All for Job


We celebrated Job’s third birthday last weekend. My experience with three year olds is that they keep you busy. Job is no exception, though he’s also especially sweet. After unwrapping his first gift, he exclaimed, “A box!” His excitement over receiving what he thought was just a cardboard box was precious. As he continued to open his gifts, he stopped to play with each one rather than toss it aside to tear into the next. I think he would have spent all day opening his gifts slowly, one by one, if not egged on by his siblings to get to the next gift each time he opened one.
Cake disaster! I converted a recipe from my Grit Cookbook to gluten free, and it wasn’t pretty. It did taste good, though!

Job had a wonderful birthday. I love these early years when children don’t quite understand at first that we are truly celebrating them for the day. A little like Eeyore he asked, “My birthday? My presents?” Yes, Job! All for you! We love you to pieces, sweet boy!

p.s. I typically share gift idea, so here are a bunch of links to Job’s gifts! (The amazon links are affiliate links.)

Always a couple of books!  This year: Transportation (such cute illustrations!) and the classic Rosies’s Walk.

My boys have all loved monster trucks at this age, and I was really excited to find some nice metal ones without any ugly pictures on them!

Job loves marbles, and while they are a total messy nightmare, I got him this marble run, by Hape. It is too advanced for him, but luckily the older boys are happy to build tracks for him. I think we all agree that the Haba set we had years ago was simpler and just as fun, though the Quadrilla has some great features.

I also bought Job a wooden catapult and some wooden stacking figures from Nova Natural (the puzzle people don’t appear to be available anymore, but this game, that we also own, is a similar concept.) Both are great, and while I didn’t buy them for this purpose, of course my boys immediately wanted to stack the people and then aim the catapult at them. 🙂


  1. Thank you SO MUCH for this post. I am so totally getting the catapult for our youngest son for his birthday on Jan 3. He will LOVE it!!!! Also I think these marbles runs look great. Both of them. Our oldest son, nearly 7, is awesome at building the marble tower our youngest son likes to play with at physical therapy. We’ve thought about getting one, but I just don’t like the large ugly plastic thing that it is. NOW both that you mention look so much better. I like the looks of the one you got for Job better than the other. One looks like more fun and the HABA looks easier. Would you recommend the Hape one for a gift for both boys, knowing the older is great at building and the younger enjoys putting the marble in and watching it roll down? Thanks in advance for your help. I think this would make a fun Christmas gift.

  2. Glad you’re happy with the catapult–it’s tucked away at our house for Christmas and seems so sturdy! Love toddlers and their boxes though…such a sweet boy.

  3. I’d like a go with a marble run, so much nicer than plastic sets.
    Happy Birthday Job!

  4. happy birthday Job, I cannot believe you are three years old. where does the time go??? Looks like you had a wonderful party and your failed cake looks like a good cake to me!!

  5. Happy Birthday dear Job!

  6. HOW DID HE GET TO BE THREE YEARS OLD ALREADY! I feel like you were just pregnant with him two days ago (even though I obviously know little Mae is in there, too). Then again, Little Man is going to be six this week and I’m not quite sure how that happened either.

  7. I can’t believe he is three already! Happy Birthday!!!

  8. How sweet. He is sure changing in his looks! Growing out of that “baby” stage. 🙁 Bittersweet. 🙂

  9. Happy Birthday Job!! I did a double take with the picture with your dog. It looked like a skunk back at first. 🙂 Ahh much needed smile this morning.

  10. Happy Birthday, Job!!! I love the cake. Those homemade cakes are the ones the kids remember and ask for even years down the line.

  11. Happy Birthday to Job and a Happy Birthing day to you! We have had the Quadrille set for many years (I remember it being far more expensive at the time!!). My kiddos love it and still will pull it out. My youngest, now 8, loves to build his own creations and run as many marbles as possible down it. I watched my four year old niece recently, and she immediately pulled it out. “Auntie, play with me!” Yes, years of fun in that set.

  12. My kids always liked the boxes almost as much as the gifts! He’s such a sweetheart. Time sure flies! Happy day & year Job! Many blessings!

  13. Oh my gosh….”MY birthday? My presents?” I just melted.
    And frosting covers a multitude of baking sins. 😉
    Happy birthday, Job!!

  14. Katherine says:

    Happy birthday to Job! I always love your recommendations for gifts. Especially because I also have a little one who is almost Job’s age. And Christmas is coming!

  15. This is so sweet! The excitement over the cardboard box made me smile big :).

    I feel like Job went from baby to toddler overnight, though, haha!

    It looks and sounds like a wonderful celebration. Happy belated birthday, Job!

  16. I can’t believe he is already three, happy birthday Job!

  17. How do you like the catapult? I told grandma that my three year old wanted it for Christmas because it looked fun but I do wish Nova Natural had more product reviews so I could know for sure. Amazon has just ruined me for shopping decisions 😬

  18. Thank you for the nice inspirations! We have the third birthday of our little daughter coming up next month =)

  19. what a lovely birthday!!! 3 year already! time does fly by! God’s blessings to you!!!

  20. “a box!” Oh sweet Job! Happy birthday to him and happy birth day to you, Ginny <3

  21. Happy Birthday, Job! What a beautiful marble run, the nicest I’ve ever seen! When I saw the picture of the stacked wooden figures, I assumed the monster trucks would be aimed at them, but of course the catapult would be even more satisfying and spectacular to a little boy!

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