftsman style, which Jonny and I both love. Jonny is getting a little crazy with his plans to build on that style here, and it’s a good thing he has a sawmill! I think there is lots of cozy wood paneling in our future. Some of you asked if this house is bigger than our others, and specifically about bedrooms. Yes, this house is actually much larger than our other one.  There are four finished bedrooms: one for Keats and Gabe, one for Silas and Job, one for Larkspur and Beatrix, and finally one for Jonny, Mabel, and me (eventually Mabel will move in with the big girls.) Seth is in an unfinished space in the basement, his choice over sharing with the other boys, and we will finish his room sometime next year.

Here’s something kind of crazy: this house has a little in-law suite in the basement and I get to have it for my very own. Guys, I haven’t had personal space in a very long time. I’ve certainly never had a “studio,” but I do now. There is a small kitchen, and a large adjoining room that I am using for my work. The only creature I am officially sharing it with is Benjamin Bunny. Of course, I am not usually alone there, my kids often join me, and that’s how I want it. But I have a place to work, and that is amazing. Jonny has a workshop too, so we’re pretty well set up for all of our artsy stuff. I still feel like I am dreaming, and probably will till our other house sells and everything is settled.

p.s. I’ve been working over these weeks of moving, dyeing lots of playsilks with natural dyes, sewing sachets, making stitch markers, and of course dyeing yarn. Jonny hasn’t been able to get set up to work on any shawl pins or cutting boards yet, but we are hoping that he can have some things ready by mid-month, in time for Christmas gifts. In the meantime, I am updating our shop tomorrow at 3 p.m. EST. I’ll have preview pics up in the morning! Thank you, thank you for being here, and for cheering us on!!!