While it will be weeks before we are fully settled, we moved to a new home over the weekend. And even though it might seem that I’ve been keeping a secret, it actually happened so quickly that I didn’t believe it was really happening till papers were signed and we were in. We’ve known of this house for years, right down the street, never thinking we would one day live in it.

Right now I’m wiped out both physically and emotionally. Just to write those words, my eyes fill with tears. We lived in our little house for fourteen years, the longest I’ve ever lived anywhere in my life. I hold places tightly in my heart and it is hard to let go. Friday, the day the beds were moved, and this really became reality, I sobbed uncontrollably to the point that Jonny asked if we were making a mistake. I knew I would be sad, but didn’t know how my insides would hurt, how my heart would feel like it was broken. I read to my little girls in our old bedroom one last time before Jonny took the bed apart and loaded it on the trailer. I could hardly get the words out thinking of how Larkspur was born in that room, as were Silas and Job. An hour later, the room was empty and my tears subsided. More dear than a place, is my family. My family, including me, needed more space.

You’re not going to believe the story behind how all this has fallen into place. As we get settled, I will share more. There are such good, kind people in this world. God has blessed us beyond measure, and we will make this beautiful home our own over time.

I suspect that this will feel like a loss for some of you as well, just peeking in the window of this blog, it’s still hard to let go. We will be working on our old house over the next few months, preparing to sell it and hand it over to someone else, hopefully someone who will love it like we do. So, this will be a slow goodbye and I am glad of that. I’ll be sure to share our work there as it happens. We’ll all say goodbye together. And while “goodbyes” are hard, aren’t “hellos” exciting? We’re moving forward, full of hope and anticipation.


  1. Blessings,happiness and health in your new home.
    Marion and family

  2. oh.
    and happy!
    And so sweet of you to know that we would feel it too. Enjoy the adventure!

  3. Oh, Ginny. I could have written most of these words myself a few months ago. We had lived in our tiny two bedroom apartment for 10 years and it felt like in the blink of an eye, we found out about a possible rental house in a great location for us personally, and moved. And, just like you, my heart broke a little. So much life had been lived there and while moving was the best thing for our family, it was hard too.
    I was surprised to hear that you had moved, and while a little piece of me is sad, I am mostly excited for you.

  4. So happy for you and your family! To great new memories in your new place!

  5. So happy to hear of your new blessing! But, I sure can relate about letting go- I don’t know how many mornings I cried at our previous homestead, knowing that I would be leaving it soon – as I did the animal chores.
    We are now settled in here – and after almost a year – it is beginning to feel like home – and by extension – part of us.
    Wishing you love.

  6. Congratulations! It will be great!
    Take your time to adapt yourself.
    I love the way you write!

  7. Looks like a lovely new landscape to explore! I pray for the next family that will call your old place their home, may they bring more love and adventures to a place you hold so dear.

  8. Samantha Schurter says:

    It is hard to let old things go.

    I just wanted to say that your photos moved me deeply in this post. I don’t know what it is exactly. I do know that the world needs a bit more beauty right now, so thank you for putting them out there.

  9. Hannah Cousar says:

    Hi Ginny,
    I also live in 1000 sq foot house but only 4 of us:)
    I love the cozy, tininess of it but also need to be able to move. We always “think” about moving.
    It will be great. Time will create new memories.
    Thanks for sharing.

  10. I’m so excited for you all! What a bittersweet moment… I understand the sadness of leaving those memory filled rooms behind. Oh, but what a blessing for your sweet family. I look forward to hearing your story and seeing photos of your new home….where your family will grow and make new memories along the way.

  11. Richard (in Charlotte, NC) says:

    WOW, talk about surprises! Congrats on the move to a larger home; at least it is one that you have had your sights on for a while and you are familiar with it. Changes and moving forward can be so frighteningly different sometimes but, I have faith and am sure that you and Jonny will make this new house and property a quite proper HOME in no-time at all. I can’t wait to see all the wonderful photos of your new homestead. What a wonderful, early Christmas present for the whole family.

