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While it will be weeks before we are fully settled, we moved to a new home over the weekend. And even though it might seem that I’ve been keeping a secret, it actually happened so quickly that I didn’t believe it was really happening till papers were signed and we were in. We’ve known of this house for years, right down the street, never thinking we would one day live in it.

Right now I’m wiped out both physically and emotionally. Just to write those words, my eyes fill with tears. We lived in our little house for fourteen years, the longest I’ve ever lived anywhere in my life. I hold places tightly in my heart and it is hard to let go. Friday, the day the beds were moved, and this really became reality, I sobbed uncontrollably to the point that Jonny asked if we were making a mistake. I knew I would be sad, but didn’t know how my insides would hurt, how my heart would feel like it was broken. I read to my little girls in our old bedroom one last time before Jonny took the bed apart and loaded it on the trailer. I could hardly get the words out thinking of how Larkspur was born in that room, as were Silas and Job. An hour later, the room was empty and my tears subsided. More dear than a place, is my family. My family, including me, needed more space.

You’re not going to believe the story behind how all this has fallen into place. As we get settled, I will share more. There are such good, kind people in this world. God has blessed us beyond measure, and we will make this beautiful home our own over time.

I suspect that this will feel like a loss for some of you as well, just peeking in the window of this blog, it’s still hard to let go. We will be working on our old house over the next few months, preparing to sell it and hand it over to someone else, hopefully someone who will love it like we do. So, this will be a slow goodbye and I am glad of that. I’ll be sure to share our work there as it happens. We’ll all say goodbye together. And while “goodbyes” are hard, aren’t “hellos” exciting? We’re moving forward, full of hope and anticipation.