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Mabel’s Baptism Day

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Mabel was Baptized on Saturday with only our immediate family, her godmother, Elizabeth, and daughters, and my sister and nephew present.  It was a really lovely Baptism and thankfully our priest, one of nine children himself, didn’t get bent out of shape by Silas and Job demonstrating their best “new baby in the family” wild behavior.  He did say to me, “I see why you asked for a private Baptism.”  Ha!  Yes!  Thankfully there was only one minor head injury (Job–always!)

Fr. H requested a helper from amongst my older sons at the beginning of the service, and Gabe volunteered.  I don’t think that I fully recognized until I got home and looked at the photos, that Gabe even helped with the actual Baptism.  You can see in the photos that Elizabeth is smiling up at Gabe, totally understanding what is happening: that he is pouring the water with Fr. H.  I was standing just behind her, watching Mae.  It’s always fun to see how the baby reacts.  She simply gave a huge yawn, stretched, and went back to sleep.  It will always be precious to me that Gabe helped to Baptize her.  And I suspect it will be a lasting memory for him as well.  We all got a good laugh when Fr. H suggested the priesthood to Gabe, mentioning that there hasn’t yet been an American pope.  You know, no pressure or anything.  Gabe’s response, with a big smile, “No thank you!”  For now, he’s sticking with baseball.

Many, many thanks to my sister, Abby, and Mary Beth Foss for taking photos of this special day.

Welcome to the Church, Sarah Mabel Elizabeth!

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(Naughty boys!!  And the looks on everyone’s faces.  This is just so priceless.)

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(He moved so quickly, we didn’t realize until he was proudly seated that he had headed up there….)