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I keep asking myself, “How on earth are you going to keep up with everything once you start homeschooling in a couple of weeks?” (We’re having a late start this year, week after labor day.)  Then I shush myself, saying, “Not yet, you don’t have to worry about that yet.”  I’m slowly putting things in order, and little by little, I’ll be ready.  But there’s really no reason to ruin these last couple weeks of summer with worry over what isn’t here yet.  We’ll figure out how to get it all done.  We always (mostly) do.

Jonny and I have been having lots of fun making things.  Well, I’m mostly dyeing things (mainly yarn, though I let Beatrix dye her slip in my indigo vat last week).  Jonny’s been playing with wood, mainly some of the red oak left over from this tree.  He made me a cutting board and I really love it.  He has a few more ready for our next shop update, which I am planning for Thursday, Sept. 1 at 12 p.m. EST.  I think there may be some bird shawl pins in walnut.  I’ve been dyeing with goldenrod and have some really beautiful yellows and olive greens.  I also dyed a few skeins with the Hopi dye sunflower seeds that I am competing with the goldfinches for.  I may have settled on letting them win.  The sunflowers are so tall that it is kind of a pain to get them protected from the birds, and I’m not sure it’s worth the trouble.  I also really enjoy listening to the goldfinches as they dart around my garden.

Earlier this week the boys found a large-ish tortoise on the baseball field.  We brought it home, thinking that it didn’t look like any native turtle we’d ever seen, while simultaneously praying that it was so we could let it go in a more appropriate spot.  We were not hoping to keep it (Well, Gabe and I weren’t.  The other kids would have been glad to.)  It turned out to be some sort of African tortoise, a Sulcata we think.  Our local shelter took it and will hold him to see if an owner reports him missing, and if not, he will go to a rescue group.  Thank goodness.  I was kind of freaking out just a little bit having him in our downstairs bathtub overnight, especially after I saw the size of his poop!

A friend’s mom who is a lifelong swimmer and instructor is in town for awhile.  She is giving Larkspur and Beatrix swimming lessons every morning.  I left Mabel at home with everyone else yesterday so I could swim too.  It was literally the first time I have been in a swimming pool in years.  I think I need more swimming in my life.  At least there will be for the next few days!


  1. I love your attitude of being present-at peace with the bounty of the days’ gifts as they present themselves. Simply Abundant!

  2. I’m always following your blog because I am amazed that you are able to homeschool (among all of the other things you do with a full house) and take georgeous photos AND manage to post them with a little narative to boot! My blog is in a sad state and I’ve even started using my phone for pics instead.Once homeschooling begins again next week I wonder how I will ever get back to it! I often wonder what your schedule is like that you manage to consistently blog. I just love it! You are an inspiration, Ginny! Blessings!

  3. This such a beautiful love note to late summer. Those sunflowers. The girls! The turtle. And that yarn!

  4. So funny! this tortoise looks like the one we have here in the South of France near the Mediterannean, We can find loads of them, and they are called Hermann’s tortoises.
    We are starting school too here in France!
    I really enjoy your blog, keep going!

  5. Swim lessons sound like a fun blessing! The colors of yarn are beautiful! I love the haircut, it looks really cute on her!

  6. Love the new haircut and dyed slip. And yeah, don’t ruin your last few weeks with worrying how you will manage everything. Somehow things get done

  7. Wow, you have been busy! B’s hair is so cute and I love the blues. So what color would you get with the sunflower seeds? I’ve finally started dyeing my sheep’s wool with flowers. I’m trying comfrey leaves next, hoping for a nice green color. And I want to try rosemary.

  8. We all need more swimming in our lives. I mean, I would have said this before because our family has gravitated to it as a sport and my kids enjoy it, etc. But as of this summer, I really believe it…I have been swimming almost every day and it is making me SO happy. I swim some laps, and I play. And it is joyful!

  9. I cannot get over how your little girls, Beatrix and Larkspur, are not little girls anymore. They truly are beautiful young ladies! I hope this doesn’t break your Mama heart too much. 🙂

  10. What a beautiful, creative family! Mabel looks so sweet all snuggled up with you during Beatrix’s haircut. Yes, swimming is good for the soul.

  11. That little tortoise is for sure a sulcatta. My family had a pet one we rescued from my older brother when I was a teenager, and the one you found looks JUST like our Dozer did. She was an absolute sweetheart that got egg-bound unexpectedly in 2008 and died. We still miss her.

