Tidying my brain

I have a variety of ways to try and smooth things out when my brain starts feeling too full of loose ends.  Organizing something is always good: a drawer or a cabinet.  But equally, or even more soothing to me, is organizing my knitting, or better yet, making plans for new projects:  printing patterns, choosing yarns, winding, casting on.  I couldn’t help keeping some of the yarn that I dyed last month, and I made plans for all of it over the weekend.  I have two skeins of dk in a nice gray blue from hopi black dye sunflower seeds and indigo, and I think those will become a Granny’s Favorite cardigan for Mabel.  I’ve never knit that pattern and it is popular with my knitting friends.  I have two skeins of 2-ply fingering weight in the lighter olive green in my photos (dyed with goldenrod), and will combine it with some undyed yarn for a Herbarium shawl.  I’m super excited about that one!  The blue-green dk skein with the printed band on it will likely become a Hackberry hat and maybe some fingerless mitts.  And finally, I kept two skeins of single ply wool in a deep olive green (also dyed with goldenrod) to knit a Nurmilintu shawl.  Over the weekend I finished my Emiliana shawl (it’s blocking now, and I’ll get good photos later in the week I hope), so I went ahead and cast on for the Nurmilintu. It feels so good to finish a big project and start a new one!

Maybe even more so than knitting, my new Blessed is She planner has been a lifesaver for me this month.  I want to mention it, because the September-August version sold out in a week, and I am afraid the same is going to happen with the 2017 calendar year version that is available for pre-order now.  It is a planner designed for Catholic women (though any woman could use it, just know that it includes holy days, feast days, etc. and Bible verses).  If you click through that link you can see more photos of the inside and read a detailed description.  It’s really wonderful, and even printed in the U.S.!  I’ve never had a planner meet my needs more fully.  I think my favorite part is simply the daily calendar pages that include the hours of the day next to the lines to write on.  I love being able to quickly write in everything we have going on and having it all fall chronologically.  In my previous planners I would write things down as they were scheduled, but they might end up not being in order.  There is enough room for writing in this planner that I can sketch out my yarn dyeing plans for the month, plan meals, and there’s even a designated place for weekly prayer intentions, which is super helpful for me.  So, if you don’t already have a planner that is meeting your needs, I highly recommend this one!  It’s saving my brain big-time!


  1. I cannot imagine my life without a planner! I have to write every single think down 🙂

  2. Oh, the suffering of a child!….that picture is priceless! So nice to see “Be Blest” in your book selection; Mary Beth Owens is the godmother of one of my very best friends! “Caribou Alphabet” is also a wonderful selection; beautifully illustrated with neat caribou facts.

  3. Cindy in NC says:

    We must have been on the same wavelength yesterday! I spent time with my planner (I found the perfect one for me at Sam’s Club, of all places) and organizing both my upstairs and downstairs yarn baskets. I was able to complete two small projects by putting in just a few minutes of work on both, which felt so good. What did not feel so good was finding a partially knitted scarf I have no memory of starting. As always, your photos are amazing (hope you found the missing shoe from the first picture!).

  4. Oh, I wish they would reprint the Sept to Sept journal. Why do I have to wait for December now? Looks great for keeping one’s mind on the liturgical year.

  5. That sad baby face is too much! Such expressions on both girls!

  6. I can relate on the planner front and the tidying of the mind. Sometimes there is so much to do, so many projects, that when I do have time to do something I get nothing done because I am tired or don’t know where to begin. But my weekly organizing sheets help me prioritize and break down. Plus, every time I cross something off it feels good. 🙂

    I love the colors you dye your yarn! Very inspirational! Granny’s favorite cardigan looks beautiful. I have several crochet projects to finish, but then I really want to learn to knit before our second child is born. I imagine knitting clothing is quite challenging, but hopefully I can work up to it!

  7. Oh, my gosh. Love the yarn and the choices you are applying them to with your pattern choices! Best of luck and keep us posted on the progress.

  8. The yarns are all so beautiful. I’m going to have to hit up one of your shop updates soon. Diving into a planner and working on crafting plans always refreshes me. Around our house it is known as my Planny Time. I take over the kitchen table with my planner, books, papers, etc and write write write until I feel ready to take on the world. 🙂

  9. We are definitely kindred spirits Ginny! I use my planner every day and it helps me relax (and stay organized and focused on what I need to get done.) I also love organizing my yarn/knitting tub and getting my knitting projects lined up. It makes me so happy and helps relieve stress when I feel particularly overwhelmed. 🙂

  10. My wife has a planner and I find when things get hectic/stressful around the house she dives into her planner for a break. She comes back feeling organized, energized and ready to take on our busy life.
    When we’ve had one of those days where the kids are loud, the laundry is piling up, the little guy is sick…you know what I mean…I prefer a few hours of quiet, lost in a book. Typically I can only find that late at night. But, even though I’m up way past my regular bedtime the next day I feel energetic and less stressed.
    Funny what works sometimes eh?

  11. I love your new labels and of course your yarn– I was able to grab a skein in the fury 😊of the last time you showed it to the world for purchase. I just can’t decide what project I want to use it on yet. It’s always such fun to read your thoughts here—–your prospective is spot on.

  12. For me, regular planners don’t work. I either have far too much room on a particular day or not enough. So, I went the bullet journal route, which works for me.

    And little Mae’s face. She has that cute little “crying” face…my older one had it. My younger one didn’t have it as much.

  13. What a lovely planner! I have been using a Happy Planner {major splurge!} for my homeschool planning but use the Travelers Journals for my writing. I can’t wait to check out this planner your using — I’ll totally keep it in mind for next year 😊

    • Yep — Swoonworthy! I love the double page spread preceding each week. The lovely meal-planner and room to write. It’s really a lovely planner – thank you for sharing!

  14. You are going to love Granny’s favorite! I knit one for C’s birthday this year and she adores it. I still haven’t photographed her in it though 🙁 I need to do that!

    One of those skeins of yarn looks like the two I snagged last month for Baby F’s cascade <3 !

  15. Ginny, I just love all your photos! Wondering what camera you use? Are they raw or do you edit them? Loving all the Mabel pics!

  16. Ginny, I have the pattern and the yarn to cast on my own Emiliana Shawl, did you find it an easy knit?

  17. A good planner is a must! So glad you have found one that suits your needs so well. I use the get to work book and it’s fit into my life perfectly.
    Although not really a green person I do love all the greens you achieve in your dyeing.

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