Tickseed Date Night



  1. Seeeeeeeriously, that picture of Jonny and Mae . . . ❤️

  2. How utterly adorable she is!

  3. Precious!

  4. All lovely photos..especially papa and baby………:-)

  5. I’m crazy about coreopsis too! Great photos of adoring dad and adorable Mae!
    Have you ever tried flower-pounding (on fabric)? Coreopsis/tickseed turns out to a bright orange when pounded into fabric, so I can see how your yarn got pretty orangey!

  6. God bless you!

  7. Lovely pictures. The yellow flowers were so bright and gorgeous. I want to fill my home with them because they look so happy and full of sun. Mabel looks so content and sweet. Thanks for the date.

  8. I can’t get over Mae’s little chubber cheeks. I love them and I want to snorgle on them. I’ll stick to my own kids, though.

  9. Oh my goodness, the one of Mabel and your hubby smiling at each other is the best one yet. It is a forever treasure! I’ve never seen such a sweet one! Oh my!

  10. All beautiful, golden & warm looking….Summer’s last glimmer. Especially love the one of Jonny & Mabel smiling at each other! I’ve noticed in other photos she looks a lot like him through the eyes. Can’t tell with the cheeks yet! Lol. Just precious.

  11. This is beautiful, all of it :). I hope you had a lovely night.

  12. Pamhansva@aol.com says:

    Mabel is just precious! I have a grandson who s 5 mos old and would be perfect for her!!! Love the colors of your yarn – just beautiful!

  13. Ok, I totally love the baby photos. So precious. But I also love love the way you capture the evening light in the field. Like something out of a dream, all hazy and gold. Thanks for sharing your eye for beauty!!

  14. I love this!
    I think what would have made it even better would be seeing you on the other side of the camera, too. 🙂

  15. Wonderful pictures of your darling baby and her Daddy!!

  16. That last picture of Jonny and Mabel…the way they are looking at each other! So precious!

  17. My goodness you know how to make a person want another baby! The picture of Mable and her daddy is one I am sure she will treasure forever.

  18. Simply wonderful x

  19. I’ve always enjoyed your photos but the one of your husband holding up Mabel and they both have a smile on their faces just melted my heart. All the best to you.

  20. Aw! Mabel is such a picture perfect little baby girl! The yarn is lovely, Ginny! God be with you, good girl.

  21. Judy McQueen says:

    Dear Ginny, I stumbled onto your blog while looking up embroidery patterns at posie get cozy site. I read with great interest and am in awe of all you do and the beautiful photographs of beautiful children and scenery. The witness of faith in your life is so uplifting and a real confirmation that God is at work in our hearts. I am the youngest of 11 children, so 7 children in one family is not daunting to me. Bonding in big families is mostly always so good and will last a lifetime. We just had a new grandbaby on May 31 and Caroline Grace and Mabel are about the same age. Caroline is just now 12 #, but has creases and dimples and cheeks. Be blessed in your work of the yarn dyeing business and in the mothering of your children and with home schooling and gardening and cooking and……………..I am up to my eyeballs in tomatoes and have canned over 100 qts so far. enjoy a glorious late summer day.

  22. Holy cow, the colors on the yarns. I am in disbelief. they are amazing.

  23. Beautiful photos. Good for you to have a wonderful collection for your baby. I have baby three and have been having a hard time remembering to get the camera out. I’m going to have to try harder.

  24. Those baby cheeks!

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