  12. Oh, I hope you have room for all your animal babies too!! So excited to hear the full story and see more! The last time I moved I took photos of all the rooms so I could look at them when I felt homesick. It takes awhile to make your new home “home”. The new memories will come quickly tho and your new bookcases and woodwork are gorgeous!!

  13. So happy for you guys, Ginny!! I know its been a long wait. I can definitely understand the sense of grief. I forwarded your post onto a friend of mine with a growing family and a small house. I know its been difficult for her to wait to see what God’s plan is for them as well. I hope your story will be an encouragement for her.

  14. We left our first house after 14 years, too. I remember well the heartache. Hugs to you today.

  15. Home is so dear. I understand the tears and the pain! I moved a lot as a child so saying goodbye to homes I’ve lived in hasn’t been excruciating, BUT my dear Oma passed away 2 1/2 weeks ago and the idea of her home no longer being the place of constancy that it has always been in my life is so so painful. I have a cousin who does home portraits – beautiful drawings based on photos- and they’re a sweet remembrance of a special place so I had her do one for me. If you’re interested, I can send you her info. I hope your knew house truly feels like home very soon!! It looks lovely!

  16. I can see that you would feel grief, leaving a place that is so beautiful and has such beautiful memories. These photos of your new home look beautiful, too…..a little less rustic, maybe? But, lovely – my favorite style of home.

  17. So excited for you guys! How wonderful that it is right down the street and that you have time to transition. I can understand the tears, though. We’ve talked about moving and if that day comes I know it will be hard to say goodbye to a place we’ve poured ourselves into for so many years, and a place that holds the memory of Bracken’s birth, and so much more. Cheers to your next adventure (and more space!)

  18. Congratulations. When my dad was agonizing over selling his place wanting to know if one of the children wanted to have it we told him to sell it. We had the memories, we didn’t need to have the house for that. You guys will make great new memories and from the colors in your photos, they already look ‘rosy’.

  19. Beautiful colors in your photos! The new house looks really special too! Hope the move isn’t too stressful and you settle in nicely. I look forward to seeing you make this new place home.

  20. Congrats! It takes time, but you will definitely make it yours. Thanks for sharing.

  21. I feel the same way about places. Whenever my parents talk about moving I just shut them down. 🙂 They’ve lived in their current house since I was 9, so basically all the awesome events of my life took place there. I get very attached to places and traditions.
    That being said–I love the garden shots of your new house, and man, it does look beautiful! I hope the beauty helps a tiny bit.

  22. Oh, I know that loss of a home you’ve lived in for years. I also cried uncontrollably after moving from my home of 23 years, some 18 years ago. Although I’m in the same county, it is a different neighborhood many miles away. We all have to move forward, change is necessary, and you will all adjust to the new-to-you larger home. Much good luck.

  23. I am also in the middle of moving away from the house my children were born, and I know exactly what you mean. I am so happy to be going to settle in this new space, but it is so sad to leave the place where my family has laughed together and spent so much time together for so many years.

    Those beautiful roses are welcoming you! What a beautiful, colorful door! We have so much to look forward to, and the children will fill the new spaces with memories and laughter.

  24. Becky Barry says:

    Congratulations! Enjoy the process, we will be anxiously waiting to see and hear all the updates. Hope all your animals make a safe transition as well.

  25. oh Ginny! We just went through the same process 10 days ago of moving out of our house, but we are still waiting for the Lord to provide the next place wth pickings very slim here. When we had emptied the girls’ room, I peeked in to see if it needed vacuuming and surprised myself by bursting into tears, then sat alone and had a good cry in there. So many memories even just over five years. Can’t even imagine 14 years.

    It encourages me to hear how He has provided for what your family needs and I know he will do the same. Meanwhile I am, like you, stunned by the kindness of others as we live in a tiny house on some friends’ property, tiny but lovely in every other way. I hope you get settled smoothly and there is great joy in your new home.

