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Not the quiet life

Mabel plus Yarn -1435

Life is very good these days, but there is never a quiet moment.  All my life I have craved quiet, craved time alone.  When I was a little girl, I had younger sisters always wanting to be with me, talk to me.  Oftentimes, I wanted to be alone.  My sister Abby remembers crying outside my bedroom door because I wouldn’t let her come sleep with me.  That breaks my heart to think of now, but at the time, I am sure I just needed a little space.  Clearly “a little space” or peace and quiet is not what I need most, because it’s not what I’ve been given.  Most every move I make I am followed by an entourage who I love dearly, who also have an incredible amount to say.  I do my best to listen, but it’s such hard work sometimes.  If I’m nursing the baby and she’s a little fussy, I can’t really do anything else, even carry on a conversation with a seven year old.  I am able to physically multi-task really well, but mentally, not so much.  If I am listening and paying attention, I can’t really be doing anything else.  And it’s such hard work!  Sometimes I just want to scream, “Please no more talking!”  For five minutes?  Two minutes?  I keep hearing Jack Nicholson in my head saying, “It’s exhausting talking like this.”  But listening to them, whether they are sharing their hearts or just talking non-stop about nothing in particular is one of the most important gifts we can give our children.  I’m building up my conversation endurance.  However, right now I am locked in my room with a sleeping baby so I can write here without anyone talking to me.  I wonder how many knocks there will be?

Last week and over the weekend I spent all the time I could dyeing yarn.  (There will be a shop update on Saturday, July 30 at 11 a.m. EST).  I’ve also been making herbal moth repellant sachets-well those I have been working on for months.  Cutting the fabric bit by bit, sewing, dehydrating herbs, stuffing, sewing them closed by hand.  It’s a process, but one that I planned for the last weeks of pregnancy, and early postpartum time, when I needed something to slowly work on.  This work is therapeutic for me, and also necessary.  Last week, we finally closed on the purchase of some land next door that we have been in process to buy for over two years.  We pursued this knowing that we couldn’t afford it, but not wanting to see a neighborhood go in all around our home, on land that our children have been roaming on all their lives.  (This is our second land purchase of this nature in the past couple years.)

Larkspur spent the past two weeks planning an art party for Silas.  She was inspired by a party in Naturally Fun Parties for Kids, and planned out every aspect including gift bags, activities, and party food.  She did all this knowing that I might not even be up for having guests come to the party beyond the little girl next door.  We ended up having a couple of Silas’ friends come, and Larkspur did an amazing job entertaining, feeding, and executing all her careful party plans.  I was pretty impressed with her party planning skills.  She did NOT inherit them from me.

As newborns do, Mabel is growing and changing far too quickly.  She’s five weeks old today.  Her legs have filled out, and she is smiling and beginning to coo and goo at us.  My four youngest children are especially in love with her.  Silas calls her “Mabel-icious.”  And do you see those pictures of him holding her on the bed?  His little hand is just pat, pat, patting her on the back, just the way he sees me doing it.  So precious.  Beatrix talks to her so much telling her how happy she is to finally have her very own baby sister.  Job clearly loves her, but he has also embarked on a very naughty streak.  The second I am pinned down under a nursing baby, he’s hiding behind a chair eating bottom cream.  Good thing my friends make all natural products!  He eats everything–everyone’s leftover oatmeal, sticks of butter, art supplies, and yeah, diaper rash cream.  He’s nearly as big as Silas now.

Anyway, the knocks are coming frequently and Mabel is starting to wake up, so I better go rejoin the family.

But first, thank you, thank you, thank you for all your support of my shawl raffle for Amy.  She is so grateful for your donations and the kind notes and messages you have left for her.  I just can’t thank you enough for giving her this gift.  You can still enter the raffle, if you haven’t yet!  She is just shy of being $10,000 from the goal to totally fund her radiation treatments!