Archives for November 3, 2016

November Shop


Our shop is being updated today at 2 p.m. EST.  We have a little of everything this month!

I ended up sewing sachets again, though I had sworn I wouldn’t. New Liberty Lawn fabrics inspired me, and I enjoyed making these! They are a tad bigger and heavier this time.  Jonny made a batch of cutting boards, the last of the live edge wood from our red oak. They are gorgeous! He only made a few shawl pins, so grab them quick if you are hoping for one!

My girls have been asking for playsilks, and I decided to dye them myself for the first time. I ordered extra so I would have some for the shop as well.  I love the naturally dyed colors! I am excited to have a stash of them for my kids for Christmas this year, and some for you all as well.

I dyed yarn with avocado pits for the first time this month. The pale pink is so beautiful that I want to keep it all! I also dyed with acorns and got the loveliest silver gray. It pairs wonderfully with the avocado pink!

One of my favorite natural dye combos is sumac berry plus indigo. Together they yield a perfect deep teal. There are six of those skeins available this month, four worsted, and two dk.  Tickseed sunflowers are almost finished for the year and roadside pickings are slim. There are just a few sport weight skeins dyed with them this month, maybe the last this year? I also dyed some deep indigo blue skeins this month.

I made a dozen sets of religious charm stitch markers with all clear glass beads. I think I prefer the neutral beads with the colorful charms, and may make these this way from now on.

I have two batches of soap ready for sale this month, lavender patchouli and rosemary mint. They both smell great!

Finally there are still a few undyed skeins of my 2 ply sport weight, and 2 ply fingering weight yarn available.  Next month I plan to have undyed single ply fingering as well.

Thanks so much for visiting our shop! What a gift it is to us to create beautiful things for all of you!