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Our shop will be updated Thursday, September 1st at 12 p.m. EST.  New this month are handmade red oak cutting boards!  Jonny really labored over these, and they are beautiful.  He also made more bird shawl pins.  This month he made them in both black walnut and cherry.

These past few weeks have been full of late summer dyeing and this month there are some new colors:  periwinkle, deep goldenrod yellow, and olive green.  I created some deep indigo blue skeins speckled with white, thinking of Mother Teresa.  I also sewed up more sachets.

I am really loving the new yarns that I am dyeing now, all sourced and milled in the U.S.!  I hope you will love them too.  In addition to my naturally dyed yarn, this month I am offering a handful of skeins of natural white wool yarn in both 2 ply sport weight and 2 ply fingering.  There are a couple skeins of the single ply fingering as well.  I was inspired to do this because of my current knitting project, a shawl in both natural white and my cochineal/indigo purple.  I’m planning another in goldenrod green and white using my 2 ply fingering weight.  I can’t wait to cast on for that one!


  1. Megan Luyckx says:

    Wow, lovely cutting boards! I’m sorry to have missed out. Everything else looked beautiful as well.

  2. Beautiful shop update as usual.

  3. Maggie Gean says:

    Wow, things did sell fast, that is great for you, love your yarn colors, maybe next time I will go check out the shop fast enough to see the wood goodies also, enjoy your posts.

  4. I love that pink! And how nice to have colourways inspired by a special person!

  5. Your yarns look so lovely. Makes me want to start knitting again.

  6. Ginny…the pins are just darling :0) but then so is the yarn and the cutting boards! how wonderful 🙂 blessings to you…

  7. I would love to see more cutting boards… please Jonny?!

  8. The pins are darling!

  9. Your yarn is beautiful! I looked at your shop as soon as it was updated and was overwhelmed by the choices so I left without buying. I went back this morning and was pleasantly surprised to see a skein in a beautiful green that happens to be in my kids’ school colors. So I treated myself and am excited to knit a simple scarf to wear this fall cheering on the marching band.

  10. Christine Cage says:

    I, too, did not see shawl pins or cutting boards, but would like to place an order…

  11. The yarn is beautiful…I did not see any of the cutting boards or shawl pins on your etsy site and would love more information on both….Thank you

  12. Sarah Johnson says:

    How does one use a bird shawl pin?

  13. These are beautiful items. If shipping to the UK weren’t so high, nor the customs charges we pay so unfair, I would be getting a handful of these gems.

  14. I’m just glad I snagged some! Cutting board next time–make some more, Jonny. 🙂

  15. I missed getting the cutting board too!!

  16. Those yarn colors are beautiful!! And I love the bird shawl pins, very nice work!!

  17. Gorgeous things! Sad to miss the beautiful cutting boards – hopefully Jonny will make them (or something similar) again sometime. Glad your shop is doing so well :)!

  18. I left you a note on Etsy but am curious about something. I went on etsy at 12:00 and immediately put one of the cutting boards in my cart, picked out some yarn and when I checked out, the cutting board was gone and unavailable. Can someone buy a board that was in my cart?

    • Nell, I’ve had that happen as well. You have to complete the order really quickly in order to secure your item(s). Maybe Ginny can chime in and explain better than me. I’m sure everyone has a system they use to purchase…mine is to display all the items on the page, quickly scan them and figure out what I want the most…and then use my PayPal account since it’s all set up with shipping address, etc.

      The first time Jonny made the Shawl Pins I lost out, but was able to get one at a later time.

  19. So many wonderful items to choose from. Jonny did a beautiful job on those cutting boards. If I didn’t already have about 6, I would have purchased. There is something for everyone…and in all price ranges. Ginny, thanks for sharing your talents. The yarn turned out so pretty. I can’t wait to see my sachets also.

  20. Can’t Wait!!

  21. Everything looks wonderful!

  22. How lovely to see your products! They are all so beautiful!

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