  26. Congratulations! A new home is a new start. A new baby too! Take your time with things. No rush to make things just so. I am looking forward to seeing parts of your new home. Thanks for sharing.

  27. Antonia Cammarota says:

    One of my favorite picture books for children, TIME OF WONDER by Robert McCloskey, has a few lines that sum up much of life and this situation so well. “A little bit sad about the place you are leaving, a little bit glad about the place you are going.” Best wishes for your work ahead, and your family’s transition!

  28. Oh my! It must have happened fast as there was hardly a hiccup here.
    Your new home looks beautiful. That staircase! Enjoy the process. Such an adventure for the kids. What of your animals?

  29. Marcia Vieira says:

    “She just moved!!”I said, with a tone of surprise. My husband, from the living room asked: Who moved??
    Me: Ginny!!
    Him: Who is Ginny??
    See? It was a big surprise! A good one.
    Ginny, I’m sure you are going to make good memories in your new home.
    Excited to see more pictures of it.
    Good luck to you and your family.

  30. A Craftsman style house! It looks like it has some features of my grandparents house which I dearly love. How exciting to have more space just down the road. The grounds look interesting. Hopefully your animals stay in the new place, and don’t roam back to the place they’ve known. And the little kids, too.

  31. Congratulations on your new home. Lots of memories to make there now!

  32. I wish i could adequately express how excited I am for you!! You will be fine in the new house, transitions are hard but sometimes necessary. I hope when you do post more about the house you tell us how many bedrooms and regular rooms, what needs to be done, etc….I am curious!!

    Much love and happiness in your new home 🙂

  33. I can feel the bitter sweetness of it all. Those are some of the hardest and happiest transitions to make. We are on the brink of one now that threatens to tear right through my heart with the joy and sadness and uncertainty involved. May God bless your family through this transition. May your new home quickly fill with cherished memories.

  34. Oh my goodness! My mouth is wide open with shock!

    I feel a bit sad about not seeing your old house any more, so I can’t imagine how you feel.

    But congratulations and good luck- the best things in life are bittersweet and I am sure you will be very happy there.

  35. My best wishes!
    There is a poem from Hermann Hesse, the german title is “Stufen” –


    And every beginning is a magic
    who protects us and helps us to live…

    Happy new home!
    Martina (from Bavaria/Germany)

  36. So looking forward to seeing a glimpse of your new home. You will always have the memories of the old house but what wonderful memories you are going to make in the new one! Congratulations xx

  37. Gris fleur says:

    Oh yes indeed it came as a surprise for all your readers. I thought, ‘Did I miss a post?” and went back through the blog right away ! But whaouh, What a lovely beginning of a new life. New beginnings are always exciting as must the children be. It is fantastic for you and your family. I am sure you will be able to create very quickly a new story. Have fun ! Enjoy ! And happy new life !

  38. Erika Farese says:

    God is so good in providing a more spacious home for you and your family!

  39. That’s good news- even if it sad to leave a place with so many memories. Our old apartment was demolished a few months ago. We lived there for something like 8 years and although we will build a new home on the same spot it was a bit of a sad thing. The closing of a chapter and the beginning of a new one.
    I hope you will settle all in well and I am looking forward to see pictures.

  40. Congrats on the new home and the more space. It’s always hard to say goodbye to a home you love, but at least you will have time for a proper goodbye. I wish you and your family happy healthy wonderful lives in your new space.

  41. Congratulations! I know how hard it is but how exciting as well to begin this new chapter for your family! My parents moved when I was in 10th grade and that was over 30 years ago. And they’ve made their new home so wonderful – when I go there with my kids we romp through the gardens, visit the chickens, swing on the hammocks, and it is my comfy home place. It makes me feel special. So your new home will become home to you & your kids because you are there and your love will be all over it! I look forward to seeing it.

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