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September is fast approaching, and I am starting to feel a little panicky over what our schedule is going to look like.  As far as sports go, Keats and Gabe are still playing travel baseball, Larkspur is joining our county junior golf team, Seth will start Brazilian jiu-jitsu with Jonny, and Beatrix is playing softball.

If you asked Beatrix how she feels about playing softball for the first time, she would probably say something wacky like, “I am puuuumped UP!” while punching the air and bouncing.  Despite being veteran baseball parents, we showed up to her first practice completely unprepared.  No face mask, no cleats, but a whole lot of enthusiasm on Bea’s part.  Even though she wasn’t able to catch very well, the coaches asked us, “Does she have siblings that play?”  As they had quickly observed that she has no fear of the ball.  When it was time for batting practice, each child was told they would get five pitches, and could run on their last hit.  It wasn’t an actual game of any sort, just hitting and running the bases for fun.  But, Bea was serious.  Once on first base she started getting a lead on second just like she’s been watching her brothers do for years.  Then she ran in this funny sideways fashion the whole way to second.  The very best was when she intentionally slid into home.  The adults gasped, asking, “Are you okay?”  She got up laughing, “What do you mean, am I okay?”  before walking, with her head held high, back to the dugout.  Keats and Gabe were in the batting cages at the time and missed this.  When I told them the story later they immediately asked if I got a picture.  When I told them that I didn’t there was a collective groan.  I suspect there will be future opportunities.

Later, discussing hitting, Beatrix informed us that she was going to be hitting dingers.  Jonny suggested that a more realistic goal would be to hit the ball out of the infield.  Her reply was, “Oh, no.  My goal is to hit an out of the park home run.”  I suspect that watching Beatrix play softball is going to be one of the best parts of our fall.

p.s.  We found that sectional sofa on Craigslist and picked it up over the weekend.  We’ve been searching for an affordable used couch big enough for everyone, but not too big for our living room for months.  We’ve just had a small Ikea loveseat for the past year or so.  It’s good to all be able to sit in the same room together now!

p.p.s.  I made rosemary-mint goat milk soap.  It smells soooo good!  I hate having to wait so long for it to cure.


  1. Bea cracks me up. I love to see allllllll the kids on the new sofa!

  2. I love everything about this post and feel your “September is coming” vibe… So much summer yet to enjoy! Hope yours is filled with all things wonderful (and lots of fun softball photo-ops!). xo

  3. Love when you recap stories of your children, so much fun at different ages. She (Bea) is a lover of life and just jumps straight into whatever captures her attention. We should all be like that!! Mabel is looking so “big” already!

  4. Lovely photos. Thanks Ginny 🙂

  5. Sounds like Beatrix will be inspiring the other players on her team. Love the pictures of the baby.

  6. your daughter looks like a right little tomboy! my girls play softball too but i am trying to stick with spring only…for my sanity. good luck with the schedule! hope your husband can help out and you don’t have to drag the baby everywhere. i had a newborn for the spring season last year and she always took a grand dump during every one of her sisters practices!

  7. Oh Ginny! I just love seeing and hearing the little glimpses into your beautiful life! I would love to make handmade soap, but I’m so nervous about using the lye. I know most people are when they first start making soap, and it’s really nothing that should keep one from trying! Such a funny store about Bea! So sweet!

  8. Beatrix, you rule! I know you will be hitting dingers and home runs this year. I will be rooting you on from Texas.

    Mabel is growing so fast and what a smile she has! I love how the older kids are involved in her care. It’s very heart warming to see. Like I’ve mentioned before, I’d trust in your kid’s babysitting skills more than most teenagers.

    Marilyn (in Dallas)

  9. Great seeing all the kids & congrats on the sofa!😉 Bea is fearless & spunky & joyful. Those qualities are going to take her so very far in life! It’s so much fun to see all your children grow. Btw, the soap looks awesome!

  10. Looks like Beatrix takes after her big brothers! She has a great attitude. The boys look oh so thrilled to have their picture taken (my son is getting to that age now). I meant to ask you before, what is the name of the soap book you got? I have several, but always looking for more. Somehow soap-making is more of a fall activity for me, but my does are making so much milk I should be making some right now!

  11. I love Bea’s spunk! And these pictures capture such beauty and joy from your life!

  12. You look like a mad scientist in the soap making photo- i so love you for it!!! and Bea!!!! <3 <3

  13. oh that soap will be wonderful and worth waiting for! One day at a time, Bea is so cute! Love it. And lovely pictures, lovely lovely new couch and God bless you all!

  14. Every time you talk about Beatrix, I smile. Mostly because her attitude and enthusiasm are so similar to my girl. Then I imagine the chaos that would surround Beatrix and Naomi if they ever met, and I shudder in fear while laughing at their imagined exploits. Have fun with the softball (while Beatrix hits her home runs) and everyone else’s activities and I’ll be thinking of you during gymnastics and swimming (where Naomi will be running on the beam and doing flips in the pool).

  15. I adore the pictures of your kids, you have such a beautiful family! Will you be selling your soap in your Etsy shop?

  16. I love the photos of Bea playing ball. It reminds me of playing when I was younger. I started out on baseball, though, because we didn’t have softball for the girls at that age (didn’t start until middle school – which changed the next year because so many girls were playing baseball). I could hit (with my grandpa) and catch and throw…but throw me up against an actual baseball pitcher and….I didn’t do so well. Softball worked better for me. Watch the sliding though, especially in shorts. I wound up with a HUGE 3rd degree burn on my leg from sliding into 3rd in shorts. To be fair, the dirt was more like pea gravel. I got it in June and it wasn’t completely gone until late December. The questions I got during tennis season that fall….

    Also, I can’t believe how big the big boys are! We don’t get to see much of them (particularly as they don’t like being photographed) so the few times we see them, I’m reminded by how big they are!

  17. Another mom who loves those pictures of Beatrix – funny, my first thought on seeing her ‘throwing arm’ was that she’s clearly picked up a lot from her brothers! So fun to have a kid who’s in it for the love of the game. 🙂 Sweet pics of the whole family – good work on finding a couch that works for everyone!

  18. Love your couch…..beautiful!!
    Are you going to be selling homemade in the future do you know???

  19. Ha! I first started reading this blog for the Beatrix stories (many years ago now)…she is a stitch!

  20. Wow, you have a picture with all your kids! Well done! Love it.

  21. jan wetherell says:

    I love the news about Bea and softball. And I love love LOVE the photos you got of her. I’ve always had a special place in my heart for that particular little girl. Maybe it’s because she was “the baby” when I started reading your blog. Who knows! Anyway, my heart is cheering on that special girl of yours.

  22. Such a fun kid that Beatrix 🙂

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