    But be glad you took yours to a rescue–they grow to be the size of wheelbarrows! Dozer passed before that happened, but we had set up a plan to donate her to a local animal rescue equipped for her needs and size when she grew too large for our home.

    I follow this blog daily but never seem to comment; however, I just HAD to gush over that tortoise! I also pray I am as good a mother as you when my little one arrives late this November!

  12. Not sure how to fit in the ‘schooling’ part of homeschool this year, and I only have one child!! And she’s 17!! But I am thinking that IS the problem, way too many other activities. Well, this is her last year, so we’ll work it out and she will have a lot of memories:) Good luck as you enter a new year with your littles (and not so littles;).

  13. your little tortoise looks just like our Lily – she is slowly coming out of hibernation so she will be on the blog again soon.
    so love your indigo colours – they are my favourite! and the combination you pull together in your yarns are gorgeous!

    p.s if we were neighbours you could jump in my pool whenever you wanted 🙂 enjoy the swimming.

  14. Just spoke with a mom in her eighties yesterday, she has 5 grown children, grandkids, great-grandkids
    she told me if she had it all to do over when her kids were little she would enjoy them one day at a time.
    With her 4 young kids at the time she feels she may have lost focus of “each day”.
    My friend was so right … one day at a time —

    love you Ginny-you are one amazing person, woman,mom, knitter and wife

  15. I am imagining you shooing away birds to get to sunflowers, really it sounds like they have the home game advantage. lovely snips of your dyeing, you do such beautiful work!! I am glad that the rescue group took your found tortoise. How sad he is lost or abandoned!!

  16. Looking at that shade of indigo makes me feel like my eyes are on vacation. Thanks for making and sharing such loveliness.

  17. so lovely, all of it. I think you are right, don’t worry about what is ahead; just do what you can today and that’s it. lots of beauty you all are making!

  18. Homeschooling/start-of-school sort of snuck up on me this year. With Harmon being 8 months old and very very VERY attached to me it’s been quite challenging to say the least. I thought with my eldest beginning high school this year and taking more classes away from home (without my assistance), things would get easier…nope. I forgot I’m still the resident chauffeur around here! I’ve never wished for my children to grow up faster, but another licensed driver would be very very welcome! Beautiful children, Ginny, and a beautiful mama, too. xx

  19. I love all these photos! Mabel just has the best facial expressions!
    And as you know, I’m just gonna give you all my money, because I love all the yarn. So much. I just love looking at it! (But of course it will, eventually, become something….)

  20. Love the three sisters picture! Well, all the pictures are beautiful, as always! Mabel looks more worried when Job is holding her (perhaps anticipating the inevitable teasing that big brothers will do?) What will the cost of the shawl pins be?

  21. I’m so glad you took the time to go swimming Ginny and do something fun just for you. 🙂

  22. Swimming! That is my favorite form of exercise and relaxation. I always have horrible nightmares about my children drowning with each pregnancy so after the 3 oldest had non-stop swimming lessons last summer we now go to the base pool at least once a week and swim as a family. I love it. Kevin and I take turns with the kiddos while the one one swims laps.

    I didn’t get to comment on yesterday’s post but I know all about the baby bump and strangers comments 😉 I am having a hard time accepting that I will always have this big belly but I am trying. Maybe if i didn’t get the baby hips and butt to go along with it?? 😀

    Love to you and your family. I am excited over Jonny’s cutting boards! I know I am too late for September but I do still hope to get some custom yarn. I will try to get in touch this week (maybe after the stomach bug has passed). xo

  23. I must tell you that I feel like you are a part of me b/c of reading your blog for so long. Your little Mabel is the very picture of health!!! What a beautiful baby. Love Beatrix’s hair cut. I look forward to your blog and am so excited when it arrives in my inbox. Enjoy your swimming while you are able and by the way I don’t see any baby bump either 🙂

  24. Today’s dye question. I am dyeing with goldenrod as we speak. I have only gotten the yellow with green overtones. How did you get the green???? Please let me know. Thanks in advance.

  25. I feel that way when I swim, too.
    Aw, love the hair cut on Miss Beatrix!
    That little Mabel is so YOU GUYS! She has such a knowing gaze!
    I see no bump in the photo of you taking a photo. You’re a little peanut.
    I’m popping over to the shop. Those colors are so rich and gorgeous.

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