Knitting Leaves (not sweaters)


I have orders to complete an orange sweater for Beatrix by the end of this month.  The pressure had me furiously knitting… leaves, all weekend.  Rather than suggest to me that I need to focus on her sweater, Beatrix proclaimed that she’d like an autumnal knitted leaf garland for her November birthday in addition to the orange sweater.  At the rate that I’m knitting the sweater, it may end up being a birthday gift as well.

(Super quick and fun oak leaf pattern here.  Ovate leaves here, and here.  My Ravelry notes here.)


  1. Those knitted leaves are adorable (and for knitting — pretty realistic looking!)

  2. Your knitted leaves are beautifully done and such a delight! And I can say exactly the same about your photography. What a lovely visit.

  3. Linda Coyle says:

    Oh I love this 🙂

  4. beautiful knitting and why not be sidetracked by obsessive leaf knitting? that is what makes knitting so much fun 🙂 and I bet you can finish her sweater too!

  5. I think you need to add this garland to your offerings on Etsy!

  6. What lovely knitted leaves. I wondered at your title, Knitting Leaves, and wondered how one knitted leaves which become rather crumbly when dry 🙂 Seeing your pictures I see I had it all wrong.

  7. I always like leaf motifs; LOVE these oak leaves. I just have to find the right yarn (yours is SO pretty)!

  8. Deborah Kramb says:

    OH wow — I am a rusty knitter but I think I can do these!!

  9. Those are breathtaking. I LOVE them.

  10. the leaves are beautiful. what is the plant with the pinky red stalks? is it dyeable? have you tried?

  11. The green yarn is just beautiful. A few of those leaves would probably look adorable appliqued to the orange sweater, although it would make it very seasonal – just a thought!

  12. Beautiful leaves! Such pretty colors. You are amazing.

  13. Wow, those are fantastic, Ginny!
    And I love that shot of your desk. Fantastic. Do you like the BIS planner?

  14. You always take such beautiful atmospheric photos. Love the leaves.

  15. Those are the cutest leaves. I loved your photos of leaves paired with your knitted ones. My knit group has knit night coming up and I can’t wait to share your beautiful garland with my friends. Did you dye the multi-colored yarn? Thanks for sharing this post.

  16. And then you can sew them altogether and make something like this!
    No? No… back to the orange sweater then

  17. I like her taste!

  18. those are really cute!!! God keep you! 🙂

  19. Love the leaves.Especially the green yarn Those colors! Is that your skein you dyed ?

  20. Ginny, those leaves are so delicate and beautiful! Thank you for sharing your project and pattern too.

  21. Melissa N says:

    Those are just so great. What a fun distraction. Those will make a great garland.

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