Little Spruce Organics {giveaway}

My favorite way to keep my kids warm is with wool, and Little Spruce Organics is the family run shop where I buy their woollies.  Today’s giveaway though, is for you ladies! Little Spruce has really expanded its offerings for adults. Bethany from Little Spruce sent me a wool/silk blend shirt to try and I have been wearing it everyday! It’s the perfect weight, cozy and warm without being itchy or heavy. I ordered a size large, because I don’t like my clothes to touch me 🙂 but I think that these are actually  meant to be snug, and worn as a base layer.


From Little Spruce:

My name is Bethany, and I am the owner of Little Spruce Organics. We are a small, family-run business that offers a unique selection of organic wool & cotton apparel for babies, children, and adults, breastfeeding apparel, and natural toys. We specialize in woolens for babies and toddlers and are committed to organic and natural fibers. We are discontinuing cloth diapering products in our store, so beginning Monday, November 28th, please watch for some great discounts! The Disana organic merino wool covers (pictured above) will have a $12.95 starting price! We carry a large variety of beautiful, natural toys, and many of those will be discounted on Cyber Monday as well!

(Silas and Job in their Ruskovilla wool underdungarees. These are super cozy for little ones, and quite durable. Job is now wearing the pair that lasted Silas two winters.)


(Both of my little boys also wear their Disana boiled wool jackets all winter. Job is now wearing the one that Silas wore for two years as well.)

For today’s giveaway, Little Spruce Organics is offering one reader an Engel Organic wool/silk long sleeved shirt!  The winner may select their size and color of choice.

In addition, be sure to “like” Little Spruce Organics on Facebook so you can keep up with their special offers! There will be lots of markdowns on Cyber Monday!

For your chance to win, leave a comment on this post. Comments are closed and the winner is Carol in PA!


  1. Living in the land of lengthy cold winters, here in MN, those look so warm!!! Thank you for the beautiful and generous offer.